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Life at the catwalk
Her body lay there, in it's emotionless state upon a bloody canvas of road. My screams muted by the powerful surge of rain that befell on this scene, at this point of time; as if by fate. Ignoring the presence of fate at this disgustingly beautiful scene, I went and cradled her in my arms. It is unknown a thing or rather an insignificant thing on what compelled me to do this. As I hold her warm yet cold body, my tears stream down my cheek in the most peculiar way. It was peculiar in that it seemed to drip faster than the rain. Yes nothing can imitate the miserable unruly mess that I was, not even Hollywood actors.
I hate this world unto which I was born to; It is a world where rain turns to blood; a world completely lackluster in all aspects; a world where everything is boring and nothing is boring... I remember thinking something like this to myself previously; de ja vu perhaps?... No it happened, I know it did. It was that day, the day the girl that lay a motionless heap in my arms, forced herself into a seemingly impermeable wall that I had built up from society, from humans, from the world.

'Why is this a world where rain turns to blood; a world completely lackluster in all aspects; a world where everything is boring and nothing is boring?' I ask my supposedly knowledgeable brain; walking the same path I do every day to school. 'House to catwalk, Catwalk to bridge, bridge to school and then vice-versa at the end of the day; it was always the same'. When one takes the same path every day to school with nobody to talk to; the same trees, the same sidewalk obviously you'd get bored of it. However, this doesn't have to be applied to just school, I'd assume that my mother and father are sick of waking up the same time everyday, counting each stroke of the toothbrush to a certain amount (about 40 something to be more specific) and then driving to work at some factory. Everyday seems exactly the same, the catwalk, the path, the bridge. This was my endless sorrow of September.

My endless sorrow of September; why is it referred as so? It's referred that because I was driven mad by the distortions, by the false existences I see everyday. Every September of my life thus far has been plagued with insanity far beyond that imaginable. Deaths in the family, getting beaten up; well there's more than that of course... but it all seems to have escaped my mind.

Of course, our world is flooded with obscurities like logos, magazine covers, gossip & war, and those large billboards with the ad for some deal on a burger; so nobody really notices any of what I've noticed beyond all of that, a world different then theirs. I'm really on my own on this. My melancholic views, unknown and uncared for by today's 'piggy' society. Sometimes I think some 'organization', or something of that sort...is conspiring against me because of these realizations, because I know too much. Things like these make me think, is there really any point to life?
Every happy moment of my life of which are few, are accompanied by about a hundred bad moments. This is no exaggeration, I don't think I'm in any position to exaggerate anything anymore.

Walking to school; video camera in hand. I point it down at my feet, and record.
Left foot, right foot, left foot right foot...I slow down only to find myself already near the end of the catwalk, which consisted of two houses looming over on either side of me and of course fencing; which had fragile and tenuous vines intertwining through it's holes as well as the old chains and lock that were said to be there for over a decade now.
I stopped movement suddenly, a noise. I heard a noise! This noise was an eerie kind of sound, yet the noise also had a breath to it; a living thing. From behind me, could it be that someone has been following me? Possibly someone from 'the organization' watching me, laughing at how pathetic I am. I turn my head slowly, and then do a quick turn. 'Reearrr' something growled. It was only a cat, once I realized this it was fleeing around the corner with only its tail in view.
'Obviously' I think to myself. It was to be expected, nothing will change; everyday is the same.

As I finally reach the bridge, I slow down to pick up a stone and throw it into the river beneath. The stone seems to skip about a meter of the river's length and plunges into the water. That single stone, reminds me of myself, an insignificant being in this world where the end of the road is just death, nothing more nothing less.

Before I reached the school, I stopped recording and stuffed the camera in my bag because the school was strict about cameras especially the ones that somehow find their way into bathrooms... 'This world is at an all-time low'.

Most of my daily recordings are put on my computer and edited to be in grayscale, I didn't like seeing in colour at all.

Finally, I reach the school. Opening the doors, I cover my face, I do not want to be seen and made fun of. Maybe it was just paranoia, but I felt as if someone was watching me and making fun of me every moment of my poor existence. My locker, located beside my homeroom: Science. Really I have nothing to say about Science, I neither like it or dislike it; though the people within the class are boring.

