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The Onigiri - Issue 3 (July 1st)

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Posted 7/1/07 , edited 7/12/07
~Please be patient while the page loads- this is image intensive ^-^. It will shrink to the normal size soon!~
Issue 4 = July 30th ^-^

Issue 3

Issue 3! We’ve used the last two weeks to tidy up the onigiri based on your suggestions. We hope you will find this issue, not only fun and tasty, but organized and easy to navigate! We also started up an Onigiri Forum which you're free to join: ^-^
We’ve got a great range of articles this time; from Recipies to Writing advice! There’s also a new collection of reviews and featured to waste you summer away watching ^-^. Don’t forget to look at this issues great art submissions and evil puzzles! There’s also a lovely interview of me which you can just skip past :P.
If you’ve heard about the cyber pregnancy of one of our staff members then you can find out more in the Behind the Scenes (article) – it will prove my previous comment that we’re all mad is true! ^-^
Thankyou to all the staff members again! A lot have been running off on exciting holidays so others have been helpfully filling in the gaps. We’re still waiting for our souvenirs though! *hugs* aswell to new staff members and random nice people who submitted work for this issue ^-^.
Don’t forget to check your horoscopes and have a great two weeks everyone! ^-^


The number corresponds to the post. To jump to a certain section then type the letter code in to Ctrl+F.
In this issue....

1 – Introduction and Contents
2 - FEMD – Featured Media – Drama
Liar Game, Ace wo Nerae, Attack No.1
3 - FEMA – Featured Media – Anime
Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha/A’s/StrikerS, Denno Coil, Nodame Cantabile
4 - FEMM – Featured Media – Music
B'z - Eien no Tsubasa, Younha - Password 486, Angela Zhang – Journey, OST. - My Girl | Mario & Nesty - Never Say Goodbye, Fan Wei Qi - Black Matching White
5 - REVD – Reviews – Drama
Ace Wo Narae, Meteor Garden, Nobuto wa Produce
6 - REVM – Reviews – Music
BIGMAMA, Deathnote OST 3
7 - REVA – Reviews – Manga
Akuma de Sourou
8 - REVG – Reviews – Games
The Legend Lives On, Resistance- Fall of Man, Gears of Perfection
9 - ARCL – Articles
Writing Advice, Net Radio Faces Crisis, Recipies: Cheese Fried Rice and Onigiris, The Culprit; Suppressed Evidence, The Hook; Literary Theory, Pointless, Behind the Scenes of the Onigiri: Animoo_x’s labour.
10 - HORC – Horoscopes
11 - INTV – Interviews
s_j_b, Mini Question: ‘What is your perfect day?’
12 - ARTT – Art
Submitted art, comics and instructions for an origami Snowflake Star
13 - PUZS – Puzzles - solutions
14 - PUZN – Puzzles – new
Spot the Difference, Riddles and Brainteasers
15 - CEND – Credits and End
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Posted 7/1/07 , edited 7/1/07


Okay this Onigiri's Issue's Featured Dramas Are Going to be Game/Sports Related.

Liar Game

Reason For Feature
A psychological thriller drama, Liar Game is a drama not to miss. At first I thought it was going to be some drama not worth watching, but after the sight of seeing people decieving each other, it was worth it. Toda Erika (Misa from Death Note Movie) played her role as Kanzaki Nao was superb. Although clueless in the beginning, her intelligence grew as she learns of the game. Matsuda Shota plays the swindler, Akiyama Shinichi, who helps Nao throughout the game. Now is there such a game in real life? Will it be like in the drama? Interesting games with interesting solutions to win.

Ace wo Nerae!

Reason For Feature
Swish! The sound of a tennis ace. But to become an ace at tennis one must train to become the best. Ace wo Nerae is considered one of Ueto Aya's best role. Although it doesn't have "special moves" as the Prince of Tennis Movie, Ace wo Nerae's moves are what you see in real life tennis. It's amazing to see such moves though, it even encourages me to play tennis, even though I'm not that good. Maybe I should stick to ping-pong.

Attack No.1

Reason For Feature
At first I thought Attack No. 1 was going to be about someone attacking someone else to be number 1. The title is true about attacking to be number 1, but it's not a person beating someone up to be the best. Instead this is "attacking" is volleyball. It's a very good drama considering that the Ueto Aya also stars in this drama. Not just because she stars in this sports drama as a lead star, but because it shows what friendship and betrayal is like. Now let's play some ball! ::spikes a ball::

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Posted 7/1/07 , edited 7/1/07

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha/A’s/StrikerS
By: Suicider
Season 1 -
Season 2 -
Season 3 -

The Lyrical equation: (Shounen + Neverending series + mind battles) x (Mahou Shoujo + Storyline + Super Engrish) = Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Series. After coming to the aid of Yuuno Scrya, Takamachi Nanoha is given a magical jewel called Raging/Raising Heart and suddenly becomes a magical girl overnight. Follow the adventures of Nanoha as she aids Yuuno in his quest to gather powerful magical relics called Jewel Seeds that he himself accidentally set loose to the world, but Fate may play a hand in Nanoha’s journey. Even though this may seem a bit kiddy, this anime does not disappoint. With 3 seasons, each with a different storyline, this is a must see.

Denno Coil
By: meiskan

This is a simple anime with art that may remind you of "Spirited Away" and a setting in a high tech world. We will find ourselves in the fictional city of Daikoku where groups of kids try to unravel the half-real, half-internet environment while avoiding the annoying virus program, Satchi. This may not seem like much, but after watching a few episodes, you may find ourselves coming back for more.

Nodame Cantabile
By: edsamac

An anime about classical music? Naniiiiii??? And a nobody falling in love with a campus heart throb? Gyaapooooo!!! Don't understand what I'm saying? Well, this anime has its share of peculiarities, but the end product is simply harmonious and music to the ears. A sure favorite for anyone with an ear for music and a taste for hilarious love comedies. :)
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Posted 7/1/07 , edited 7/1/07

*Special Thanks to Edsamac for the screenshots*

B'z - Eien no Tsubasa
~ This caught my eyes when I was watching TV. I've heard of B'z before, but I'm not familiar with their songs. I do like this one however and I like his voice. This MV features Hongo Kanata.

Younha - Password 486
~ I am new to Younha's music too. I like how energetic and happy she looks. Bleach fans are probably familiar with her song "Houki Boshi". She is Korean but debuted in Japan. This song is from her first Korean album.

Angela Zhang - Journey
~ "Journey" is the theme song of the Taiwanese drama "At the Dolphin Bay" in which Angela plays the leading role. She has several popular songs and is gaining more and more recognition. Angela's voice is one that sounds quite brave and powerful, however in this song, you get to hear a more gentle sound of her -- one of the reasons why I really like it.

