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Posted 2/2/08 , edited 2/3/08
So say one of the host club members asked you, "What kind of relative do you think of us?" You your answer is?

Me well...
Haruhi: Sister! ^_^
Tamaki: Father I guess >.>'
Kyouya: EVIL MOTHER!! D:
Hikaru: cousin
Kaoru: Brother of Hikaru SO IT HAS TO BE A COUSIN!!! xD
Takashi: MY BROTHER!!! :D
hunny-sempai: so if Hunny-senpai is Takshi's cousin..does that mean he's my cousin too? o_O
Nekozawa: Err neighbor xD I know it's not a relative but yeah
Renge: hmmm...aunt xD
Kasanoda: the OTHER Neighbor xD

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Posted 2/5/08 , edited 7/21/08
OHHHH! i know ok.
Haruhi: sister!
kyoya:EVIL MOMMY!!!!!(kyoya:mommy?)
hikaru and kaoru:Brothers(hinata:is there a way to marry your older brother? cough ...hikaru..cough)
takashi: brother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!/ body guard
hunny:cute little cousin(goes hug hunny to death)
renge:my neighbor
nekozawa:my neighbor whos also my exorcist
kasonda: my long long long long long long long long long long long long long long lost (breaths in) cousin.

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Posted 5/10/08 , edited 5/10/08
o i have my ouran family relative..

Haruhi - super smart sister
Tamaki - super funny dad
Kyouya - super strict mother
Kaoru - super cute bf...
Hikaru - super hot sister's bf (haruhi's bf)
Honey - super cute older brother
Takashi - super cool cousin
Renge - super loud friend
Nekozawa - super dark, weird neighbor
Kasanoda - super impulsive cousin, i guess...

lol, done!!!!
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Posted 7/2/08 , edited 7/2/08
Haruhi - my other best friend
Tamaki - the person i make fun of
Kyoya - the person who helps me with my homework
Kaoru - MY boyfriend
Hikaru - my best friend
Hunny - cousin
Takashi - my older brother
Renge - the scarry lady i run away from
Nekozawa - he hates me because me and my friends like scarring he by flashing flashlights at him
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Posted 5/30/11 , edited 5/31/11
Haruhi : *cough* Mother * cough*

Tamaki :my annoying father

Kyouya : Twin brother (because we are the same evil and dark and a glass character)

Kaoru : my suppa sweet BF

Hikaru : bestfriend

Takashi : Cousin!!

Hani : ????

Renge ; sister ( otaku unite)

NEKOZAWA : creepy neighbor

Kasanoda : ?
Posted 12/26/11 , edited 12/26/11
Haruhi: my Mom

Tamaki: my dad LOL

Kyouya: My boyfriend ♥

Hikaru: my bestfriend

Kaoru: my bestfriend

Takashi: my older brother

hunny-sempai: my lovely cousin ♥

Nekozawa: my causin too ^^

Renge: well, just friends or classmate LOL

Kasanoda: classmate
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