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Posted 2/2/08 , edited 3/13/08
Raikage of the Rains Jutsu:

Wire Style:
Magic Wire Jutsu: This jutsu is invisible to any one but the user (or someone who can see chakra, sharingan, byakugan etc.) a wire comes from each finger and can be extended up to 25 feet. When excess amount of chakra is pumped into the wires the resonate and vibrate at a speed fast enough were they can cut flesh stone and if fast enough metal.

Wire Clone Jutsu: Using wire can create clones (up to ten) that can be controlled like the puppet master jutsu, also using the clones can make an instant substitution with them.

Wire Trap Jutsu: only used in combination with wire clones. the wire from defeated or dispelled clone wrap around enemy and start to absorb chakra and because of that resonate and tighten until death by either strangle or slice & dice.

Wire style Taijutsu:
Wire Drill: magic wire jutsu is spinning around hand and forearm as well as resonating creating a literal drill.

Wire Sword: Same as drill only the wires straighten out and form a blade.

I carry a sword called the Crescent Moon and I use that in combination with techs
Crescent Moon Basic power: Spiritual flame envelops the blade.
Crescent Blade: (long range) Condensed flame energy which is thrown off of the blade (Think clouds beam blade limit).
Chain Blade: slightly Condensed flame energy that is elongated until it turns into a whip.
Recoil Moon: Absorbs an energy attack (can be flame, lightning, etc) into the blade wraps the spiritual flame around absorbed energy and can be thrown in a desired direction either in a form of a stream of power or a condensed ball of energy
Howling Moon: massive amount of energy is thrown off of Crescent Moon in a single direction.

Summoning Jutsu: Wolves

Fobbiden Jutsu:
Animation Jutsu Part 1 Creation: This allows me to create complete copies of my self that stay in a suspended like animation until needed for a purpose.
Animation Jutsu Part 2 Transfer: Allows me to transfer all my memories experance and other such abilitys by combining my chakra and Jyuubi no Kaku's into a copy

Normal jutsu + Chidori copyed from Sasuke
Raikiri - Upgraded Chidori aka the Lightining Blade.
genjutsu eternal misery Copyed from Akito/Agito

It should be noted:
That my Wire techs have two parts to them if you copy them (sharingan) then you only get the first part which is the creation part not the cutting part.
That the forbbiden jutsu I know is only capible to those who have learned it from me and have a demon.

Demon based blood jutsu:
Blood mimicky: allows my to temporatily copy an opponites bloodline trait for 3 posts by me.
Blood Rend: my claws (demon form) are laced with blood and can be thrown off like projectiles that can either explod on contact or just cut.
Claw Rend: My claws (Demon form) are filled with demonic chakra and gain extra power and the energy that it gives off slash up to ten feet extra from me
Blood Recall: allows me to use the last blood trait i coped from blood mimicky for 3 posts.
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Posted 2/2/08 , edited 2/3/08
Atasuki mamber Agito+akito Jutsu

Forbbiden/Unknown jutsu
Resurection jutsu: costing a defeated enemy body to resurect your squad member
Full copy clone: costing died enemy
Berserker:to use shadow clone smash constantly while piledriving opponent causing one turn paralizing
Mangekyo Sharingan: slows down time for itachi letting him reply twice in a row 4 rage mod
Telekinetic Fury: a sharangan and Byakugan combination effect turning eye red and pupil-less
genjutsu eternal misery : put the oppenet in nightmare until the user chakra is drained or chakra over flows with demon power or curse seal power then release the jutsu
Human sync :manifest inside user
Seperation jutsu: to to split your body from each personality
Summoning jutsu #1:Darkness a gas like creature that covers the arena the sensei of akito+agito
Darkness jutsu:
darkstyle: tornado jutsu
dark style: fury of the winds
havoc jutsu: create the darkness of human mind and le them feel a strong hate

360 degrees of blinding fury: causing jacket to cut opponnent with chakra temporarly
Backflip Spine Grind:to cause the opponent to move slowly

Gentle Kick jutsu: same as gentle fist (neji)

Main Stratagy:
100 copy: use byakugan to see oppent in 360 vision and use the sharingan to do a complete copy
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