.OST. - My Girl | Mario & Nesty - Never Say Goodbye
~ "Never Say Goodbye" is the theme song of a popular Korean drama -- "My Girl". I enjoyed watching it too. Some people might know this song but don' t know the name of the artist, so here it is. ^^ As a side note: please don't upload more of this video. I believe more than 5 duplicates had to be either disapproved or deleted until we decided to keep these 2 in different folders. ^^;

Fan Wei Qi - Black Matching White
~ One reason I really like Fan Wei Qi this artist is that she looks and sounds so friendly. This song is quite sweet matched with a nice and simple video. She co-wrote this song; they lyric is especially interesting when one links the lyrics to her boyfriend who is nicknamed "Blackie".

~ q_h
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Still not sure what to watch or listen to? Want to know more about something to help you decide? That’s what our reviewers are for! They’re here to give you there unbias opinion on anything from the latest band to a classic anime!
If you have anything you would like reviewed; feel free to ask. ^-^


Ace Wo Nerae
Now let's keep this short and sweet so you can get on with your day. Here's a drama for you that's shorter than most (only 9 episodes! ) and who knows, maybe it can even get you to leave your computer and go outside.
To start off, as always, I'll give you the plot summary (of course, taken from another source):

Aya Ueto plays Hiromi Oka, a girl who joins the high school tennis team because she idolizes the star player and wants to be just like her. The tennis team's world turns upside down almost immediately however, when the "cruel" new coach, Munagata Jin takes over and turns the practice sessions into Marine Corps boot camp.
He seems to have a particular interest in Oka and begins to train her personally, the the dismay of all of the other tennis players who begin to abuse her constantly and even go so far as to steal her equipment on a daily basis.
Oka is confused because she does not really take tennis seriously and just wants to be friends with everyone.
What will happen? Is she really the next "World Champion" as the coach leads us to believe that she is?

I WOULD give credit to the person who typed this description, if only I knew who did.
Now moving on...
This, you may already know, is a live-action of the anime "Ace Wo Nerae!", but it's licensed.
Now this isn't the best drama I've ever seen in my days of life, but this is quite an inspiring one. Watching the characters play tennis really motivated me to go outside and play some tennis. Of course, the farthest I got was to my front door and I gave up (no tennis equipment).
As for the drama itself, it shows how an average girl who only wanted to play tennis because she idolized someone can turn into an international tennis star. With determination and effort, she surpassed her obstacles and became what she never thought she would become.
Then, of course, there's the love. However, there's no kissing in this series (boohoo), but love wasn't really the main point in this series.
What else is there to say? Nothing much really, but if you're really bored and looking for a nice show to occupy your time, I recommend this drama (if you watch dramas at all).
It's short, inspiring, and has a nice ending
I rate it 4/5 stars in my opinion so don't come screaming at me if you hated it.

~ Meiskan


Meteor Garden
Number of Episodes: 30

Shan Cai is a lower-middle class girl. Forced by her parents, she attends the Ying De University, a private school made solely for rich citizens. Besides being looked down upon by her wealthier classmates, Shan Cai angers Dao Ming Si, the leader of F4, a group that consists of four arrogant heirs of the most influential families in Taiwan and who no one dares to oppose.

The university is dominated by F4 so when Shan Cai stands up to Dao Ming Si, which no one had ever done before, it made him develop an interest, later falling in love with her.
However, Dao Ming Si's constant torture towards Shan Cai has made her hate him and instead, she falls in love with Hua Ze Lei, the second member of F4, who had kindly helped her during Dao Ming Si's attacks on Shan Cai.
The story goes on to reveal the complex relationships that result. Will Dao Ming Si be able to get Shan Cai's love through his cold exterior?

Barbie Xu as Shan Cai
Jerry Yan as Dao Ming Si
Vic Zhou as Hua Ze Lei
Ken Zhu as Xi Men
Vaness Wu as Mei Zuo

Meteor Garden is the Taiwanese version of the Japanese drama, Hana Yori Dango, which are both derived from the manga, Hana Yori Dango. I loved Hana Yori Dango and feel that Meteor Garden is just as wonderful, if not better!
The drama itself is really great; it has an awesome casting and the boy-band, F4, is also derived from the drama. I love how it deals with everyday life situations by adding in comedy, without sidetracking from the issue.
Whilst the story seems to focus more on Shan Cai and her relationship with F4, at the same it also concentrates on her developing relationshp with Dao Ming Si. I fell in love with some of the characters, particularly the two male leads - Dao Ming Si and Hua Ze Lei!
For those who enjoyed Meteor Garden there's also the sequel, called Meteor Garden II, which I personally don't think is as good as the first.

Meteor Garden was the first drama that I ever watched. The storyline is wonderful. Once I started watching it, I was immediately hooked. This drama is a perfect romantic comedy and I highly recommend it! Go ahead and try it! ^-^

Overall Rating:
Very good, but sometimes a little overdramatic.
4/5 stars

~ iluffquincy


Nobuta wo Produce

Kamenashi Kazuya as Kiritani Shuji
Yamashita Tomohisa as Kusano Akira
Horikita Maki as Kotani Nobuko (aka Nobuta)

So, this is the story about a popular boy named Kiritani Shuji. Popular boy meets unpopular girl and they fall in love, lol, no that’s just my fantasy ^__^
How it really goes: Kiritani Shuji is one of the popular guys who and liked by everyone, but, the truth is that he’s just bored so he manipulates everyone to like him. The only person he can’t manipulate is Kusano Akira, an annoying (to Shuji) weirdo who nobody takes seriously. Then a new student comes to school. Her name is Kotani Nobuko, and she’s so shy and that she becomes the main target of all the bullies. Shuji and Akira both decide that they will help her and make her the most popular girl in school, nobody however, can find out that they are cooperating to help Nobuko.
But wait, the synopsis hasn’t ended yet, ‘cause it’s not just a cute story where a girl becomes popular due to the help of two guys, ‘cause there’s also a mysterious (sometimes creepy O_O) girl who doesn’t really want Nobuko to be popular and is willing to do something about it.
It’s a story about the friendship between 3 classmates, even though their personalities don’t match.

This is definitely one of my favorite dramas. One thing I liked about this drama were the unique characters, especially Akira, he’s just plain weird and funny ^__^ It’s a story about friendship, but there still was some chemical attraction between the main leads. Shuji&Nobuko and Akira&Nobuka are both very good combinations. Even though Nobuko is the one who’s being ‘produced’, you also see some character development at the two other leads. Sometimes I did had a wtf-moment =| But the good parts of the drama make up it for it ^__^

It has comedy, 2 lovely guys, a little bit of romance, a slice of life and 4 ½ stars out of 5 stars! ^__^ The wtf-moments made it a bit less good, but it’s still a very cute story, I’m sure that everyone will be touched after watching it :]

~ SnowXXangel

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On June 6, BIGMAMA released their first single, Boy's Don't Fly. Their only other release to date is SHORT FILMS, an album that came out last year. In July, they'll be featured on an omnibus album along with other bands from their record label.

