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Posted 2/3/08 , edited 2/3/08
Hi everyone, it's been some time since I've posted another sermon-ious topic! This week, it's about the Blood of Jesus, inspired by an actual sermon I've attended today, but for the purposes of length, this will not be the exact same message:


For those of us seated in Christ today, it is always a brand new day, full of blessings! But do you know it? Do you feel special knowing that you've been paid for, by the blood of Jesus? what does the Blood of Jesus mean?

what DOES the blood of Jesus mean?

Take some time, see if you feel anything. My coins are on 'No'. Yes, you see, it's very difficult to actually get a revelation of how much Jesus has paid for with his blood. We hear terms like 'blood is more precious than water', it's so cliche and cannonised into a term of metaphor of sorts. We see people asking for blood donation, and often times it does not come near to our hearts because presumably, it has nothing to do with us.

Have you watched someone bleed profusely in front of you? Maybe, Maybe not? Oh well. Those who have, would be able to realise how precious blood is to sustain life. In times of war, how horrifying is the image of blood spilled so casually because of a bomb blast? Shards piercing the skin, puncturing the flesh.. blood is used to describe gore and horror. Why? The very idea of lost blood and I mean in large quantities is foreign to us. It's scary because the idea of a life about to be lost scares us.

When you lose blood, your own life is drained away, your consciousness, your thoughts, your ambitions, goals, everything you've lived, done, accomplished, yet to accomplish, is drained away. Your very energy that keeps you going slowly diminishes as you wait a quiet departure. When Jesus was crucified, he paid with his Blood, which means what? His blood HAD to be shed, for our sake.

The image of blood flowing, is in fact cleansing, washing away your sins. Jesus took our sins, became a sin offering. He was the perfect lamb. All your diseases, all your iniquities are marked unto the person of Jesus. He was poisoned so that we can be healed. The blood transfusion was done, when he bled. He gave us HIS blood to cleanse us clean. And this blood doesn't just cleanse the outward. It goes internally, within us, cleansing us of all our guilt, all our doubts and dark thoughts, he washed the payment away, and by his blood, we are made unto perfection. While his life seeps away, he cleanses your iniquities and makes you whole before God.

In the Old testament, as most of you know, sin atonement was done by sacrificing lambs. The lamb had to scrutinised for flaws, and if it goes through the test and is ok, its blood is used periodically to pay for the judgement of sins. Blood in the Old Testament represented the highest form of payment. Moses sprinkled blood on the people in Exodus 24:8

Exodus 24:8
And Moses took the blood, sprinkled it on the people, and said, “This is the blood of the covenant which the LORD has made with you according to all these words.”

The Mercy seat, where God communes with man is also where Jesus's blood is applied to, the final sin offering in the New Testament. The blood of lambs will grow stale, but the blood of Jesus flows and never loses its power.

Exodus 25:22
And there I will meet with you, and I will speak with you from above the mercy seat, from between the two cherubim which are on the ark of the Testimony, about everything which I will give you in commandment to the children of Israel.

Today, we are seated in Christ, and friends, realise that Jesus has redeemed and paid, with his blood, the authority to claim in the name of Jesus, to take rightful hold of the blood that was given to us and use it in our lives!

When you feel condemned, realise that the blood that was so precious to Jesus, the significance of his living, breathing soul was given up as a payment for your righteousness! It's been paid for, so you needn't creep around and meekly save the blood of Jesus only in times of need. 'Thank God for small favours' never sit well with me. I really prefer to use 'Thank the LORD for ALL FAVOURS!' If you would only believe, only believe upon the word of God that the blood of Jesus has washed away, gently cleaned your wounds away with his own wounds borne for your sake.

This blood, qualifies for us to come boldly before our God to make requests, to be blessed, to bless others, to worship and commune with the Lord. In the old testament, the Mercy seat was a location. The Tabernacle that Moses had erected upon God's commands was the place for God to stay in. Inside the place is the outer court, the inner court, and finally the Holy of Holies, where the Mercy seat lies. On the seat is the blood of Jesus sprinkled. Under the mercy seat, are 3 things, which signified the man's rejection and rebellion against God - the stone tablets of the Law, the golden pot of manna (people murmured against God's provision of food, which is actually the food of angels), and the rod of Aaron.