Why is the word 'boring' always in my head? It annoys me, and probably annoys everyone else. Perhaps a case of everything's boring syndrome?
I take my seat, waiting for the bell to ring.

The same students, every day; file into the classroom and sit themselves down in their seats. Most of them people who don't do their homework. Really, nobody seems to put any effort into things in the world nowadays because 'we have technology to do things for us' apparently, I quote my technology teacher.

The teacher entered the classroom, "Okay, take your seats; and no touching the bunsen burners I set out!" she said in a geeky voice. "Good morning Miss" some of the goody-two shoes replied. "Get settled in everyone, I have a new student to introduce to you all" The science teacher donned a phony grin.

I sat there paralyzed with my mouth open as if I had just been knocked out by George Foreman or someone along the lines of that. My brain attempting to process what was happening with the speed of sound. I just sat there thinking 'What the heck? Is this a dream? Something can't have possibly changed...'

However, something did change; an alteration in the life that was supposed to be the same every day.
"Hi-ya!" She says. "Why don't you give us an introduction?" the teacher asked.
'Otay' she answers with a smooth yet small voice. "My name's Shana...". The rest had no importance at all, her name was Shana.
This alteration in the endless cycle of normality, was a girl by the name of Shana. She had hair of course, a beautiful shade of brown which matched her eyes. Her skin not too pale, not too dark."Oh! It's you!" She yelled, pointing at me. "Me?" I point at myself.
"Yes you! You're the one who tried to scare me at the catwalk!". "Huh?" I ask, I was in all honesty confused at this remark she made. It had only been a cat in the walk. Unless she herself was the cat...though I find that highly unlikely and only capable of being thought a possibility by a child. Yes, I was no child; I had lost my ability to imagine and dream a long time ago.
"I was petting the cat, then you suddenly turned around with a scary face on like this" she began shifting her face with her hands. Everyone in the class laughed.

I did nothing of that sort, but I guess now she's said it there's no point of denying it. Nobody would believe me. I shift my head down to look down at my papers and slouched down in my chair. The day went on as days normally go for me, I had no other classes with her till last period French.
At lunch, I went on about my everyday routine, I left the school to go to the catwalk to eat my lunch and maybe if I get the chance, to pet the cat. However, the cat wasn't there. I guess that's okay too. I sat myself down and began eating my mediocre lunch of a grilled cheese sandwich.

"Can I join you?" a voice spoke. It was her. "S-sure" I said. "Hey, you don't sound too happy about me being around; just what do you have against me?" she spoke. "Nothing, I just hate people entirely", I speak in the rudest way possible yet truthfully.
"That doesn't give you any right to hate me, for all you could know I could be different, and I am!" she spoke putting her arms together and pouting as if she were a child. She was right, I had no right to assume every living being on the earth was the same, but I did so anyways. "Anyway..."I said awkwardly trying to initiate conversation.
"In any case!", she snapped at me. "Since I don't like to say anyway...I'm sorry about earlier, I didn't mean to exaggerate about what happened in the morning" she said, her voice still the same smooth sound as it had been minutes before. She was probably one of those people who you would have the most difficulty trying tell whether they were being sarcastic or not. She pulled out what appeared to be a grapefruit and began eating it, the look of her face as the grapefruit's sour juice pour into her mouth was just too fascinating. She had a sour yet sweet look.

"That's okay, but that face you made, isn't the face I use to scare people, this is" I shift my face and turn to her. She burst out laughing.
We continued to joke around, and talk about our lives unaware of the time, unknowing, uncaring. Time passed, and passed. Life was slowly changing each time the second hand on my watch moved. Life was being slowly illuminated.

Finally it happened, I smiled, I felt that for one second sadness looked in a different direction than mine. But seconds after, the school bell was heard echoing through the area; the signal that third period had already started. One could describe it as, time cutting through our unending memories. The illumination that had been growing suddenly fade away. Lackluster once again. I took her by the hand and we ran for it, ran as fast as our legs could take us.

Third period began a bit differently than usual. It started with me entering technology, my teacher standing there looking at his watch. "You're late" he spoke. "That's a first".
I sat myself down at the seat closest the window. I really didn't care that I was late for the first time, it was worth it because I got to meet someone interesting for once. I felt that it was too good to be true. The day went on, fourth period we exchanged sneaked-in or rather sneaked-out glances at each other. Finally the day, the day everything changed, was done with. Nothing else would be different.

