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Posted 2/18/15 , edited 2/18/15
by Koda89

Ever wonder what it would be like to see video game systems anthropomorphized as beautiful girls who attend a rather peculiar school? No? Well, SEGA, Dengeki Bunko, and TMS Entertainment let us know what that is like anyways via Hi-sCoool! SeHa Girls. Hi-sCoool! SeHa Girls is a CGI animated short format series that follows three girls named Mega Drive, Sega Saturn, and Dreamcast as they attend Sehagaga Academy, a school where the only way to graduate is by collecting 100 or more medals through playing SEGA's own games.

Each of the girls this series focus on have various quirks, both in their designs, and their personalities and mannerisms, that allow them to stand out from each other. For examples in their designs, Mega Drive wears glasses (which helps lend itself to a pun-filled nickname for her amongst the viewers of the series, which is Megane Drive, and at the risk of going too far in depth to explain a simple pun, megane is the Japanese word for glasses), while Sega Saturn wears a giant, Saturn-like ring around her neck emblazoned with the Sega Saturn logo, and Dreamcast wears a stylized Dreamcast controller on her head. But where they really stand out is in their personalities, which possibly reflect their respective systems. Mega Drive, for example, absolutely sucks at dancing, a possible nod to the Mega Drive's rather lacking sound capabilities, Sega Saturn is the butt of many jokes, much like the system itself is in real life, and Dreamcast has internet access, but she has to connect over a slow and annoying modem connection.

Despite what I said earlier about the girls needing to play SEGA games to graduate, they don't merely play the games, they actually take part in the games themselves, routinely entering each game physically, upon which their designs shift from the chibi, almost Nendoroid-like appearance they usually have, to a more "normal" teenage girl appearance. If their designs are giving off a Vocaloid-style vibe to you, you can rest easy as you're not crazy. The entire SeHa Girls franchise got started in a series of light novels that were illustrated by KEI, the artist who has done many of the official designs for the famous Vocaloid programs.

The games themselves are from all over SEGA's history. From big name franchises like Virtua Fighter and Sonic the Hedgehog to series like Space Channel 5, Jet Set Radio, and Fantasy Zone. Be it console or arcade, SEGA's rich library was well represented here. And this goes beyond the games the girls go into, the series is littered with references to SEGA games, often in the background of the girl's classroom, but they can be more direct references too.

Ultimately, there are two potential audiences for this series. The first audience is fans of comedy series, and in that regard, Hi-sCoool! SeHa Girls kind of stumbles a bit, because a relatively decent amount of the jokes can fall flat, either through them repeating specific jokes so many times over the course of the series that they are simply driven into the ground or because they require you to have knowledge of the subject matter of the joke for the joke to really work.

The second audience is SEGA fans, more specifically anyone who grew up playing any of the three systems represented by the girls. This series is just one giant love letter to SEGA; its games, its hardware, and especially its fans. For anyone in this second audience, Hi-sCoool! SeHa Girls excels as a trip down memory lane, especially due to the short length of each episode. Take it from me personally, the SEGA Genesis (the North American name of the Mega Drive) was the gaming console of my youth, and as such I grew up a huge fan of SEGA, and nearly each episode was a nostalgia trip for me. To see if Hi-sCoool! SeHa Girls is your kind of series, please check it out on Crunchyroll!
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