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Pick Your Own Servant for the Holy Grail War

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Posted 1/27/15 , edited 5/9/15

Unlimited Blade Works second cour is HERE! Ever thought of getting into the war yourself? Show us your idea of who you would summon.

If you were selected for the Holy Grail War, have you every wondered who you would summon? If you are a fan of the Fate series, I'm almost positive that question has crossed your mind. Even if you aren't it's an interesting idea to play around with. There is a near infinite pool of characters throughout history and legend. If that character was turned into a servant, what would they be like? How would their history or story be turned into combat abilities? It's time to let your imagination go wild, and often have a bit of a history/lore lesson in the process.

The first run during the first half of Unlimited Blade Works lasted the entire season and went amazingly well, far beyond my expectations. People put A LOT of effort into their submissions, making me up my ante and do the same (see the difference between my Pocahontas and Porter Rockwell below). The Notable Mentions from the first run are set. Now that the second half of Unlimited Blade Works has begun, I bring this thread back for run 2!

Feel free to go as in depth as you want or as shallow if you don't have the time. Many in the Notable Mentions are pretty in depth, but that doesn't mean everyone's has to be.

But... Extensive effort is rewarded in that your post will be linked below in Notable Mentions!

(I'm the only person who decides which post gets into the mentions. Please don't hate if yours doesn't make it in.)

I have also provided a simple template this time for those who don't want to organize it themselves. It can be found below.

As this thread is a specific topic, I believe it is fine being separate from the general Fate Series thread. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Heroic Spirit Description, General Classes, and Template for those who want it:

Heroic Spirit Description

General Classes:

Widely Used Template

First Run Notable Mentions

Nicola Tesla

Randolph Carter

Bruce Lee

Hiernonymous Bosch (Jeroen van Aken)

Cyrus the Great

St. Longinus

Guan Yu


Aeneas of Troy


Second Run Notable Mentions

Arsène Lupin

Koro Sensei from Assassination Classroom

Sir Robin of Locksley (Robin Hood)


Heraklius Augustus



Who I think I might accidentally summon
As opposed to who I would want to summon. That's next.

Who I Want to Summon

Porter Rockwell

Sun Wukong (Son Goku)

The Fates: Clotho, Lachesis, Atropos
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Posted 1/27/15 , edited 1/28/15
Holy crap you got pretty technical with your's! I'll have to think about this for a little before giving a good answer...
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Posted 1/27/15 , edited 1/28/15

LoomyTheBrew wrote:

Holy crap you got pretty technical with your's! I'll have to think about this for a little before giving a good answer...

I wasn't going to go that in depth originally, but I decided to have fun with it.

What would also be fun is once people give theirs, seeing who might best who.
Posted 1/27/15 , edited 1/28/15

monsieur in le tights, Robin Hood.
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Posted 1/27/15 , edited 1/28/15
I've actually thought about this more times than I can count before. I probably have someone from each class in my mind but I've always thought I'd end up summoning a Rider class servant so I'll go in that direction. My Rider choice probably could have been better suited as Caster but I just like Rider class more. Not gonna go into too much detail now but I'll probably go back and edit it at a later time.

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Posted 1/27/15 , edited 4/23/15
Nikola Tesla

Catalyst: His First Tesla Coil
Class: Caster
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Strength: E
Endurance: D
Agility: D
Magical Energy: B
Luck: D
Noble Phantasm: B++

Class Abilities
Item Construction (A++): Able to construct devices to throw star-fire, devices to create earthquakes on command, devices to generate shields of pure energy, devices to mimic the "Clairvoyance" and "Presence Detection" skills by using controlled imperceptibly small earthquakes to "see" everything in a 3-km radius, and cameras to capture static visual representations of what a target is thinking.

Territory Creation (B): Able to create a "workshop".

Personal Skills
Mental Pollution (C-): Servant Caster suffered from severe neuroses in life, to the extent that he formed the basis for a worldwide stereotype of "the insane but brilliant scientist" for more than a century after his death.

Pioneer of the Stars (D): One who made significant contributions to the ushering in of a new age of humanity, in which "technology" replaced "magic" and "gods" as the general conception of the human peak and solution to problems. Receives a severe penalty for not having been alone in the creation of this new age and for lack of recognition for such.