"Wanna walk home together?" she asked as I stood up to leave the room. "S-sure?...Do you live the same way?" I hesitated, weren't things like 'let's walk home together' supposed to be confessions of love? Yeah right, nobody loves me, because I love nobody. "Yeah" she replied grinning. This grin was nothing like I had ever seen, not a phony grin like the science teacher's, or a devious grin like what everyone else seems to display. It was an honest one.

As that went, my whole day seemed to be changing, as we walked home we talked about our days. It seemed as if we had known each other for longer than a few hours, it seemed as if we knew each other for years. Unlike everyone else who only talked about their futures like exams or marks on the Chemistry test or doing stuff like smoking and drugs; Shana went and talked about all things other than any of those like how she'd hate to have peanut butter stuck at the top of her mouth or why when peanut butter and jelly is mentioned jelly is always at the end. She was different.

We decided to walk home together that day, but she decided we take a different route...'It'll be more interesting' was her explanation. So as we walk, paying no attention to which street we enter; we conversed about what was interesting to us, unlike the humans who so often copy each other for reasons I can't and will never fathom. She liked writing, she talked about a story that she wants to write about a boy who ventures through time. She was a dreamer, a variant of a human of which I had yet to see before her. 'The dreams of today, amount to nothing tomorrow', is commonly how I saw the way the world functioned.

It was a different colour that day.

Life felt so dreamlike, it felt like nothing I've ever felt before. It felt, like life had a point. Dreamlike..'Was it all a dream?' I thought to myself. I scratch my head, 'God if this was all a dream, Freud would hurt his head trying to analyze this one'.

'Beep, beep, beep'. The sound of my alarm clock echo through the room. I open my eyes, and prop my back up against the wall of which my bed lay beside, staring blankly at the clock which read 6:44. These numbers that stare back at me from my alarm clock, have no significance at all in my life. They're only numbers. The world was all numbers despite the numbers being insignificant, one in a million, 1984, 6:44, six hundred sixty six, 967-11-11, 2+2=5. Obviously math is not my forte, nothing really was; what's the point in me trying to learn these things when you have no ambitions, or goals in life?
I sat up against the wall for around half an hour, I finally regained my consciousness. Realizing the time, I sped through my house.

I went about my normal morning routine, and marched out the house without anyone to say "I'm going now" to. My parents were either asleep or at work, always like that. Once again nothing changed, life goes on I guess. Slamming the door behind me I turn to find someone was sitting on the steps to my house. "Grr" she stood up waving her fists at me, "You promised you'd be out by 7:50, it's already 7:51".
'Promised? When had I promised this person something? Who is she?I don't know anyone this pretty...'
"Just who are you?" I ask. A sad look overcame her face, "What do you mean?..If this is a joke it's not funny!". A faint memory within my head, I tried to remember it. Her brown eyes turned a sad shade, tears began flowing down her cheeks. She ran.

I don't know what overcame me, but I ran after her. I had no idea what I would say to this person, or anything, I just knew I had to run after her. Maybe she can end it, my endless sorrow of September. My heart beat faster and louder to the point that I could make out the sound of it's beating over my footsteps.
I finally caught up to her around the catwalk, the both of us panting, trying to catch our breath. I put my arm around her waist, to restrain her from running any further but we ended up looking like a couple to the passersby's. I let go of her, certain that she would not further this pursuit.
"I'm sorry that I don't remember you, I don't know why" I wheezed. "Really?" She asked curiously. "Yes" I answered truthfully. She smiled once again. "I'm Shana..yesterday", her name was 'Shana'. What did she mean by yesterday? A faint memory within my head, I tried to remember it once again.
"Yesterday I transferred into your class and you got on your knees and proposed to me on the spot".
My eyes widened, even for just a split second; it was as if she delayed my thoughts of common sense. I believed it. "H-hey, don't take that so seriously, I was just joking" she laughed.

"I'm sorry, I'm really sorry; I can't seem to remember anything about yesterday". "It's all right.. let's walk to school and I'll talk about it kay?" she smiled. "S-sure", I answered. I walk alongside this familiar stranger, I noticed that her hair, a beautiful shade of brown which matched her eyes. Her skin not too pale, not too dark. "Hey are you listening to me?" she asked. "Yeah" I replied.