Read the following from this webpage:

God informed Moses He would meet with the High Priest once a year above the Mercy Seat between the Cherubims. As we view the Mercy Seat through Spiritual eyes, we understand the importance of the Mercy Seat being on the Ark.

The High Priest was to sprinkle the blood sacrifice on the Mercy Seat. This revealed God's mercy and His plan of salvation to His creation man.

The law of God which man broke was in the Ark. The Mercy Seat covered the broken law. Man has broken God's law from the beginning and taken God's provision for granted.

The blood was sprinkled upon the Mercy Seat. Without God's plan of redemption, man would have had no mercy, and God would have had to judge every sin in our lives immediately. The beloved John informs us:

"Whosoever committeth sin transgresseth also the law: for sin is the transgression of the law." *** I John 3:4

The Mercy Seat is a picture of how God has put our sin under His Mercy Seat and covered it by the blood of Jesus.

The authority of the priesthood was in Aaron's rod that budded. The budding reveals our new life in Christ. Because of this new life we have authority. But man has abused that authority. If the Mercy Seat had not been in place, God would have had to judge man for this abuse of His authority.

The third object in the Ark was the Golden Bowl of Manna. It represents God's provision. Man has never been thankful for God's provision. If the Mercy Seat had not been in place, God would have had to judge man for His unthankfulness. We serve a righteous God.

By covering these objects of rebellion, and on top with the blood of Jesus, it only means that God has carefully covered us IN christ, so we may get forgiveness, and no condemnation. If only you knew how much of a price Jesus has paid, you'll learn to take hold of the precious place Jesus has bought us and take our rightful place in the world today. Don't creep around living a 'sometimes good sometimes bad' life! We live the high life that has been paid, every single drop of it! God does not condemn you any longer, what right are you to condemn yourself? What right does Satan have to remind you and succeed in getting you to feel guilt? You are incredibly loved within Christ, and the fight is over. We just have to live the life knowing that victory has been claimed by Jesus.

If he is for us, who can be against us? This does not just mean people who are against you. Circumstances that seem beyond your means does not mean that it will overwhelm you. There is nothing that can be beyond God. Jesus did everything once at the cross, to pay for every single sin that man has commited.

Jesus did not go back to the cross and die a few more times cos he forgot to include some sins. "Ah crap, I forgot to pay for this sin! >_> Send me back to earth again, Father."

God did not lock himself in his study and realise he's written the Bible wrongly. "Ah dang, I forgot what word I should use here. Shoot. *leave blank* I'll get back to it someday~"

God did not forget any of us, when he has already promised. "Er. Are you that kid with 35231 hairs? Or was it 35237? Sorry, ah.. you know, keeping track of hairs is difficult when you gotta remember the number of sand on the beaches too. Oh yes, so what have you come for?"

"Oh noes. I forgot to let the sun set...hmm. Oh well!"

Realise that you've been thoroughly paid for, there is nothing else to pay! Why offer Jesus your miserable coins when he says 'Look, I can give you a trove of treasures! Discard that penny and follow me! I'll bless you, Live the life that I've paid for!' When someone has given you 5 star-hotel to stay in, don't opt for a 2-star and appear humble to other people. Take the keys to the 5-star hotel room, and invite your friends, invite random strangers! Bless others with the blessings that God gives you!

When God gives you a great fish, don't throw it back because your pan is small. Buy a bigger pan, and offer the fish around! Look at your provider, is he miserly in his gifts? He paid with everything He had!

My pastor used to give this analogy. When God has given you a shower of blessings, don't have a small bowl to contain the blessings. Take a bathtub, if you can! Some people are so narrow, that they have to run around the shower to get wet! With the blood of Jesus, you are entitled to blessings that you can't even outrun. God gave us a heart of peace and joy and patience, so extend these to others.

Be blessed.

Be a blessing.
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