While searching for information I discovered they share their band name with a well-known Korean pop group, making it rather difficult to find much information about them. However, I prevailed! I managed to find their website (

BIGMAMA describes their music as a blend of pop-punk and emo. (I know, I know, but please don't let that stop you from listening to them. They're a fantastic band). The band consists of five members: 金井 政人 (vocals and guitar), 柿沼 広也 (vocals and guitar), リアド 偉武 (drums), 安井 英人 (bass), and 東出 真緒 (strings).

The single starts off with the song Moo. The vocals are so lovely - think RYOHEI with a rock flair. I simply cannot get over how wonderful this man's voice is. :3 Sometimes you'll come across a song that, while not short, seems to be over as soon as it starts. Moo is one of those songs. It's really interesting hearing strings in a pop-punk song. I was a bit iffy about the combination at first, but I was pleasantly surprised; they work really well together.

CHAIN is the second song on Boys Don't Fly and it's yet another great song. Unfortunately, it appears that the whole seems-like-it-ends-as-soon-as-it-begins feeling is a constant thing with BIGMAMA. I don't particularly like incredibly long songs (I tend to get bored fairly quickly), but I definitely wouldn't mind listening to some longer-than-normal songs of theirs.

The single closes with the song Do You Remember? It's still just as upbeat as the previous two songs, but with more of a pop flavor, as opposed to the pop-punk sound the rest of Boys Don't Fly has. Jpop fans might prefer this song over Moo and CHAIN, though I think that all three are absolutely fantastic. This is definitely a band worth checking out.

~ Lokita

Death Note OST III

Released on June 27, the third Death Note soundtrack coincided with the airing of the final episode of the anime. Like the previous two Death Note OSTs, this one is nothing short of breathtaking. It's so difficult choosing a favorite song - they're all gorgeous.

The soundtrack includes some remixes of songs featured on earlier OSTs as well as a number of theme songs (L, Mello, and Near each have three, Light has two, Mikami has one, and Misa has a whopping seven).

One of L's themes (aptly titled L) features church bells, which I absolutely love, though I also find it incredibly sad.

Although I could not - and still can't - tolerate Near, I must admit he has some damn cool theme songs.

Mello's themes are completely badass. Whereas Near's songs featured the piano, Mello's take on a more hard rock approach, which I think suits his character well.

Mikami's theme is stunningly beautiful and reminds me of something you'd hear in Ouran. However, although it is extremely lovely, I don't think it portrays his character at all.

Technically, Misa only has five themes, with one of them having three different versions. Those of you that have watched the anime will know the song - it's the one she sang in episode 25. That version is included, as well as an orchestra version and a piano version.

The soundtrack falls short with the last two songs, though, which are the tv versions of the opening and ending themes - both of which I have hated from the first moment I heard them.

~ Lokita
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Posted 7/1/07 , edited 7/1/07

Akuma de Sourou

Anyone who has seen Devil Beside You will immediately recognize this story; it is the manga series that the drama was based on (though the only difference is that the drama has college-aged characters and in the manga they are still in high school). Debuting in 1999, Akuma de Sourou is one of Takanashi Mitsuba's first works and, to this day, remains her longest series (eleven volumes). Although Akuma de Sourou is pretty well-known, Shoujo Beat readers will most likely be more familiar with one of Takanashi Mitsuba's other series, Crimson Hero which is currently being serialized in the magazine.

The story focuses on two characters, Kayano and Takeru, and whether or not they can maintain a relationship after discovering that they will soon become step-siblings.

I found Akuma de Sourou to be captivating enough that I read the entire series in one sitting. I even found myself rooting for the two, despite the slightly incestual nature of the story. However, one thing I was disappointed with was the latter part of the series after their parents find out that the two have been involved in a year-long relationship. The parents (Kayano's mother and Takeru's father) are absolutely fine with it and even encourage them to be together and are more than happy to continue all living under the same roof (along with the new baby). Somehow I just don't see that actually happening in real life.

Although the manga has eleven volumes, I like to think of it as only having ten with a two-chapter (volume 11) epilogue. Unfortunately, I found the epilogue to be even less realistic than the manga's ending: Kayano and Takeru get married.

Despite the ending, it really is a great series and will be sure to keep you entertained while you're reading it. Also, the artwork is gorgeous (and by artwork, I mean Takeru. Mmm).

Though the manga has been scanlated by Hush, it has been licensed by CMX Manga and is available in America.

~ Lokita

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Posted 7/1/07 , edited 7/1/07

The Legend Lives On…
By: Suicider

The end has come, for Ocarina of Time that is. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is quite possibly the best Zelda game ever released in the history of well, Zelda. The long awaited and highly anticipated sequel has been released along side for/with the Nintendo Wii. This is a much larger, darker and more difficult adventure than GameCube's Wind Waker, which is sure to please the fans. Twilight Princess has been critically acclaimed by all the major web groups such as IGN, Gamespot and it even places itself at the 2nd greatest game of all time, after its predecessor! But is it truly that great? In one word, Yes!

As you begin to play, you can’t help to think that this is pretty much like OoT. Well at least for the first half, but as the game progresses it sharply divides the old from the new by way of an engrossing storyline that brings Link (The Hero) into an alternate realm known simply as the Twilight. The start of Twilight Princess is just like any other Zelda game but with its own twists. There's a princess named Zelda, a land called Hyrule, and a world that's on the verge of destruction if you don't do something to save it. This time around you must save the land of Hyrule from the approaching darkness known as the Twilight. You start out as Link in the village of Ordon. One day, your village is raided by beasts riding on the backs of boars that kidnap the children and leaves Link for dead lying in a forested spring. When Link comes to, he begins his search and is suddenly pulled into the Twilight Realm, where he finds that things are quite different—frankly, he’s been transformed into a wolf and quite sadly, captured in a cage! With the help of Midna, a creature of the Twilight that rides on your back, Link escapes from the cage and eventually the Twilight where he begins his journey to save Hyrule from the creeping darkness.

Twilight Princess is truly a masterpiece. There is nothing but praise for the controls that the Wii has to offer and there is no other like it. By gesturing with the Wii remote, you can easily and effortlessly swing the hero's sword. Targeting with the Wii-mote opens up a new level of level of speed and accuracy never before experienced in Zelda and within a matter of minutes you won’t be able to go back to a regular controller.