The day went on strangely, I paid no attention whatsoever to my surroundings, I tried to remember everything, the whole day. "Hey! Wait for me" she said as she pull her jacket out of her locker. "W-what?" I asked. "Let's go eat lunch again at the cat walk, maybe the cat will be there".


The word was all I could think of the whole time, I remember how I would sit down at the cat walk and eat my lunch hoping to be able to pet the cat but never being able to. But how did she know about this cat? Could it possibly be that she's part of the 'organization' that is plotting against me? Could she be an inside spy? My heart raced, maybe she was here to kill me.

However, my body seemed like it had no control of itself, I walked with her anyway. I had no will to run, I wanted to go.

"So remember anything?" she asked. "No, sorry again".
"Stop it with the apologizing, it's okay you don't need to apologize". I felt guilty, I had no idea who she was, yet to her it seems as if we had known each other the day previously. We talked about our days so far, but something did not feel right, it felt...unusual. Wasn't the feeling of nothing being right supposed to feel usual for me? That's how my life worked, so why now of all times? The day went on as usual days would go, that's all there was to it, I guess I lost my chance of making a change in my life.

At the end of the day, we walked home together, awkwardly and silently. "Wanna work on homework together?" I muster what emotional strength I had in me to break the silence. Actually, I just wanted to be with her some more, there was something to her that interested me.
"Okay" she said. We went in, and sat ourselves down in the living room. I stared at her, she stared back. We both suddenly turned out heads as if it were one of those really overused romance anime scenes.
"Homework" she spoke. And we pulled out our work and our materials. We kept glancing back at each other, but turning quickly after pretending that it didn't happen. Homework was done quite quicker than I had thought, but I wanted to be with her longer. "Wanna watch something before you leave?" I asked. I pointed at my shelf, of home movies. I suppose if you could ask me about my hobbies I guess it would be filming things, like scenery. "Sure, how about this one, 'Sunrise'?". "Okay", I grinned. It was the one I was most proud of, of course.

I put it into the DVD player. It began playing, much like how my life began playing; slow and peaceful. Of course my life isn't that way now.

It was minutes before sunrise, I was walking around; focusing the camera on the path ahead, trees on both sides of me. Finally what seemed like an endless walk through the forest, ended through a pass in which light flashed brightly. It shows the view atop a cliff, the sunrise visible in the horizon of trees. Upon reaching the first second of seeing this view, a violin is heard playing 'Ave Maria' alongside the calls of birds.

I wasn't paying much attention to it, I had seen it hundreds of times already. Instead I was paying attention to her, her expression as she watched it. Her eyes seemed to glow, her cute little nose twitching. It took me awhile to realize it but my hand was wrapped around hers, though I believe that she didn't notice it. It was as if it had come out of a page of a romance novel.

I've never gotten this close to a girl, let alone a human being. It made me feel like smiling, though I don't think I've done that in so long, possibly years.

Finally the dvd stopped, she looked down only to notice our hands holding each other. She pulled her hand back quickly, and turned around. "I-"she uttered. "I?" I ask.
"...it's a really beautiful movie..."she answered.

"I guess It's time for me to go home" she got up and put her jacket on, picking up her stuff; she packed quickly, she seemed flustered or something. "O-okay, do you want me to walk you home?" I asked.
"N-no, it's all right."

With that she got up and left. She not only left my house, but seemed to have left my heart; I began feeling empty.

'Wait what was I thinking, she wasn't in my heart, nobody can get into my heart; it's impossible'.

'... Impossible...'

After that, I just went to my room to try to sleep, I had no will to stay up and do something; let alone live. I had no dream that night.
I woke up at around five in the morning, I couldn't sleep any further. I had so much on my mind, like for instance I thought of why some nights one would dream, and other nights there's no dream.

I fell into a deep spell of thought, I had done nothing but thought until my alarm had begun ringing at 6:44. One would say that my alarm is what brings my sanity back into this world, but really did I have any sanity to begin with?
I knew it was gonna be the same today, the same as every single day; no change at all.
Suddenly, as if time had not waited for me, I found myself sitting alone in homeroom. Waiting for the bell to ring and all those people to file in.