Spark of Genius (B+): A special quality inherent to the soul, acting as an intermittently active equivalent rank in Charisma and Revelation, while granting the ability to create objects which bend, though not technically break, the laws of Gaia.

Noble Phantasms
Alternating Current - The War of Light
Type: Anti-Army/Support
Rank: E~B++

The crystallization of Tesla's victory in the war of Alternating Current vs. Direct Current, and the success of the spread thereof. Tesla can absorb, store, and wield without any personal harm any quantity of electricity of alternating current from any source around him. This stored current can be used to throw electricity for attacking and electrocution purposes, used to enhance and temporarily increase the rank of personal parameters via an effect similar to Prana Burst, or converted to prana for personal use and back again as needed; in absence of external sources, Tesla's own prana can be converted to electricity for such uses in absence of external sources, although this leads to prana exhaustion rapidly.

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Posted 1/27/15 , edited 1/28/15
Name:Bloody Mary

Summoning Catalyst: Queen Mary I's hand mirror

Class: Assassin

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Strength - C
Endurance - D
Agility - A
Magical Energy - C
Luck - E
Noble Phantasm - C

Class Abilities:

Hemorrhage - wounds do not stop bleeding, even when treated- includes magically. Effects nullify if Mary is defeated.

Catoptromancy (Mirror Divination) - Allows the ability to pass through reflective surfaces within her vision.

Noble Phantasm: "Visions of a Blood-soaked World"

Victims who have suffered wounds from her weapons post activation suffer from hellish delusions. Everyone around the sufferer are perceived as blood soaked and deceased, the heavens and water died crimson, foliage is diseased, and structures are in ruins.

Master's Noble Phantasm: Catalyst

Mary is able to pass through her catalyst regardless of vision.

Major Weaknesses:

Armored enemies are harder to inflict wounds upon for her Noble Phantasm to be effective. Non-metal-clad/metallic enemies are harder to evade, due to no reflective surface to phase in or out of.
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Posted 1/27/15 , edited 1/28/15
I choose Zhao Yun

Posted 1/28/15 , edited 1/28/15
Rider with Medusa, because she's so delicious.
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Posted 1/28/15 , edited 1/28/15
Randolph Carter

Summoning Catalyst: The letters of H. P. Lovecraft

Class: Caster

Alignment: Neutral Good

Carter exists as a heroic spirit as the result of a deal he was tricked into by the thousand-faced being Nyarlathotep. This deal, while granting him uninhibited access to the Dreamlands where he eventually made his permanent home, resulted in Carter's deletion from history, save for a close friend by the name of Howard, and made him a heroic spirit. Carter participates in the Grail War in order to remove himself from it, as he holds the legendary Necronomicon, all other copies of which have been purged from the world. His presence in the Grail War could result in disaster if the wrong master were to get his hands on the eldritch tome.

Strength - E
Endurance - D
Agility - E
Magical Energy - B
Luck - B
Noble Phantasm - A+~EX


Double Summon Rank A
Presence Concealment Rank C
Independant Action Rank A
While Carter can be identified as easily as other servants while he is in the Dreamlands, he is virtually indistinguishable from ordinary people while walking the world in his normal form. Unfortunately, he is also at a great disadvantage there, for his abilities in the waking realm are extremely restricted. Carter also requires an extremely minute amount of magical energy to sustain in his normal form. This is both a defensive ability and a mitigating factor on the large amount of mana required to sustain him while he walks the Dreamlands. Carter lacks the Item Creation skill that Caster class spirits normally possess.

Territory Creation Rank B
Can create a workshop.

Eldritch Secrets Rank C
Carter has respectable knowledge of an obscure and often horrendous school of magecraft, though his alignment bars him from utilizing many of its techniques in the waking world.

Dreamer Rank B
This functions the same way as Charisma, but is limited to the Dreamlands and the places accessible thereby. Carter can call upon the many allies he has made in the Dreamlands to come to his aid.

(Ig)Noble Phantasms

Silver Key (Anti-Unit, A+)
Allows Carter to enter the Dreamlands at will. While he is in the Dreamlands, his Presence Concealment is negated. Carter receives a boost to his Str, End, and Agi while in the Dreamlands, whereas those unfamiliar with the realm (including his master, should they accompany him) receive a reduction in these stats. Modern Thaumaturgy, as well as most magical schools, are dimished (though still possible) here, while magic of the Eldritch Secrets variety suffers no such limitation. In addition, the Magical Resistance skill confers no advantage in the Dreamlands.