The visuals of TW are impressive and awe-inspiring even for a Gamecube port. The game world is vast and beautifully designed by Nintendo’s artists. For example, the shimmering water is so realistic that many could hardly believe it was originally a Gamecube game. Link features better details than before! But alas, you can find some oddities here and there if you’re looking for them; some of the textures look blurry and incredibly unprofessional of a game of this caliber, however they aren’t much of a complaint. It still is an impressive game inside and out no matter how you look at it.

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is, in my opinion, the greatest Zelda game ever created and one of the best launch titles in the history of launch titles. Whether you’re riding on your horse across Hyrule Field or fighting the evil that is the twilight you can expect to have great game from start to finish. You’re looking at 50 hours of gameplay and that’s not even counting all the side quests and mini-games. If you’re looking for a game that’s like no other then this game is a definite must buy and if you don’t then buy one already, you won’t regret it!

9.5/10 – Highly Recommended

Presentation – (8/10) A truly epic new Zelda complete with a compelling, darker storyline, enhanced controls, and brand new gameplay mechanics. Although, the lack of voice acting and orchestrated music were unfortunate.
Graphics – (8.9/10) Quite impressive for a game that was once intended for the Gamecube.
Sound – (7/10) The overall BGM and themes were nice but it needed orchestrated music.
Gameplay – (9/10) Just amazing, A game that takes full advantage to the Wii’s unique control style. Classic Zelda reborn for the next generation.
Lasting Appeal – (9/10) You’ll be playing this till it’s done, over 50 hours of gameplay


Resistance: Fall of Man - Flagship title of the PlayStation 3
By: Suicider

At the debut of Sony’s new Console the PS3, Resistance: FoM was one of the most highly anticipated titles of the PS3’s launch lineup and is a definite must have for every PS3 owner. Thanks to a friend of mine, I was able to take a quick look at the game way back when it was released.

For those who don’t know, Resistance FoM is a first person shooter that follows a formula for games made by Insomniac: Lots of weapons, fluid graphics (at 1080p/HD quality) and lots of explosions. The game takes place in an alternate reality when creatures appear in Russia and have taken over practically all of Europe. You play as Sgt. Nathan Hale, an American soldier fighting for the future of humanity. Although quite frankly speaking, the storyline isn’t all that great. You won’t see any character development in games like these, but needless to say, people at insomniac just needed an excuse to blow up aliens and who could argue with that?

Just to clarify, this is a Next-Gen game. Everything has been enhanced for a first person shooter. All weapons have its advantages and disadvantages in both single and multiplayer with an added element of tactics. For instance, the Auger is a weapon that can shoot through walls, but it isn’t as powerful as the almighty shotgun.

The enemy’s AI has also been revamped. In the hardest difficulty setting, enemies will come in pairs or groups and will hide themselves whenever they want. Meaning if the snipers don’t get you, the 22ft spiders will.

As far as the graphics are concerned, in complete HD, the game has an apocalyptic feel in and the sound is just stunning. The entire experience can give a very ambient feel throughout most of the game. The game’s Multiplayer feature was given a lot of attention such that games can be played with up to 40 people. It features many play modes very similar to that of Unreal Tournament. There can be lots of customization done to the appearance of your character and the frame rate is impressive as well, meaning almost no lag.

Resistance Fall of Man became a huge hit when it came out along with the PS3. Although some claim it doesn’t compete with the Xbox 360’s Gears of War, many claim that they are just two very different games. This game is a definite must if you have a PS3.

I give it a 8.5/10 – Recommended

Presentation – (8/10) A nice blend of environments between the WW2 era and alien technology.
Graphics – (8.5/10) A mix of 20th century war machines and intergalactic alien hordes makes for quite the interesting art style. A solid 30fps framerate and plenty of bells and whistles easily impress.
Sound – (8/10)When connected to a capable speaker, Resistance will blow your speakers to kingdom come with great audio effects and stellar voice acting. Don't expect to hear much musically, though.
Gameplay – (9/10) Experience the best weapons to come along in a shooter for quite some time united with challenging enemies, tight control, smooth online play, and insane boss battles. Seriously fun.
Lasting Appeal – (8.5/10) Between 12-15 hours of single-player action, multiple (and very challenging) difficulty levels, four hidden weapons, unlockable secrets and skill points, and a ton of multiplayer options. Sweet!


Gears of Perfection?
By: Suicider

Not since Halo have Xbox fans been so excited. The much anticipated and hyped-up Gears of War hit shelves November 7th, and copies were sold out faster than Porto potties at a rock concert. Gears of War has been acclaimed my almost all of the major videogame critics and web groups including IGN, Gamespot, and Official Oxbox Magazine, making it the 23rd highest rated game of all time and the number one rated game so far this year. The fans have spoken, and Microsoft has another blockbuster on its hands. But is Gears of War what everyone says it is? Does it live up to all the hype? In two words - Hell yes.

The story of Gears of War is not as complex or well explained as we’d like it to be, nor are the characters all that deep, as we know little to nothing about them or their individual storylines. What we do know is that humanity has been all but exterminated by a race of lizard/bug-like monsters called Locusts, who tunnel underground and enter battle through what is called Emergence holes. Most of your time within the game will be spent on killing the enemies that spring from the emergence holes, and finding the best cover to give you the best angle on the action. Taking cover and flanking enemy positions is vital in Gears of War, as enemy A.I move and fight realistically and relentlessly hard. Realistic combat such as dust, sparks, and smoke from weapons is just a little bit of the near perfection that is Gears. Your player character knows he’s in danger. This is no picnic with your grandmother on a Sunday morning with fresh shorts. The player will quite literally throw himself against walls for cover, blind-shoot over his head while hiding behind low walls and corners, and reload realistically. If you crack under pressure and screw up, your gun will jam and leave you vulnerable while you hate yourself forever for sucking so much and failing at life.

Gears of War gives 3rd Person Shooter fans everything they want in a game – realistic and interesting looking environments, gritty, brutal action and a very dynamic take-cover system. GoW’s graphics are the best the 360 has surrendered so far – surfaces shine with the reflection of the sun, the ground becomes slick looking from the rain, and the character’s faces are so realistic you’d swear you were looking through a window at them.

The guns in GoW are satisfying and varied, despite how few of them there are. The game gives you all the basics – a couple of rifles, a sniper, shotgun, and grenade launcher. The addition of a crossbow that fires exploding arrows is a good touch, but our personal favorites would have to be the Lancer and the Hammer of Dawn. The Lancer is a standard assault rifle that will be the weapon you’ll keep coming back to for most of the game; it fires in full auto and has a pretty good range and damage. However, the most appealing aspect of this weapon by far would be the Chainsaw bayonet. You may think it impractical to implement a chainsaw as a standard rifle bayonet- but then every 3rd Person Shooter fan on the planet will promptly slap you in the face.