She entered. It was someone different. Someone new, I assume. The people around the class greet her with "Hello Shana!". So her name is Shana.
I stood up and without thought as she went to take her seat beside me, I spoke. "I guess this is the first time we've met, but nice to meet you".

She stood there, her brown eyes turning a furious shade. She stood there staring for what seemed like a lifetime; and finally. The feeling of her hand hitting my cheek, ironically instead of feeling the pain from her slap, I felt her pain within her heart.
'Why is she angry?'. 'What did I do wrong?'

The day went on miserably, even the weather seemed to contribute to my misery. It was raining, I forgot my umbrella at home so there was no chance that I was going to the cat walk to eat. But moreover I lay my worry to that cat, I wonder now if it even has a home to go to.
Even though the rain was coming down hard, she put on her jacket and took her umbrella.

I followed, I don't know why I was doing following but I did it anyway. My mind's unrest, I felt that if I were to follow it would be cured.
She walked down to the catwalk, there she observed her surroundings, paying no attention to me at all.

"Cat" she uttered. "Cat" I repeated.

'Cat'. My memories...

She let out a gasp when she had turned the corner of the cat walk. I ran to her side, as to why I do not know; but I did it anyway.
There lay a body, not a body of a human; it was that of a cat. A cat with partially black fur with white splotches around it's body. This cat, lay there motionless on its side. Tears began pouring down her cheeks.
I used my hand to wipe them from her face, but of course, the rain just made it worse. Her face wasn't gonna get dry any time soon.

'Cat'. I thought. There must be some significance to it.

Shana dropped her umbrella, and poked my nose with her index finger, as if she was a little child discovering how funny a nose looks like. She ran to the middle of the street, and did a twirl with her eyes glowing. She turned to me and reached her hand out to me saying "Let's go... To somewhere we belong, a place where death doesn't happen, where we can do everything we've dreamed of doing". As she said this a vibrant glow seemed to surround her, she smiled.
It was possibly the most beautiful sight my eyes would ever be able to take in. A sight that I should have recorded on my camera... no the camera wouldn't be able to capture such a heavenly thing.

This sight was something different, it was colourful unlike anything I've seen. It was different, a change.

'Cat!'. Suddenly a surge of memories filled my mind. I remembered it all. That day, the day after, all of it. The jokes we told, sharing our life stories, I remembered it all! Happiness filled my soul and body.
Now that I think about it, why hadn't I remembered it before? I suppose it had something to do with my inability to take in change in my life, to accept change. For my whole life, I kept in my head the notion that there will never be a difference or a change. But for some reason, the sight of her made me forget this notion, and all other thoughts entirely. The melancholic views, the 'organization', the fashion, the fearful future, my boredom; gone!

"Shana!" I yelled as she do a little spin in the middle of the street as the rain pour down. "I remem..."

That day, the rain turned to blood. The screech of tires were heard. The mixture of rain and tears on my cheek. My emotions overflowing from the glass; the vessel that is life. My scream letting out all my sorrow and anger.

Her body lay there, in it's emotionless state upon a bloody canvas of road. My screams muted by the powerful surge of rain that befell on this scene, at this point of time; as if by fate. Ignoring the presence of fate at this disgustingly beautiful scene, I went and cradled her in my arms. It is unknown a thing or rather an insignificant thing on what compelled me to do this. As I hold her warm yet cold body, my tears stream down my cheek in the most peculiar way. It was peculiar in that it seemed to drip faster than the rain. Yes nothing can imitate the miserable unruly mess that I was, not even Hollywood actors. 'Sirens'.. I fainted.

When I walk back and forth to school, I can still make out the sight of the tire marks and even blood. I can even still hear the sirens of the ambulance echo in my ears. Maybe it's just my mind playing tricks on me. And don't get me wrong, I took leave for three days to watch her in the hospital. The doctors say that it's useless sticking around she won't be waking up from her coma anytime soon.

I wonder what it's like, to be in a coma. Like what do you think of? Or is it as if you're dead, no thoughts at all? If you do think about something is it really about things that have already occurred?
This curiosity has filled my head for the past two weeks. I felt so empty without her, I began eating less, I had no will to eat.

Two weeks went by since that happened. No sign of movement from her at all and no sign of movement expected for a few years. I sigh at this thought, I never really liked doctors and hospitals and all; just being near one makes me depressed.

