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Elders Driving Cars?
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29 / M
Posted 1/17/09 , edited 1/18/09
blah old ppl, the cause of my accident of my previous vehicle. imo they should retake a test after the age of 60ish to see if they can maintain drivability and they should pay too. what better way to help the economy right?

w/e sacrifice for the better right? i still don't know what problems have come up since then... perhaps all my problems now are caused by that one accident?
Posted 1/18/09 , edited 1/19/09
They cant drive... Like my grandpa.. he drove to the city last month.
He hit a truck at the stop lights... And he just bought his car not to long ago..
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25 / F / Forks
Posted 1/20/09 , edited 1/20/09
Strange, but elders do have really pretty and new cars! ; O
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27 / M / USA
Posted 1/20/09 , edited 1/21/09
they drive too slow. driving 15 mph under the speed limit is just as bad as speeding 15 mph over it.
Posted 1/20/09 , edited 1/21/09
i think the can drive if they are experienced, don't think there' nething bad bout it
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30 / M / Under The Golden...
Posted 2/6/09 , edited 2/6/09
they should take the transport shuttle where its safe ^_^
Posted 2/6/09 , edited 2/7/09
Allow them to drive if they are still able to drive with safety to themselves and other people on/off the road.
But if they are not able to drive with safety to others, then (it is kind of cruel but) prevent them from driving.
If ever they want to go somewhere then have someone else drive them (like family members or one of those free/discounted rides for the elderly).
Posted 2/8/09 , edited 2/8/09
as long as they aint speeding pretty sure there are age limits which stop pple who arent fit to drive from driving~~
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25 / M
Posted 2/12/09 , edited 2/13/09
driving with my grandpa is the scariest thing ever!!!
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28 / F / British Columbia,...
Posted 2/14/09 , edited 2/14/09
Whenever I get in a car with them they always get lost and drive so slow trying to find their way around TT_TT
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24 / M / In your pantz
Posted 2/16/09 , edited 2/16/09
some of the problems with elderly drivers:
eyesight and vision, cant see road clearly.
go tooo slow.
barely use their turn signals.
stop at stop signs way to fast, or sometimes extremely slow.
heres a big one, lack of hand eye coordination, i cant tell you how many crashes ive seen that old ppl get into 4 this.
or "accidentally pressing the *wrong* petal, gas DOES NOT equal BREAKS.
ever see an old person fall asleep on the wheel? i have and it was my grandma, scariest crap ever, i had 2 wake her up, and i never drove with an old person again.
if i missed some, ppl list away!
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Posted 2/16/09 , edited 2/16/09
well there are oldies that drive 20kmph in the middle lain
and there are those that drive 120kmph in downtown without caring to look in the mirror (they are funny)
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31 / M / California
Posted 2/23/09 , edited 2/23/09
IDK if i've said this already but I'll say it anyway just to show where i stand on this:

Old people past 50 should not drive at all. period.

Licenses shouldn't be issued to anyone under 16 or over 50, and for those who bitch and complain about not being able to drive, instead someone should create a place like a rent-a-driver, which would not only increase the number of jobs, but it'd also increase safety.

Of course several cap requirements would be in order from having no points on your record for at least a 5yr interval, but IMO it'd be well worth it in terms of gov't spending on such a plan as opposed to building another damn highway/freeway someplace that doesn't even need it and will net us no actual profitability.

I'm against old people driving, and when i turn 50, i'll be in the back of my lexus with someone else driving me everywhere.
Posted 2/25/09 , edited 2/25/09
Whered i put my keys Sunneh made me laugh.
Umm.. elders shouldn't drive cuz of yeah, their eye sight and such.
IMO, the age limit of driving should be like... uhh, 50 or somewhere.
Yes, mother darlings, I seem to have stopped driving long ago as a 67 year old...
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28 / M / try google earth
Posted 2/25/09 , edited 2/26/09
they are the extreme drivers of society, either reall really really really really.....really slow, or incredibly fast...i've seen 2 old ladys pass me like nothing while i was going 85

and about the elders driving cars.....when i get old....i would still like to drive my cars, i just dont want any of them driving now....cuz i still have a life ahead of me....=D
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