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Posted 2/3/08 , edited 2/10/08
We got a fantastic crew/group, and so many members and other fun stuff going on...But I thought we are missing something we didn't talk about, that is, OUR PAST.

To help know more about our crew mates, I think we should talk about ourselves in this forum. Everyone should have a past about them, so feel free to say it here~

Try Talk about how you were before you didn't join this crew yet. Anything is possible, of course...(example: I Came from the sky, and drop off at this crew~; or maybe you were a pirate to start with but you got trade to this crew) Use your titanic imaginations and write a fantastic past of yourself~.

Here are some ideas you can talk about:

*Captain/vice Captain can say how you create this great crew.
*How did your crew mates help you
*What you're good at
*How did this crew changed your life

*-What you faced in the past (What's difficult/good for you; What did you do...)
-How did you met this crew (What happened)
-How did you join, and why (By inviting or your own or random like Robin)
-How did this crew help you
-How did your life changed after you joined
-What you are good at...
-Why did you had/choose the position you got now

-You can also continue your past at another post if the one you post before is so long.
*Like in the other post, you can write that you met your lost friend again and other things happened.

And more....those are the ideas I can think of for now...
Feel free to edit, Captain and Vice captain...


I think reyncohit's rule is useful, and I think it's useful for this topic is to simply know your name and position first, then read your past.

(Write this first then start your past in the third line.)
Division Number:

And again, this forum is for writing your past, you can write anything, anything that happen in YOUR past.
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Posted 2/5/08 , edited 2/5/08
Division Number: 1st
Alias: Right Hand of God
Position: Vice-Captain

My past is simple, I was an entity bend on living. I had no parents, no family. Just a single child trying to survive as best I could. On my 16th birthday I was running away from the local marines, because living on the streets means you steal to survive, when I came to an old wooden bridge. Whilst thundering across this bridge the marines opened fire. I caught a bullet in my thigh and lung, other stray bullets missed me by mere millimetres but instead hit the support holding the bridge in place.

I fell. I'm not sure how far it was, but it seemed like an eternity. I contemplated my life in the brief instant before I hit the jagged rock down below, it was then I laughed. Laughed at the irony of life, although I couldn't find any at the time.

I got up, with a cracking headache and a strained heart, and started to survey my surroundings, it was a land devoid of all except white and a blue 'sky'. 'Death isn't too bad' I thought to myself as I started to walk, compelled to find something that I was unsure of. I spied a strange fruit on a beautiful altar and I approached it. I was considering whether to steal it or not but I decided against it, as I felt an ominous being watching my every move.

As I felt the being draw closer I stood my ground and waited for its' approach, but it never came, or so I thought. I felt the being talk, not through words or some other primitive way of communicating. My ears couldn't detect any sound but I heard it's question all the same.

It asked for an exchange, my corporeal form's resurrection in return for my fealty. I considered this for a long time and I send a question back. 'Why would this being want bring me back to life?' I wondered as I waited for a response. It gave no reason but instead it told me that if I wished to return from that whence I came and henceforth become it's vessel to go to the altar where I first felt it's presence.

I walked over there and saw the fruit glowing with an aura of power. It told me that this fruit was made by it, made by God. It told me that if i should choose to be resurrected, I should seek out a man named shizzy91, he told me that his devil fruit was being corrupted by Satan himself in the hopes to gain an avatar to reek havoc on earth.

I decided seek this man out and God dubbed me his newest vassal he dubbed me the 'The Right Hand of God' and told me I should eat the fruit.

After I ate that fruit I felt like I was being sliced by a cheese grater while have knives stab you in every inch of skin imaginable. Not fun. I woke up to discover I had a devil... God fruit power (Check my devil fruit in the forum topic) After learning the finer points of my abilities I went to find the man that I was resurrected to find....Shizzy91...

(I might write a fight scene later on but I'll leave it at for now)
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Posted 2/5/08 , edited 2/5/08
"hey Reyn, you don't look too well these days.. what's the matter?"

it was Blitz asking about my rather weary and worn-up posture for a couple of days now.. i couldnt sleep much lately, that's why.. but i couldn't tell them the reason behind it..

"oh no, its nothing.. its just that the weather is too hot for my taste that i couldn't have a good night sleep."

*chuckles* "don't worry, before you know it, it could be raining or snowing the next day.." it was Saberrr who's listening on the other side of the deck.

*grinning* "hmm, maybe there's this someone who's thinking about you that's why you couldn't sleep.." it was Seitrams turn to tease..

i play along and laugh aloud "ahahahah, i wonder who is it.."

but deep inside me, i admit Seitrams hit home and i perfectly have an idea on who's the "one" thinking about me..