9.0/10 – Highly Recommended

Presentation – (9.5/10) Epic has created an immersive universe that will probably turn into a sequel, a movie and a licensed breakfast cereal. Amazing cinematic flair, gritty attitude and a one-of-a-kind artistic style.
Graphics – (9/10) Amazing attention to detail and vibrant, diverse environments make for a feast for the eyes, even on a standard-definition set.
Sound – (9/10) An excellent musical score, awesome atmospheric audio cues and spot-on sound effects. Crank it up.
Gameplay – (8.5/10) Simple, accessible and tremendously fun, and that was before the chainsaw. In close, the combat gets wonky, but that doesn't take away from the awesome new cover mechanic and exploding head shots.
Lasting Appeal – (7.5/10) The single-player/co-op campaign is over too soon, although bumping the difficulty to Insane just about triples the length. For what versus lacks in game modes, it makes up for in fun.
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Our article writers have a wide range of interests between them and will create anything from horoscopes to news articles for your enjoyment. Any ideas for what you would like to see here are welcome! Also; we may be bringing out a Help Section so send your problems the The_onigiri. They can be real or made up for a laugh ^-^. Just say if you don’t want your name to be mentioned!


Writing Advice

“In anything at all, perfection is finally attained not when there is no longer anything to add, but when there is no longer anything to take away.”
-Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (1900-1944)

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”
-Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519)

Since Shakespeare first cornered the market on great writing and universal themes, aspiring writers have suffered the delusion that the best prose is flowery and grand in scope. They remember reading Hamlet in high school or in college and having to look up two words for every one they knew. Later, they decide to write. They remember Shakespeare and thumb the thesaurus raw. They write scores of words that don’t mean anything, and frustrated readers are left searching for a narrative thread amid the clutter.

(Shakespeare’s other contribution to modern writers is a maddening preoccupation with the sun. We feel compelled to describe it, particularly the way it rises and sets. Its rays aren’t simply ‘yellow,’ but ‘effervescent,’ ‘luminous,’ ‘saffron,’ ‘ochre,’ or ‘goldenrod.’ The colors aren’t colors, but ‘hues,’ ‘shades,’ or ‘patinas.’ All of this while beginning its majestic descent towards its perigee on the flaming horizon which beggars the magma tears of Apollo.

What’s wrong with, “The sun set?”)

Simplify, simplify, simplify. Technically complex sentences are more difficult for your reader to follow, which makes them more difficult to write well. It seems counterintuitive, but labyrinthine sentences are often the mark of a lazy or unskilled writer. It takes thought and effort to express a complex idea in a simple and direct manner.

That's not to say you should abandon adjectives, or avoid description. Detail is critical to your story; it provokes the reader’s imagination or provides important information. But each one should give form to the narrative or be important to the story in some other way. We all know what the setting sun looks like. Unless you’re writing in Braille, skip it.

The principle of simplicity also applies to the words you choose as you write. I heard this quote a long time ago, and it’s good advice: "Your dentist will ask you, 'Are you experiencing pain?' If his own kid was in the chair, he would ask, 'Does it hurt?'"

Big words are tempting to use. They seem to carry a certain weight, almost in proportion to their length. As if they say, “I am a serious writer. Pay attention to me; witness my expansive vocabulary!” But the purpose of writing is to communicate something to the reader--not to illustrate the genius of the author. Unnecessary or needlessly elaborate words distract the reader and frustrate this basic goal.

Don’t abandon your graduate school vocabulary, but place a premium on efficient use. Big words, obscure words, made-up words—they have their place. Use them sparingly, in the right context, and they will become twice as effective as when littered through your text like verbose orphans. Here is an excellent example of perfect word choice:

“[A row of corpses] were discalced to a man, like pilgrims of some common order for all their shoes were long since taken.” -Cormac McCarthy, The Road

‘Discalced’ means “(chiefly of members of certain religious orders) without shoes; unshod; barefoot.” McCarthy could have used ‘barefoot’ or another simple word, but in the context of The Road's religious themes, ‘discalced’ best describes the idea McCarthy is trying to convey to the reader. No other word is as good. Also note how McCarthy surrounds ‘discalced’ with common words—an elegant juxtaposition. It stands out, but in a way that adds, rather than detracts, from the narrative.

Practice simplicity. Be efficient. Strip out every word without purpose. Your readers will thank you.

~ Hopchow


'Net Radio Faces Crisis
by kyonkichi

So, here I am, on a lazy tuesday afternoon home from school for
the summer with a room that looks like a tornado has just torn
through it. I'm facing the daunting task of cleaning said room--
which won't be easy without boxes to pack things in--but I push my sleeves up to begin anyway. The thing about me and cleaning is, I can't do it in complete silence; it becomes tedious, then, more of a chore than it should be. So I click on to the computer to open up a radio station because the computer is closer to my room than the stereo is.

I go to a big one--one most of us are familiar with--called
Launch!Yahoo. It's quick, it's easy, and you can even rate the
songs so it pays attention to the kind of music you like instead
of running off a prescribed playlist. I like to be kept in
suspense. But when I try to pull my station up, I don't get the
instant gratification I'm looking for (and have come to expect
from the Internet) but a message about complete radio silence that redirected me to a cause I had never, ever heard of.

Internet radio, if you didn't know, is a pretty big industry that
reaches about 72 million listeners a month. It provides an outlet
for lesser-known musical artists who may be unable to break into
broadcast radio; it allows for a diversity in broadcasting; it is
universally available and not restricted to geographical area.
That said, the industry is also relatively new and hasn't
developed a stable method to rope income. Advertisements are done a variety of ways, through banner ads and traditional audio ads as well as corporate sponsorships.

The crisis that internet radio is currently facing--and the crisis
that led to a Day of Silence implemented on Tuesday, June 26 that hindered my cleaning jive--is a dramatic increase in royalty fees that could completely destroy internet streams altogether. In March 2007 the Copyright Royalties Board (CRB) increased Internet radio's royalty burden between 300 and 1200 percent--despite the fact that Internet radio streams already pay more than broadcast and satellite.

The ruling, due to go into effect July 15 and retroactive to January 2006, will seriously damage the creative and diverse community of Internet radio. It would shut down smaller streams and force the larger into drastic steps of action which could put large labels in charge of playlists and rotations.

The more I read about this, the angrier I got; we already face
this sort of deregulation in regular broadcast radio, the kind of
deregulation that leads to me dialing in three different radio stations when I'm driving in the car and hearing the same bad rap
song on all three at the same time. (No offense to anybody who
likes rap.) The same can be said for any number of Top 40 songs, especially for the Clear Channel stations that have the same playlist no matter where in the country you are.

