BONJOUR♪Sweet Love Patisserie

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Posted 1/29/15 , edited 1/29/15
by Welldweller

Food and love, this short but sweet romance will have you desiring beautiful confections in no time!

Sayuri Haruno is a scholarship student at the prestigious Fleurir Confectionery Academy. In a true over-the-top shoujo sense, we get flashy scenes of the beautiful teachers: Mitsuki Aoi, The Prince of Chocolate, Gilbert Hanahusa, a French pastry chef, Yoshinosuke Suzumi, who focuses primarily on Japanese sweets and Sayuris' serious classmate, Ryo Kouduki, who shares the same passion as Sayuri. All the male characters have very different personalities, their true links being cooking and Sayuri. With the affection they share for Sayuri, she is invited out frequently which leads her into hot water with their head teacher,Nadeshiki Minagawa, who has a strict rule about student/teacher relationships. Her innocence and naivete help that narrative, but with help from her best friend, Ran Mochizuki, Sayuri navigates her new school and love to achieve her dream of opening a pastry shop!

There are a couple cute but odd quirks including Maro (as in marshmallow), a kind of spirit that seems to be a sort of narrator for any confections made, with an episode of weird possession of the main characters! There are several of different flavors and all have personalities of their own, including chocolate, strawberry and even blueberry--it definitely gives it a greater comedic aspect, as well as adorable side characters who can give us a different perspective in the story.

The animation is beautiful, backgrounds are lush with color and vibrancy. The opening and ending music video sequence are both fun and upbeat tunes, which fits the show's overall mood perfectly. The five-minute run time is a little disappointing because you want to continue the story right away, with some story-lines going over several episodes before a conclusion. The slow romance with Sayuri really has me watching every week to see it unfold! If you love shoujo, romance, beautiful cooking imagery and sparkles this show is for you!

BONJOUR♪Sweet Love Patisserie is currently scheduled for simulcast on Saturdays 4:06am PST! Check it out and tell us what you think!
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Posted 2/5/15 , edited 2/6/15
I love this show, but the episodes are soooooooo short!!! They need 25 mins long episodes.
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Posted 2/11/15 , edited 2/11/15
I agree! This show needs longer episodes. I love the character development and interaction, and there isn't enough! You're always left there waiting, and it feels like, at the end of an episode, something is missing. Something like... longer episodes ?
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