FLASHBACK, 10 years ago

"hey Lailanie, you're such a slow poke as ever."

"can't blame me Lalaine, i can't resist picking up these cute shells."

"hah! they're like everywhere! what's the use of bringing those at home?"

"that's what you think, im only picking a rare looking one."


that was Lalaine, my twin sister. but though we're twins, we only share the same face and so much different from attitude to insights. our mother is a plain housekeeper and our father is an employee at the town. i can say that we're one happy family until one day - our father went home with a certain visitor.

"hey, you're the one from the other day, right?" the visitor asked me

i looked at him and said "umm, yeah"

"what a coincidence! after that incident i came back to that place hoping i could see you there again. you didn't tell me your name back then."

"i was.. kinda in a hurry that time.. gomen.."

"wait, you two know each other?" my father cut off

"oh its a long story, Father. by the way, why is he with you?"

"didn't i mentioned last night that i'll be bringing my new co-worker here today?"

"ah yeah, so is he the one?"

"yes he is, so girls.. meet Sceon."

that was the start.. Sceon's keeps coming back to our house but not because of Father anymore. three months after that we officially announced our relationship to my parents. they were happy, of course. but what i didn't expect is Lalaine's reaction.

not too long i found out that Lalaine has fallen for Sceon too that's why she is very much against with our relationship. our relationship as twin sisters has broken and eventhough i tried to fix it, she's just too stubborn to reconcile.

until one afternoon, Sceon and I were to meet at our favorite spot to watch the sunset - its on a cliff side with a swing on it and overlooking the sea. Mother is not feeling well that time so i took care of the household chores first before going. I was like 30 minutes late and i was so shocked to see Lalaine hurting Sceon shouting "why won't you love me too?" Sceon's just dodging my sister's hysterical approach and before they knew it, they are already at the edge of the cliff.

they fell down and Sceon tried to protect my sister and so broke his head that leads him to his death. while my sister suffered leg injuries that would refrain her from walking for months. i was hated by everybody after that incident. Lalaine spread out her own version of the story putting all the blame on me, so everyone in town resented me - even my own parents. honestly they love Lalaine more than me but i didn't really take that issue seriously.

until one day, Lalaine talked to me saying she has no intention of getting better with me around. so she asked me to go. though hurt, i decided that maybe its better that way. so i left a note for my parents saying i'd like to explore the sea and pursue my interest in navigation and that im sorry i didn't bid them goodbye properly.

so i packed a few of my things and with nowhere else to go, my feet brought me to the shore. i saw a pirate ship that's about to go and remembered that one of our childhood friend works there as a crew. i looked for him and i told him that i want to be a pirate. he was a bit amused but instead he said:

"i remember your face but i can't remember your name" *chuckle*

"im Lailanie, remember?"

"Lailanie? sounds a bit different from what i can't remember"

"im Lailanie, dummy."

"hahahah. ok, whatever"

good thing his Captain didn't really bothered having an additional crew that time, he just asked me to help out in anyway i can. so right after that i explored the whole ship trying to find a place where i could fit in and when i saw a some sort of a map room, right then and there i delightfully knew where i finally belong ü.. i discoved that they've been to Grand Line and they even have maps of it up to the first island.

seven years have rapidly passed and i became the official navigator of the Azure Pirates as soon as their original navigator retired five years ago. until we got attacked one night - a fierce battle.. and then.. blackout..

when i woke up, i couldn't remember anything. and i was very thankful to the couple who nursed and kept me. they gave me the name "Reyn" because i can't seem to remember even my own name and they let me work on their bar. until that specific date came, i had a nightmare and i dreamt about 'everything' about that certain incident before i left my village (actually, im having it every 17th day of the month - the day Sceon died was August 17, pretty creepy i know) so from there on, i finally remember who i am but since ive no idea where the rest of the crew is, ive decided to stay on this village called "Valenzuela"

one year has passed and the bar was quite lively that day. two pirate groups are having a drinking sessions so me and my foster parents were quite busy. i noticed that the weather is not actually fine so when i heard that the two pirate groups were about to set sail, i told them that its best to wait until tomorrow because im sensing a storm is coming based on the wind and the waves. but the first group just laugh about it and said "what do you know about the weather? you're just a pathetic bartender" and left. i noticed that the second pirate group remains. im actually thankful that they somehow reconsider. and so a huge storm came that night.

the next day we just got a news about a ship got engulfed by the waves last night and found out that it was those arrogant pirates from yesterday. and i noticed a man standing right on the bar's door.

"oh im sorry but we're not open yet"

"umm, actually i came here to talk to you"

"me? about what?"