Lately, It's as if I've been standing on the edge of a cliff in a way. People who got word of what happened one way or another; whether it be rumors or the newspaper, would come up to me "I'm sorry" they'd say. I didn't want their sympathy, I didn't want anything to do with humans.
I really don't know why.

When we first arrived at the hospital after she had gotten ran over, I had pulled out a notebook from my bag and wrote everything down, everything I had remembered at that very moment. I never wanted to forget again. I never wanted to forget her ever.

Everyday since then, I would sit in my room, locking myself up once again. She wouldn't have wanted this, for me to be like this. I wasn't the same person, usually I wouldn't let anything annoy me to this point, to the point of tearing my hair off. I lay on my bed staring at the ceiling, the stucco looking as if it were shifting. "Why is this happening? Will she come back?" I sigh to myself. "What is my problem...I should be with her..." I mutter as my hands tremble. "My whole life - my whole life in all entirety has been one bad thing after another".
'She won't come back, she won't ', a chant of some sort ringing through my mind. I took my fist, and smacked my head as hard as I could, I hit my head against the wall leaving an undesired mark on the undeserving wall. "Why?!" I scream. "Why has my life been so...colourless..."

It was a boring, dull night; when it happened. Something unexpected, and unbelievable. Words can't even begin to describe the experience I had.
Though...It was a dream. Right?

After reading my nightly reads, which of tonight was Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell; I immediately dozed off.
I woke up, finding myself dressed in my school uniform which consisted of grey dress pants, a white golf shirt and a sweater which donned the school emblem. I found myself outside my house, walking - walking on the usual path. But nothing about this felt usual, nothing at all. I finally arrived at the catwalk, the path or bridge between my world and the world of others.

Here she was, wearing naught but a cloth that encompassed her body. She was sitting on her thighs, she was restrained. Held to the fence by the lock and chains that had been there for more than a decades time now. 'What was she doing this for?' My brain became the vessel for billions of thoughts that sprung forth upon seeing this scene.
'No, she isn't doing this, not on purpose...she's suffering'. I answered myself. Tears became visible around her lifeless eyes. These tears were red, blood. That was what it was.
I noticed something about her hands, they were deformed, as if she were clawing her way through a wall. She stared up at me, her once warm brown eyes now just cold black specks on a white sheet.
This sheet, was blank; emotionless.

I trembled for a second, this emotionless; reminded me of myself; before she came into my life. Yes, I was staring into a mirror.
I shuddered at this revelation.

She smiled, but where her teeth were; where they should have been; was a void; that was darker than black.

I was scared, I wanted to run, but in my shaking state; I walked towards her and got on my knees.
I took my hand, reluctant at first and used my fingers to wipe her crimson tears. I then, without much thought; gave her a kiss on the lips. I pulled away, and told her; 'I will unlock you from these chains, I will smash the wall for you; I'll do anything to get you back'.

The thought of her, the thought of her once bringing colour into my life. A surge of thoughts sprang forth into my head, like a spray of ocean on the side of a cliff. The thought of her suffering dominating my mind.
'I don't want...'
"I don't want you to suffer, heck I don't want myself to suffer" I yelled.
I woke up, immediately, screaming.
I've only been being depressed and thinking that she might not come back to me; but I shouldn't be like this at all, I should be with her.

And so upon this revelation, this idea; I began visiting her everyday after school, reading to her despite her being unable to react or tell me if I'm reading too fast. I would tell her about school, or things in the news. I would help the nurses brush her hair but the nurses didn't allow anything beyond that... moving on, I missed her, very much so that I would cry at night.

She was the light to my darkness, the colour on my canvas, I didn't want to lose her; not for anything.

It was October 4th, I had gone to visit her. Her room however was locked. I approached the nurse and asked "What is the meaning of this?".
"Sorry, the room is closed because the doctors are having some problems regarding the patient" The nurse told me.
I was horrified, I didn't know what to do or think or say. I didn't think at all. Once again, bad things follow those good for me. No, I want to drop this notion, now and forever.

