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Post Reply which character should have stayed in brawl
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Posted 7/14/08 , edited 7/14/08
I want Roy back! Marth isn't the same... but in other way, I like Ike (hehe, that rimmed XD) better than Roy now, he's better...but still wish Roy was in... I've heard that the japanese SSBM-players didn't want Roy, and that was the reason he's gone...
Yeah, I think Mewtwo is better than Lucario....
And Pichu means nothing to me...
Posted 7/18/08 , edited 7/18/08

mistergame wrote:

pichu was dum but yeah roy could stay and mewto too but why god why did the bring back and watch those suck ass

yey someone else cant stand game and watch.

I say Roy because they should have more fire emblem characters

Pichu stinks...Mewtwo was ok....Dr. Mario -> NO MORE MARIO PEOPLE!!!!! Roy is the best :)
Posted 8/20/08 , edited 8/20/08
I say MEWTWO shoulda stayed in
Posted 2/14/09 , edited 2/15/09
all of em shouldve came back!!!! they were all awesome!!!! (my lil sis wishd that pichu wuz back only T.T )
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Posted 5/6/09 , edited 5/7/09
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