The Key itself has the additional effect of transporting the person possessing it into the Dreamlands with Carter, even against their will. Carter also has the ability to find others while they are dreaming and hijack their surroundings, pulling them into the scope of this effect. However, he must be able to identify such a target by name. While in the Dreamlands, Carter acts as the "guide" for all those with him. He can transport himself and his "passengers" to any environment therein with a moment of concentration. If his master goes into the Dreamlands with him, the direct proximity mitigates the increased prana consumption somewhat, at the expense of leaving both their physical bodies unguarded.

Necronomicon (Anti-World, EX)
As the formal copy of the famous eldritch tome, Carter's Necronomicon is causally indestructible: it will only wink out of existence if it vanishes from human knowledge. It can, however, be destroyed normally by physical damage: it will merely have been in a slightly different, safe, place all along thenceforth. This prevents Carter from using its indestructibility to his advantage.

The Necronomicon, as the book of dead names, confers the distinct advantage of an exhaustive reference point on all possible servants. As long as Carter or his master has access to it, no other resource is necessary in researching the legends and lore of other servants. This grants no clairvoyant or prophetic ability, but immensely streamlines the research process in the event that other servants are encountered and analyzed.

If Carter ever loses the Necronomicon for an extended period of time, it will reappear in his possession as if it were destroyed - but the lost copy will remain in the world. As the Necronomicon contains secrets that could distort the fabric of reality and even wipe out the human race if misused, Carter hopes to prevent this above all else, even winning the Grail War (indeed, his wish would quite likely be to have it erased). Carter can use the Necronomicon for its magical abilities, but almost all of the spells within its pages are morally reprehensible to him.

Major Weaknesses
Aside from his magecraft, Carter is entirely ordinary in the physical world. As such, he is very limited in his strategy: utilize his Presence Concealment and the Necronomicon to identify his opponents, and forcibly drag them into the Dreamlands, where he has an immense advantage. Even then, his physical body is defenseless unless guarded, making him extremely susceptible to direct confrontation in all circumstances.

In addition, while a useful tool, the Necronomicon is a huge liability. In making the deal with Carter, it was Nyarlathotep's goal to reintroduce the Necronomicon to the world, and ultimately revel in the disastrous results. Carter must not only make sure that his own body is protected, but also that the Necronomicon doesn't fall into the wrong hands.
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Posted 1/28/15 , edited 1/28/15
I'll get into technicals later, but I have a good idea on who I would summon

Yeahhhhh, actually I don't have a good idea. I just know that I would try to summon a servant under one of the three knight classes...or not

Edit: anyone can take any of the heroes I listed in the spoiler if they're having a hard time deciding
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Posted 1/28/15 , edited 1/28/15
I like this idea, so i'll edit in my pick when im at home, but I enjoy writing things like this.
Tempted to go for Jack The Ripper because her F/A version is awesome. Might just modify her with some statistics/NP/Class abilities since she dosent have any yet.
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Posted 1/28/15 , edited 4/23/15

Demarz wrote:

Nikola Tesla

Dang! That was well thought out. It would be awesome to see Tesla in action!

I thought I was in depth with mine, but some of you are blowing me out of the water.
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Posted 1/28/15 , edited 1/28/15
Ares God of war
Summoning Catalyst: Any items that been in a war before his imprison.
Class: Saber,Berserker, Lancer or Archer
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Strength - A+
Endurance - A
Agility - B
Magical Energy - E
Luck - B
Noble Phantasm - A+
Person Skill
Charisma A
Divinity - EX
Mastery of war - Each Weapon he use gets a obtains a rank of A+
War, Hate, Having sexual intercourse with Aphrodite
Anything that doesn't have to do with war
God of war, Raging Ares, Bloody Ares
Noble Phantasm - God of War
Create a reality marble which Weapons and Armour cause by the Greeks lies there. All the Weapon that lies there have a rank of A, because of his Ability Mastery of war.

The Holy grail is already mine HAHAHAHAHAHAH

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Posted 1/28/15 , edited 1/28/15

TomCraft wrote:

If they are still alive, not by normal means, but it is possible.

I don't know enough about Aries to say yes or no, and I'm no authority on what can and can't be called as a Servant, so it's all good by my book.

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