The Internet, we say, has always provided something unique for
everybody who has access to it. The development of Internet radio is no different. I imagine the same was said of broadcasts when they were first invented a century and a half or so ago; a way to share with other people, to connect. But when the industry is squashed by unfair fees and turned into an outlet to again overpromote the same five artists rather than providing an equal opportunity to the large and the small, we kind of lose the point of it all. Having done some amateur work in internet radio
myself, the loss of the small stations and the deregulation of the
large would just follow a disgusting industry trend and take the
fun out of something originally meant to be humanitarian and not
just about the money.

To find out more, visit


Cheese Fried Rice [for 1 plate, American size a.k.a huge]

- One plate of white rice
- Cheddar cheese
- Prawns [up to you]
- 2 eggs
- 2 Red onion chopped
- Beef/chicken fillet [up to you]
- Sunflower oil/butter
- Black/white pepper, salt, and/or msg.
How to Cook It
1. Heat up the wok, and pour in 4 teaspoons spoons of oil, and a little butter.
2. Put in chopped onion.
3. After the onion is a yellowish colour, put in eggs and..... mess it up. Lol.
4. Add the prawns and meat.
5. Wait until the prawns turn red and the meat is edible.
6. Now, you can put in the rice, mix it with the meat, prawns and eggs.
7. Put salt and/or msg, white pepper in
8. Put in cheddar cheese [chop it in small dice shapes]. Cook until the cheese melts.
9. Now, put the fried rice on to a microwaveable plate.
10. Put the rest of the cheese on the top of the fried rice, and heat in the microwave until the cheese melt.
11. Now your cheese fried rice is ready.

Onigiri [Rice Ball]

Makes 8 Rice Balls
- 4 cups steamed Japanese rice
- 8 strips of dried nori (seaweed)
- Salt to taste
-*For fillings:
ume (pickled plum) / grilled salted salmon

Grill salted salmon slices. After the salmon cools, tear it into small chunks and set aside. Cook steamed rice. Put about a half cup of steamed rice in a rice bowl. Make a dent in the center of the rice and place fillings, such as ume (pickled plum) and grilled salmon. Wet your hands in water so that the rice won't stick. Rub some salt on your hands. Place the rice in the rice bowl on your hands. Form the rice into a round or a triangle, by pressing lightly with your both palms. Wrap the rice ball with a strip of nori.

These recipies are brought to you by eamiru07’s kitchen. All recipes have been tested and cooked in moderation so humans can eat it!


Logical Fallacies and Your Brain


The Culprit: Suppressed Evidence

What it means: Holding back one side of an argument to glorify your own. This way you can make your argument stand out more, and be able to sway people to your side by briefly admitting another side discreetly while pushing your own. You can also use reverse psychology in it to make it seem like you're going the other way. Of course it isn’t actually a true and blue fallacy to downplay other people’s arguments or evidence for that matter so feel free to do the same.

How to beat it: More people than you realize fall for this. Actually, I fall for it sometimes. A simple way of trying to get out of it would be to look at both sides- but wait! When looking at two sides of things, try to remember that when it comes to most debatable topics it always comes down to someone's opinion, beliefs, and/or the way they were raised. Try to be level headed and not be swept away by what simply sounds good. Remember, evidence is vital!

Le Example:

Today, everyone knows all about the tobacco industries. They know all about the malicious intent they have, and what exactly is inside those so called cancer sticks. But before most of our time nobody knew what exactly was in them. No one said anything about it being bad for your health and that you could end up with a serious health problem or worse yet, cancer. For years nobody said anything, and for a good reason too- profit. If you knew something could kill you, would you still do it? Today the word is out about how they really affect you, or at least some of it is. Even on some of the websites of tobacco companies encourage you to quit before it’s too late. But even then they still increase the amount of nicotine in cigarettes to keep most people from doing just that.


The Hook: Literary Theory 101

Just how important is the opening for any literary work, especially major ones like epic and novels? To keep things simple, let's compare two books of the same genre, science fiction. Consider this new book called Star Corps. It began on the first page:

Master Sergent Gene Aiken leaned against the sandbag barricade and stared out across the Saimi-Id river. Smoke rose from about a half-dozen buildings, staining the pale green of the early evening sky. Marduk, vast and swollen, aglow with deep-swirling bands and storms iin orange-amber light, hung immense and sullen, as ever just above the western horizon. The gas giant's slender crescent bowed up and away from the horizen where the red sun had just set; its night side glowed with dull red heat as flickering pinpoints, like twinking stars, marked the pulse and strobe of continent-size lighting storms deep within the seething atmosphere.


It seems like every other fictional book these days follows the same structure when writing it's introduction. Begin with the name of the main character, then write something boring about the scenery (theoretically to establish mood). It gets worse... the entire first chapter is nothing but a fancy description of the scenery, then a quick conversation between a soldier and our friend Sgt. Aiken, establishing that there's some kind of conflict going on. End chapter.

Sorry, but that introduction does not hook me at all. In fact, it makes me want to stop reading the book, thinking it's just going to be another average "soldiers in outer space" yarn. Granted, I'm not petty enough to set a book down because of a bad introduction, but in literature, first impressions are everything, and an author must make a good attempt to make his/her introduction interesting and unique, a "hook" that will draw his/her reader into the story. It's no surprise many teenagers don't find books fascinating these days, let alone pick up a book.

Now consider, for comparison, the opening passage from Robert Heinlin's masterwork, Starship Troopers.

I always get the shakes before a drop. I've had the injections, of course, and hypnotic preparation, and it stands to reason that I can't really be afraid. The ship's psychiatrist has checked my brain waves and ask me silly questions while I was asleep and he tells me that it isn't fear, it isn't anything important--it's just like the trembling of an eager race horse in the starting gate. I couldn't say about that; I've never been a race horse. But the fact is; I'm scared silly, every time.

The brilliance of this introduction is that it raises questions. What is a drop? Why is the main character afraid? In order to find the answers to these questions, the reader is compelled to read further... being drawn into the story. The narrative continues to illustrate our hero, nameless at this time, being dropped from orbit into a military smash-and-run battle against an interstellar enemy. There is no explanation as to why the battle is being fought... that comes later. By keeping the superficial elements out of the introduction, Heinlin creates a streamlined and focused narrative that keeps the reader engrossed in the story, if only for the simple reason of his wanting to find out what's going on. Success: the reader is hooked, and will more than likely finish the book.



Pointless ~ By edsamac

(Disclaimer - I am not to be taken seriously... remember that.:) )

I recently made an odd statement regarding a certain individual I despise greatly. Whenever he goes online on Yahoo! Messenger, I quickly switch to invisible mode so that he doesn't see me. Now, you may ask, "why don't you just make yourself invisible to him permanently?" Unfortunately, I use a different messenger program (Adium, to be exact), and I have yet to figure out how to do just that. So for the mean time, I resort to manually switching to invisible mode.