"its pretty amazing how you forcasted that a huge storm would come last evening and i wonder how you did that"

"ahh, its nothing actually"

"well, i was considering.."

the man's words were cut off by my foster mother's sudden appearance "oh, Nitro.. Blitz mentioned that your crew has a navigator position open?" *saying loud enough for me to hear*

i looked at my foster mom upon hearing what she said and she blinks back at me.

"you know him Mom?"

"who? Nitro? of course, his crew frequently coming here before when they are around East Blue"

*chuckles shyly* "yeah, its just that we had a mission to finish before so we couldn't drop by for months. but we'll always remember Valenzuela, of course"

"ah ok" i replied. "so you wanna tell me something, right?"

my Mother cut off again "its ok, Blitz told me everything and though im quite sad about it, i think its better if you will come with them Reyn"

*confused* "whaat? what are you talking about Mom?"

"Nitro's crew has a navigator position open and since you are very much qualified, your Father and I are giving you our blessings to go"


"you've been a great help Reyn and you will always be our daughter that we never had.."

so that's it, as i bid my foster parents' goodbye, my tears ran like there's no tomorrow.. funny how i didn't cry when i was leaving my own family back in my hometown and how i cry like a river now leaving Valenzuela.

and that was the start of my adventure with the Desu Tenshi Pirates' 3rd Division.


*panting* at last, im finished.. a bit cheesy but hey, its my past ;P
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Posted 2/6/08 , edited 2/6/08
Dis is gonna be kinda long, but try to enjoy it ^^


The air around the deck felt really sweet today, the stars shone brightly and the horizen looked heveanly. All my memories were awakened within me, even the ones I didn’t want to waken…
(for my flash back I will use the age 16 as my actual age)

{12 years ago}

Everyone from the village were gathered around the dock, my mom and brother were the centre of attention, which I didn’t like. I was left hugging the ground as I didn’t even have the energy to stand up. My body was drained from crying and shouting

Mom: Please don’t go son, please I beg you, even if it is for the sake of your father, please…
Brother: I’m sorry mom, I have to… I have to find out how our father died….and why
Mom: You don’t have to…..
Brother: Yes I have to, for the sake of our family. I don’t kno bout you but I wanna kno why my father left me knowing he was gonna die leaving us like this. If I die not knowing I will never rest in peace…
Mom: But son, I’ve already lost your father, I don’t wanna loose you, you’re my son, me and Shizzy won’t be able to survive without you, please for our sake…Why don’t you leave it for another few years???
Brother: No mom, I can’t, I’m sorry….

With that my brother left the safety of my moms hand and left us. It looked like he was miles away, unreachable now, I kept looking back and forth, my mom was weeping, brother was macho walking, then looked back at mom again, bout to fall down crying, all the sound around me was starting to get distorted, the image was getting blurred, all I saw was brother leaving us, I couldn’t take it I had to stop him. I gathered all my remaining strength and got up… I ran towards him, faster and faster…but…but I was too late his ship was sailing now, but I couldn’t stop, I couldn’t stop…sudden;y my foot tripped, my body started to fall into the ocean, but I couldn’t swim, but I still fell. I was fallin deeper, until suddenly a light appeared, a tall slender figure appeared surrounded with the light, it held out its hand, and handed a object to me, and I could slightly make out some words:

Figure: Find …something …you like …and never let …go or you’ll …lose it…

I didn’t understand her but I sill got the object and next thing I knew I was sleeping heavenly…

{5 years later}

Mom: :)

It was a wanted picture of my brother. He was still alive…

{10 years later}

Me: Mom its time for me to go now
Mom: I kno son , please be careful…(tears) Please bring your brother back for me…
Me: I will mom, I will…I promise…

I stared at the horizon and held my heart. ‘Brother, I’m gonna get a big big crew and then I’m gonna get you, get you back to mom, Then all of use can set sail together…

As soon as I stepped onto the little fishing boat, my adventure began…

{Present Day}

And thus the adventures of the DESU TENSHI PIRATES WERE UNVEALED


I kno it was kinda long but I hope you enjoyed it ^^
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Posted 2/6/08 , edited 2/7/08
Division: 1st
Position: Righthand girl

well not much to my past. i lived in a small farming village. i've had my devil fruit ever since i can remember. i never really did anything unless it was absolutely necessary. my had a big family with lots of brothers and sisters but my father had left when i was 8 so my mom raised most of us by herself. since there were so many of us and i'm a middle child i kinda just blended in and never drew much attention to myself. i didn't like people bothering me and i was nervous about meeting new people. everyone i went to school with didn't like my indifferent, don't-talk-to-me façade so i didn't have any friends (they thought i was acting like i was too good for them or something). and since i had a type of mimicry ability everyone always thought i was being fake. so i was always alone.