Before I knew it, I was on the floor over; I believe it was the accident ward. I entered the room that appeared to be over her room which was entitled McCheagan. There lay a person who was wrapped in bandages, seemingly asleep. I felt guilty entering the room at first but I needed to do this. I opened the window, ripped the screen out and looked out below. I found her window, and as I had assumed it was directly under me. There seemed to be narrow ledges on the bottom of each window, it was perfect; like a game of snakes and ladders. However for the fact that there are no snakes or ladders, just a slip and a big fall down three floors. However my mind did not even care to think of the consequences of such a feat, I only thought of one thing; seeing her. I jumped out onto the ledge, and carefully lowered myself to her window.

"There, one foot on the ledge, now my next one" I utter, as I raise my feet to a tiptoe so that they reach the ledge. 'Great' I thought, both feet were on the ledge. If only I could just open the window. I looked beneath me, the sight of the ground below made me quite dizzy.
My foot slipped, and eventually the other one followed suit. I hung there with only my hands holding me up. You could say I was hanging by a thread; but that wouldn't be really funny now would it?
Finally I decided that there's no point in trying to balance onto the window, 'I'll break in'. I took my dangling legs and with all the strength I could muster, I kicked the window. I ended up smashing the window in the process. I guess it was obvious the window wouldn't open up for me.

I swung myself forward, inside the room. There I was greeted with the blank expressions of a doctor, two nurses, her parents and her, herself. She lay there, her brown and beautiful eyes glaring at me like that cat...

"What an entrance!" she yelled out. "Shana!" I exclaimed as I went to go hug her. The doctor and the nurses and even her parents left the room, maybe they just thought it good that way...or they could have possible been talking about who to charge the damages to.
"I remembered everything!" I told her. "You..." She smiled at me. "You were reading way too fast!" she exclaimed. "In any case, I'm home" she spoke smiling, tears welling up in her eyes. "Welcome home" I replied.

Afterwards, I had used up all of my money to pay for the window; but that was the least important of things that followed. Apparently to the doctors, it was a miracle that she woke up, she wasn't expected to wake up for three years minimum. A miracle eh? It seems as if nothing is impossible.

Life went back to the way it was, no not the way it was before I met her; life became exciting and worth living for. To be able to wake up every day and walk out that door and see her, it's what my life was waiting for. Occasionally she'd stay over and we'd watch a movie or two and; by chance my hand would touch hers...

Yes, this is a world where rain turns to blood; it is definitely a world completely lackluster in all aspects; and it is entirely a world where everything is boring and nothing is boring. But in this world where rain turns to blood...I fell in love.

Author's Notes: I originally wrote the title as Life at the Catwalk by Vio Ling which is not my real name but a cool nickname I got out of 'Violin'.

I'm aware catwalk has many different meanings, in this case it refers to a pathway between a residential area that is fenced on both sides and conveniently leads to another area that would take longer to walk around to.

I am horrible at making original names, the name Shana came from The anime 'Shakugan no Shana' but the characters have no other similarities (unless you count that they both have noses, mouths etc).

A lot of editing was done, there could be mistakes that should have been deleted or anything like that.

There are a few references to George Orwell's 1984; well only two. The direct one mentioning the story itself and the line '2+2=5'.

I added a reference to Pizza Pizza's famous 967-11-11 phone number. (Catchy ain't it?)

Fun facts: The two days straight I pulled off writing this apparently made my acute myopia a bit worse which is why I had to get glasses.

I was reluctant at first to write since I have a strong lack of confidence (or alternatively a weak confidence); but I decided whatever, contest ends on my birthday might as well do something productive till then.

I got writer's block a few times, but I kept on going fueled by music that inspires me (Tears by XJapan comes to mind) and starbucks coffee
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Posted 2/5/08 , edited 2/6/08
What an amazing story.....so well written...and full of emotion (Regardless of quite emotionless main character)
Im embarrased to say so but...I literally had to stifle back a tear or two....(That never happened before...Im usually pretty emotionless and stoic, so far as others see)
I dont know what to say but....keep writing! Your an exellent author!
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Posted 2/5/08 , edited 2/6/08
Wow i wish i could right like this....
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Posted 2/9/08 , edited 2/10/08
"a world where everything is boring and nothing is boring?" a very nihilism view..

I love the Freud reference. The story is very nice.

Anyways, despite some things that just didn't entirely fit, you've made my list of top 10 stories here ;p
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