[RP] Wild Arms
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M / Visor Lair
Posted 6/29/07 , edited 6/30/07
In the world of Filgaia there are legendary weapons known as ARMS. 150 years ago there was a war that ravaged the world and nearly split it in 2. Both sides wanted to control all the ARMS and were using them in battle as well. Finally the rulers saw an end to this by getting rid of all ARMS. Although others still craved the power of the ARMS, those others have waited and are now in control of Curlanda, Eastern Country, and are now collecting the ARMS to start another war. Leycurn’s, Western Country, current king wants peace and wants to advert a war at all costs. Curlanda has already collected many of the ARMS and is now preparing for war. Curlanda has also enlisted the help of the ancient and feared demons find and retrieve the ARMS.

That is the plot line for this. You can be on either side. You can be a demon as well as a human. You can have any kind of ARM, make one up. The ARMS do not restrict to just guns, they can be powered swords and such.

The characters are as follows.
ARMS user
Normal Warrior

The char prof is the same for each except for one thing. Character prof is.
ARM/Spells/Summon/Weapon/Demonic Wep or Power:
Additional Info:

I will make a char soon.
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M / Visor Lair
Posted 6/30/07 , edited 6/30/07
My char,

age: 18

Affliation: Leycurn
ARM: Blade of Black Lightning, the wielder can move at the speed of lightning as a black bolt of lightning for short bursts, the wielder also can fire black lightning from the blade's tip, various techs can be used in these ways.
Bio: Zack was alone since birth. His parents were treasure hunters and seaked the Blade of Black Lightning. The final trap of the temple that held it killed his parents. Zack was left alone in that room with no idea of what had happened. As he grew he explored the temple and mapped it out. Once strong enough Zack took hold of the Blade of Black Lightning. From that moment Zack has had amazing power flowing through him from the blade. The blade never leaves Zack's side. Zack trained and trained getting stronger and stronger. Once Zack was old enough and tall enough he wore his father's outfit. Now with power, strength, and extensive knowledge of the outside world from the computer in the temple Zack now leaves the temple and ventures out into the world. It has been 3 years since Zack left the temple. Zack is mostly a treasure hunter, trying to follow in his parents footsteps. Zack also has a strong sense of justice and a realization on the importance of life. Zack wants the war to end because he doesn't want innocent lives to be taken. Unlike the King of Leycurn Zack relises that talk, treaties, and compromises can't stop wars, only fighting for peace can stop wars. With that ambition Zack will fight.
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