even though i was lazy i absolutely hate being bored and there wasn't much to do at home so i always found little jobs to do here and there. i love wearing cute outfits so when i was offered a job as a personal maid i instantly accepted. my 'master' was a 10 year old spoiled little rich boy. but it was worth it to wear the outfit. i worked there for a couple weeks and the little boy finally came around to me (i'm good with kids for reasons even i don't know).

anyway soon after, my little brother ben became ill and my family had to move to another town where he could get treatment. meaning i had to quit my jobs too. my little 'master' was very sad to see me go but i did such a good job his parents wrote a letter of recommendation to give to any of my next employers (rich familie's influences come in handy).

in the port town we moved to, i looked all over for a job where i could wear a cute outfit and earn enough money to help take care of my little brother. i took my recommendation with me everywhere i went in hope of it helping me get a good job but everywhere i went i was rejected. after a hard day of job hunting i found myself at the local tavern. my mom told me never to work at a tavern but i wasn't quite sure why. one step inside and i found out. there were pirates everywhere just drinking and laughing and having a good time. i loved it. but i still wasn't about to get a job there. so i sat outside waiting for some sign of wat i was supposed to do now.

a strong wind blew my recommendation out of my hand and i desperately chased after it before it got away. i chased it all the way down towards the docks until it got caught on a man's foot and he picked it up. he looked the paper over then looked at me. i thanked him and we talked for a bit. ok we talked for awhile. after he heard my whole life storyt he asked me if i wanted to joined his crew. he told me i could join in on the adventures of his crew and explore the open seas. plus i could collect money and send it home to my family. it sounded like a pretty damn good idea to me. and i wasn't about to pass up a chance to wear a pirate girl outfit.

so i joined and here i am today. i got over my shyness (mostly) and i have more friends than i could ever ask for!

(wow that was kinda long...sorry i got kinda caught up in my story...)
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Posted 4/22/08 , edited 4/23/08
I still don't have my time to finish mine ><
I'll try finish it as soon as possible.
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Posted 4/22/08 , edited 4/23/08
i'll do my sometime
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25 / M / USA
Posted 4/23/08 , edited 4/23/08
ill do mine in a couple weeks... i like doing it all at the same time, so i need a few hours of free time.....YES mines gonna be that long
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33 / M / Hueco Mundo
Posted 4/23/08 , edited 4/24/08
Ill do mine as soon as i can think of a good background story for me
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Posted 4/23/08 , edited 4/24/08
I think mine will be the longest......since I'll write tons of stuff xd
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25 / M / USA
Posted 4/23/08 , edited 4/24/08
Mines gonna be 4-12 times longer, i know big diff, than my adventure log post XDD
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Posted 4/24/08 , edited 4/26/08
2nd Division
Position: Archer
Allias: Moon's Guardian

My past, Part 1:

My life is a little complicated. I’ve a little sister. My mom had made me learned what every lady needed to know, like how to cook simple stuff, how to sew, pour teas, education and others.

My life is normal until that day, when I was 8 years old. My family’s house got burned by someone. We are broke, but my dad still got money that we can survive as a poor family. Still, even we can still survive; they choose a cruel path for me. They abandoned me. Leaving me nothing but a necklace my mom and dad gave me when I was younger.

I decided to leave my hometown that fill with all my sad memory, Tekangasa. I thought I can reach another town faster by going through the forest. While walking in the forest, it was a disaster. Wolves, bears, and other animals attack me, I run and run, at last, I’m out of breath, I saw a bear in front of me, but I fainted.

When I wake up, I was in a bed, with a towel on top of my head. I heard the rain outside, as I thought, “I never know heaven rains.” I thought there’s no reason for me to live, but a voice came to my ear. That person said: “Little girl, you’re not in heaven, I saved you from a bear and you’re having a fever right now.” I wondered who that is, a soft gentle voice, he sounds like a good person.

When I recovered, he told me that he saved me from the bear at the forest, and took me to his house since I fainted. He asked me why I was in the forest, and I told him everything. I was surprised the way he responds, he smiled and said that I can stay as long as I want, until I want to leave, starting now, you’re part of my family. He’s name is Hendara, he’s 17 years old, he lives with his little brother that’s the same age as me and named Takiya. His parents died two year before. I’m happy, that I can stay with them.

We three had a lot of fun together, we work, we laugh, and we smiled within happiness. Hendara is like a father to me, and Takiya is like a real brother to me. When I was 9, Hendara died by sickness. I cried so hard like my eyes are hurting by the tears, but Takiya comfort me, saying its ok and other stuff. Although deeply, he’s the one that’s with the most sadness. After a few days, Takiya disappeared, I tried the entire place to find him, but he’s no where to be found.


I'll edit it when I did the other parts. If I'm right, there's more than 2 part......
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