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Rank the Characters!

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40 / M / The Future™
Posted 2/27/15 , edited 7/8/17
♠ ♣ Show Index ♥ ♦

Pick an anime, any anime and rank the characters. Typically it would be in the order of general preference - who you like most for whatever reason. TOP 3 or TOP 30, it's up to you. Even if you don't remember most of the cast. Whoever stands out from that one show, rank them!

Alternatively, you could come up with an interesting reason to rank the characters, or just do a "Bestgirl/guy" list. I got the idea for this thread when I was thinking I wanted to rank my favourite KanColle girls. After all, it's hard to just pick one right?

Just watched a new show? Awesome! let's see your first (relative) impression. You can always edit/update it later.

Have a favourite show you always wanted to give appreciation to multiple characters? Here's your chance.

Optional: Who is the very last place character (possibly worst/most annoying?) of all characters from that show? Give them a special "Wooden Spoon" award.
EDIT: Optional 2: On the suggestion of my dear friends, you might instead choose to give a "Metal Bat" award. If you're so inclined

I have but one request: Please keep each post to one anime series. You can rank them per-season, or across all seasons. It's up to you. You can come back later and post one for a different show. And another one. And another one. Just please keep it one post per show.

Help with Constructing a Ranking

If you want to remember some specific character names I'd recommend going here:
and searching for the anime in the search box. Alternatively you can try:
Wikipedia can also be useful.

Alter-alternatively, you might like to try one of the character sorters found HERE. There are actually quite a few different ones, so you might find it useful. Thanks to SportingNightRaid for suggesting it on page 20.

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OK! Let's start this!

To start I'll actually not go with KanColle for now. I actually feel like doing...

Ping Pong: The Animation

1. Sakuma ("ugly" glasses guy)
2. Kong Wenge
3. Old coach guy (Smile's coach)
4. "Obaba" (Peco's coach)
5. Kong's Mother (she's actually awesome and helped Kong be awesome too)
6. Peco
7. Smile
8. Kazama
100. (Wooden Spoon) Sakuma's annoying girlfriend

EDIT: Seeing the list like that I realised how much I LOVE "Professor Ping Pong" (well, more so before he grew his hair out ) so I've now swapped him with Kong.

EDIT 2: Totally forgot about Kong's Mother!

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Posted 2/27/15 , edited 3/4/15
The Irregular at Magic High School

1) Mayumi Saegusa
2) Erika Chiba
3) Kyōko Fujibayashi
4) Mizuki Shibata
5) Suzune Ichihara

Metal Bat Award: Shun Morisak
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24 / M / Clock town
Posted 2/27/15 , edited 2/28/15
Trinity Seven

1. Levi
4.Sora/ Astil codex
10. The Headmaster
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26 / M / California
Posted 2/27/15 , edited 2/28/15
Oh, man. This is difficult. Ima remind everyone and say it's best overall and not by strength. More importantly, it's just my opinion.


1. Sakata Gintoki
2. Kagura
3. Katsura Kotarou
4. Hijikata Toshiro
5. Okita Sougo
6. Takasugi Shinsuke
7. Shimura Shinpachi

I'll probably come back and change it later.
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27 / M / Colorado
Posted 2/28/15 , edited 8/28/15
Fate/Stay Night

1. Saber
2. Kotomine
3. Rin and Sakura (can't choose)
4. Shirou
5. Illya
6. Archer
7. Rider
8. Lancer
9. Gilgamesh
10. Berserker or Zouken
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40 / M / The Future™
Posted 2/28/15 , edited 6/12/15
My Hunter x Hunter Top 10

1. Killua
2. Ging
3. Leorio
4. Hisoka
5. Meruem
6. Feitan (that guy is coolness personified)
7. Ikalgo (octopus)
8. Pariston
9. Grandpa Zoldyck
10. Kalluto Zoldyck

Man I really should have put Gon in there somewhere

I think in the future I'll have to stick to Bestgirl lists or something

Posted 2/28/15 , edited 2/28/15
Free! Eternal Summer:

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Posted 2/28/15 , edited 2/28/15
Infinite Stratos

First Ranking is by Combat (IS) Ability

Chifuyu Orimura
Maya Yamada / Tatenashi Zarashiki
Laura Bodewig
Charlotte Dunois
Houki Shinonono / Cecilia Alcott
Lingying Huaang
Kanzasi Zarashiki

Best Girl Ranking (Chifiyu is excluded from this ranking although if she were in She'd rank #2 or 3, Maya is also excluded))

Charlotte Dunois
Tatenashi Zarashiki
Laura Bodewig
Cecilia Alcott
Houki Shinonono
Lingying Huang
Kanzashi Zarashiki
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jabberwock island
Posted 2/28/15 , edited 2/28/15
07 Ghost

1. Frau
2. Mikage Celestine
3. Ayanami
4. Castor
5 Labrador
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25 / M
Posted 2/28/15 , edited 2/28/15
Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions

1. Rikka Takanashi
2. Yuuta Togashi
3. Toka Takanashi(Don't mess with a ladle)
4. Sanae Dekomori
5. Kumin Tsuyuri
6. Shinka Nibutani
7. Satone Shichimiya
8. Makoto Isshiki
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32 / F / SC
Posted 2/28/15 , edited 2/28/15

1. Katsura
2. Kagura
3. Gintoki

... ummm and everyone else. I love all the characters in this show

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40 / M / The Future™
Posted 2/28/15 , edited 2/28/15
We can do currently airing anime too. If we want we can just edit/update if something changes. I'd love to see people's relative impression of characters as new shows air.

Absolute Duo (Bestgirl)

1. Julie
2. Lilith
3. Miyabi (I REALLY like Oppai-san's progression recently)
4. Imari
5. Tomoe

Wooden Spoon: Tsukimi-sensei (Bunbun) She's kinda charming but a little too jarring
Posted 2/28/15 , edited 2/28/15
Danganronpa: The Animation (same thing goes for the Trigger Happy Game
1. Kyoko Kirigiri
2. Junko Enoshima
3. Monokuma
4. Touko Fuwaka
5. Makoto Naegi
6. Byakuya Togami
7. Celestia Ludenberg
8. Chihiro Fujisaki/Alter Ego
9. Aoi Asahina
10. Kiyotaka Ishimaru
11. Sakura Oogami
12. Sayaka Maizono
13. Yasuhiro Hagakure
14. Mukuro Ikusaba
15. Leon Kuwata
16. Mondo Oowada
17. Hifumi Yamada

My apologies if I forgot or misspelled a character
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25 / M
Posted 2/28/15 , edited 2/28/15
Absolute Duo
1. Tor/Julie
2. Imari
3. Miyabi
4. Lillith
5. Tomoe
6. Professor Bunbun
7. Tora
8. Tatsu
(It should be noted that all of these characters are awesome! Even muscle man just for being hilarious with the whole not talking thing.)
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26 / F / US of A
Posted 2/28/15 , edited 2/28/15
Just because I recently rewatched an episode

Katanagatari's Maniwani Ninjas
1. Maniwa Pengin
2. Maniwa Choucho
3. Maniwa Koumori
4. Maniwa Shirasagi
5. Maniwa Houou
6. Maniwa Mitsubachi
7. Maniwa Kamakiri
8. Maniwa Oshidori
9. Maniwa Kuizgame
10. Maniwa Kawasou
11. Maniwa Umigame
12. Maniwa Kyouken

And another one for the Deviant Sword wielders (and it's in the spoiler tag for a reason)
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