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Posted 2/2/08 , edited 2/3/08
It would be nice if we could all introduce ourselves and know eachother instead of being a bunch random people that are only connected by the fact that we like the same anime and are in the same group =P
In somewhat this format should be good...

1. Name
2. Place
3. Your Favorite Last Exile Char
4. Anything else interesting

So... ill go first:

1. Lonewolf (lol, i dont nessisarily mean usernames though)
2. Yokohama, Japan
3. Hmm... Tatiana? Mabe =P
4. I... ...
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Posted 2/10/08 , edited 2/10/08
1. Leifang (Lei and Fang are cool too; yes, call me by my username)
2. US
3. Alvis and Tatiana
4. I like to sing, dance, draw, and play video games. I also like graphic design and martial arts. If you anger me, I will use my bokken on you! jk.
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Posted 3/11/14 , edited 3/12/14
1. Nicolas you can call me Ru
2. USA
3. Dio
4. I like gaming and anime. Im boring like that. ^_^
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