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Post Reply What's Your View On Anime Licensing?
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Posted 7/18/08 , edited 7/18/08
Just thought I'd revive this thread, lol...

-Faith, Group Owner
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Posted 7/19/08 , edited 7/19/08

Lizziebell13 wrote:

i don't like licences because of them being removed,
but even though i do find somehow to watch some licenced animes online, i do think it's right that at least crunchyroll respects the licences

i do have a hate-respect feeling

i hate it because anime's being removed
but it is good to have them licenced (for the company who makes them) I mean if they don't get there budjet of what it made to make it, on day nobody will be making animes

....this prolly sounds stupid lmao

I have to agree on the hate-respect part.
Afterall, these are copyright infringement issues. Crunchyroll (even the uploaders) neither have the permission nor the copyright to these materials. Looking at it from the strict view of copyright laws, most of the contents are infringements. Taking them down after licensing isn't actually the end of it. What's done is done. Removing them doesn't make is right.
However, on the liberal side of things, these can be seen as promotions for the videos. We can't download them, unlike Veoh, so we can't retain a copy of these. If we're trully fans of what we watch, we'll get a copy of the original works once they're available. (though i have to admit that getting the original ones are becoming a collector's item from where i come from - i need to have it shipped from somewhere else, there isn't a store selling any of them here)
I do hope shinji keeps respecting the licenses and taking down the licensed ones. I wish the anime/drama/movie copyright holders eventually realize the potential of online streaming as a means of generating income but as of the moment, they're bent of making money the traditional way - sell to the public through tangible copies such as DVDs. It's kind of sad that the music industry has surpassed them this way, after all Napster, imeem, itunes store, and myspace are legal ways to find music.
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Posted 10/18/09 , edited 10/18/09
I'm not sure the OP is relevant anymore now that all content is licensed to CR and there's no unliscensed anime on the site.

on the general issue of liscencing, copyright and 'intellectual property' I'm of two minds.

I'd rather be legal than non legal. and will usually arrange to pay for my anime eventually. one way or another.

I don't like being denied anime becuase the suits and laywers representing corporations can't get their act together to get an anime released to the world out, presumably out of greed.

I escpecially don't like never seeing 'niche' animes that are deemed 'unprofitable' to realese.

I find it difficult to understand since presumably the corps made their money on the domestic market and the export market is gravy.
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