When he finally goes offline, I ask the person I'm chatting with whether or not they think it's okay for me to go back to visible mode ~ because if I do, and it just so happens he was simply disconnected, I'd have to switch back to invisible mode when he goes online again, and that would make it seem (even more) obvious that I'm trying to avoid him. So why, pray tell, do I have to do this? The truth is, I'm actually doing the idiot a favor.

He used to be my friend - until he did something utterly stupid that completely tarnished the way I look at him. Now, I think he's a stupid fool who over-dramatizes his whole life and thinks the entire world revolves around him. To top that off, he thinks I've forgiven him, and he always likes to act all “cute” around me, thinking he's being funny when he's really just being a jerk.

You know what, let's just call him MOE. Yeah... Moe.

The truth is, I'm doing Moe a favor because if he starts talking to me, I might answer back with dirty words and naughty phrases, the result of which will be an inevitable course of rants that will lower his self-esteem to that of a dung beetle.

Yes, I am capable of doing that. :P

Speaking of dung beetles, that's the point I was trying to get to. I actually used this phrase when explaining to a friend of mine why I avoid Moe, and my friend replied as if to question how I thought dung beetles had low self-esteem. I reasoned that they probably have to have issues for them to resort to pushing around big balls of shit. But my friend wondered if it's possible that they could be proud little creatures, contrary to what I thought. The next thing I could think of was, maybe they could be proud creatures because they literally "don't give a shit?"

Hardee har har... So what's my point? I think we're all quite like dung beetles. In fact, I think everyone I know (me included) is like a big dung beetle in the sense that we like pushing (if not dragging) around the big load of crap in our lives, which we like to call stress. We pile it up on ourselves, make ourselves look like we're the most miserable people on the earth and expect people to pay attention to us - and yet the truth is, we're proud little creatures who couldn't give a shit less if we wanted to. We like thinking we're all this and that and we think we're the center of the world. Our view is what's important - our own, self-centered views and the big load of crap we bring along to prove it.

It's sad though that I have to use dung beetles to prove my point (if there was any to begin with). I give my regards to MOE. Because of him, an army of angry, pissed off dung beetles (or dung beetle junkies) are going to raid my home and crucify me.


Behind the Scenes of the Onigiri Staff

Animoo_x’s Labor

The Onigiri House

As some of you may know, animoo_x (AKA Claire/Moox) has given birth to a baby boy by the name of Gabriel (Gab or Gabby for short). Most of you were not there at the time of the birth, so you all will experience the birthing period throughout this article. Please note that the father was not there at the time. Luckily witnesses of the birth gave him news of the labor. However, we may not show the whole transcript of the event, due to some reasons. I’m terribly sorry. However, we may show you part of the transcript.

It all began at around 6:12 pm EST on Monday June 18th, 2007 in the Staff Lounge…

Moox (mother): STEFFI! I THINK MY WATER’S BROKE!!!! *cries*
Mochacafe (midwife): wah, ok breath
HokiePokie (evil baby): UH OH
s_j_b (godmother no.1): O_O
*runs to Claire*
*grabs the bag*
Moox: what do i do? what do I do?
what do I do?
_s_j_b: someone get a chair!
Crash (teacher of how to farm shrimps): oh noes!
_s_j_b: someone else get the army car started! (Note: the onigiri staff drives an army car b/c we can’t fit a limo onto the onigiri house property)

Mochacafe: midwife here move
Crash: *sends a plumber*
_s_j_b: plumber!
Moox: what do I do?? wheres henz????
Mochacafe: mover her onto the sofa
Moox: wtf is a plumber doing here?
_s_j_b: heave ho!
Crash: the water broke?
_s_j_b: oh dear
_s_j_b: *trips ari over* :P
Crash: I just realized how stupid I am XD

And so Moox began her breathing exercises.

Mochacafe: longer exhale with a “who” or “puh”
ok I see the head
Moox: WHAT?!!
Mochacafe: no wait that’s just the sofa
Moox: o_o
_s_j_b: haha!
Crash: *falls over*

Moox begans to push

Meanwhile Hokie is doing his usual forum monitoring….:
HokiePokie: guys I’m counting threads ******** has resurrected (sorry we’re not releasing the name of the person resurrecting some threads for privacy reasons)

Steffi runs to get Mochacafe gloves.

HokiePokie: I’m sorry Moox’s baby is my rival
_s_j_b: ohhh
feel free to keep counting then!
Moox: ok puuuuuuuuuuuush
_s_j_b: *runs to hold claire’s hand*
Crash: and I’m the grand supreme foremost major minor superior arbitrator
Moox: lovely (!)
Mochacafe: I see it, the baby
Suicider (who was sick at the time): whoa, whats happening?

Two more pushes!
Moox: omg omg…the pain!!
_s_j_b: ahh
my hand
worse pain!!!
Mochacafe: aaaahhhh the baby’s out!
hip hip hooray!
Suicider: congratulations

And then the naming of the baby started, even if the father, Henz_lan (AKA Henz) wasn’t there. And so baby Gab was born at 11:22 pm GMT.

~ Mochacafe
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Your Fortnightly CrunchyRoll Horoscopes
brought to you by the mystic powers of The_Onigiri

Capricorn 22 December - 20 January

This month’s prediction:
Your luck will get a boost within the next few days, however, don’t get carried away. Compassion is a virtue but it’s also good to deal with issues using common sense.

Aquarius 21 January - 18 February

This month’s prediction:.
It’s a shame that your genius isn’t always appreciated! Give people time to trust you and your ideas, rather than despairing. Patience itself is a genius trait.

Pices 20 ebruary - 21 March

This month's prediction:
Friends are important but you shouldn't forget your family. Though it is good to appreciate what you can choose for yourself; you should enjoy what is given to you aswell.

Aries 21 March - 20 April

This month’s prediction:
It’s the time of year for achievement! A sudden boost of energy will help you to complete that task at long last. Don’t get too carried away though!

Taurus 21April - 21 May

This month’s prediction:
It doesn’t have to be new year to have a fresh start. Think about what you really want, not need, and go for it! Don’t forget your friends along the way though!

Gemini 22 May - 21 June

This month’s prediction:
You’re afraid of something in the past, whether it’s just a memory or threatens to return. Don’t be! Take this opportunity to deal with it once and for all. You’re older and wiser now!

Cancer 22 June -22 July

This month’s prediction:
Despite your current happiness there is a possibility of being caught up in someone elses worries. Be a friend and help them; but don’t let it take over your life!

Leo 23 July -23 August

This month’s prediction:
It’s the time of year for you to be honest, not just with others; yourself. What do you think of the current situation and who you’ve become? If you’re happy then keep it up! If not, then have the confidence in yourself to change some things.

Virgo 24 August - 22 September

This month’s prediction:
Wednesday is a lucky day for you! Use it to your advantage in keeping something dear to you from leaving. Some things can’t be stopped; but you can still try! Good luck!

Libra 23September - 23 October

This month’s prediction:
You should always think before you say something; this is especially important in the next week. Pick your words carefully and think how the listener will respond beforehand.

Scorpio 24 October - 25 November

This month’s prediction:
Material possession seems to be becoming your priority; don’t let it! Think about what you actually need and use the extra time and money on people dear to you.

Sagittarius 23 November - 21December

This month’s prediction:
Things can get a bit messy sometimes! It’s best to just sit back and let everything calm down for a few days. When you see the opportunity; jump in and save the day! You can do it!
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L: the ultimate crunchyroller!
Get your own ‘simple and sweet’ CR tshirt at:

Animoo_x on s_j_b

After a few requests for the interviews to feature a member of staff from the Onigiri, I thought the best place to start was right at the top of the ladder. Who am I referring to? The one and only s_j_b, otherwise known as Steffi.
(Editors note: aka, we just didn’t have an interview haha)

This is animoo_x clocking in at 11:52am.
Interview is ^^

Morning Steffi! We are up bright and early aren't we? ^^ Well it's bright and early for me.
How is one today?

One is half really awake and excited for the onigiri and half wanting to go back to bed! It's pouring down with rain ^-^.
Ahh i should be saying interesting things!

You are the editor of the Onigiri and many people know that that involves a great deal of work and time. What are some of the perks and disadvantages [if any] of being editor-in-chief?

Perks? I get to control everything? Haha i like being able to organise things or I worry they won't work! ^-^ I don't tend to think of being the editor-in-chief until the day I have to put everything together. The rest of the time I just join everyone in the lounge ^-^. Disadvantages? I have to use 2 accounts and end up forwarding messages so many times that half the screen is made up of '>>>>>>>' ^-^. I also get PMs saying 'Dear Sir/Madam'. O_O umm i'm just Steffi!

Many people have been complaining about the influx of noobs and spammers onto CR due to the summer holidays. Do you have any views on this?

I predicted it would happen a while ago ^-^. I think there are definitely more members all of a sudden and an increase in duplicate /naruto threads. There are alot of good members joining too though! I think we will survive the summer holidays because of the members who help on the forums and explain things (nicely!) to 'noobs'.

I've always wondered about this myself - you love helping people and that much is obvious but are there times when your patience runs thin with people who maybe don't appreciate your help?

Everyone feels like that sometimes ^-^. I love the word 'thankyou' - people merely need to say that and i will be smiling for ages! Most people seem to appreciate my help so I don't get annoyed. When a couple in the past didn't care at all I just ignored it and waited until they needed help again. I think helping itself should make you happy; not the 'thankyou' reward.
You can tell if I lack energy though because i just click the 'report to mod' button rather than actually doing something. For personal things; i just reply the next day if it's not urgent ^-^

What is your favourite anime or drama to watch on CR right now?
Do you have any recommendations for CR?

I lack shows right now! I started watching some opposite vampire thing yesterday but i might not complete it ^-^ (mainly as I can't remember what it was called! haha). My favourite show at the moment has to be Romeo x Juliet. Awwww ^-^.
I don't watch that much so I don't think I can really reccomend anything!

Do you love your twin?

*silence* :P
She's referring to herself if you don't know ^-^

Oh...I just got pie'd. Gutted! Haha ok - onto the next serious question now ^^

Many people read The Onigiri's GB and have said that we seem so professional and organised.
Behind the scenes though - is it a different story? ^^

People say that? Am i missing things? I think we're quite organised considering we're on different timezones ^-^.
It tends to get messy on the last two days because (even though they get two weeks :P) most staff submit work then! I end up running through both accounts. I have an almighty notebook of knowledge that has everything in it *hugs it*
I don't think we're completely proffesional though. We spend alot of our time in the Staff Lounge (gabbly chat) giving birth to cyber babies and having parties ^-^

Thank you for your time dear Steffi! *hugs* I hope everyone enjoyed the interview and thank you for all the hard work you put into the Onigiri. Everyone appreciates it so much. ^^

*hugs* I apologise to everyone for not being more exciting!
*attempts to be mushroomjay* ... Down with Gaia! ^-^

Mini Interviews
Each issue we will do little mini interviews from submitted answers to a question. See the end of these two for you chance to be in Issue 4! ^-^

Issue 3 question: What is your perfect day?

A perfect day for me is sitting in a lawn chair, on the side of the street, throwing beer bottles at baby carriages and cigarette butts at stray lamp posts - not really =S
I cannot really describe this kind of day. I guess, it is whatever makes me feel the happiest, by the time I lay my head on my pillow once more!

Last week was the first week of the 3rd term... let's see... the perfect day was on friday... friday = free day... lol.. because it is the last day for the school day of the week... after school, i need to do my Oral Examination for Mother Tounge, it is Cambridge's GCE 'O' Level... lol... after that exam, i went to do some shopping in town... guess what? i find my long lost favourite food, when i go to japan last 2 years... Dango!!!.. what a perfect day!... i love Japanese food so much... but i dont like miso soup... it is taste weird...

Issue 4 Question: If you could be reborn as another person; who would you choose and why?
PM answers (around 100 words) to The_Onigiri with ‘Mini’ as the title ^-^.
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CR is full of budding artists! Here’s some great submitted work from staff and freelance ^-^

Firstly here’s another profile sketch by Jamehze

The final of the Three Painting Set by x0needlesandguns0x;

A new bimonthly CR comic from Josey;

Origami Snowflake Star - Instructions ~ Edsamac

Would you like to learn how to make a cute snowflake star? The simple instructions are below!

Find the rest of the steps here: Enjoy!
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Solutions to Puzzles by henz_lan

Spot the Differences


A3. The prisoner said; "I shall die slowly over a small fire."

I am afraid that last week's offering was incredibly contrived and to be honest not terribly good. I hang my head in shame as I offer you the answers.

I’m afraid we don’t yet have the answers for puzzles by AmySophamish. We will add them in as soon as we get them! If anyone else managed to work them out; feel free to send the answers to The_Onigiri. Sorry again!
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Brainteasers ~by henz_lan
A bit easier this week!

A mother gives birth to two girls, on the same day, at similar times, in the same year and yet they're not twins. How can this be true?

Can a man in California legally marry his widow's sister? Why?

Spot the Difference ~by Henz_lan
There are five differences. Can you spot them?

Riddles ~by OneZub

Q: If someone came to you and said, “everything I say to you is a lie”. Would he be lying?

Q: If you were running a race, and you passed the person in second place, what position would you be in the race?

Q: Can you name 3 consecutive days without using the words Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday?


1- A: Yes. He is lying by saying ‘everything’ he says is a lie.

2- A: Second. Most people think it’s first place.

3- A: Yes you can. Yesterday, today and tomorrow!
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In your hearts =P
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