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How much money do you spend at a convention?

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the South Bayer
Posted 7/8/19 , edited 7/8/19

I spend the least among all the AX at the convention in the past, and so this AX 2019 , I spend
Concert 45
Exhibit hall stuff about 140.00, food 15.00.

I really didnt want to buy anything

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31 / F
Posted 8/21/19 , edited 8/21/19
I can't remember over the course of the last few years but at a small convention I went to earlier I bought a hat for $25. We're working on getting a little spending money for the big con we're going to in November, but we'll see how that pans out. I don't usually get too much at cons anyway due to a lack of interesting items.
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Posted 8/24/19 , edited 8/24/19
I went to AX last month and it was my first convention. I got lucky because I live close enough that I didn't need a hotel, but I did spend about $40 in parking for both days.

Unfortunately, this was right after a paycheck, and I was so swept up in the spectacle and just seeing merch from stuff I like that I ended up going absolutely ham. It honestly wasn't the Exhibit Hall that shredded my wallet as I thought it would be; it was the Artist Alley.

I'm gonna be at CRX next weekend so I'm taking a few notes from last month. I'm bringing way more cash, for one. I tried to pay for almost everything with card last time and between fraud alerts and card fees it's so not worth it. Secondly, I'm hitting up the Artist Alley much earlier and taking pictures/business cards before buying every little thing that catches my eye. Also, since I'll be there on Sunday, I'll try to catch deals as the con ends instead of impulse buying big ticket items on Friday.
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33 / M
Posted 8/31/19 , edited 8/31/19
Just thinking through my experiences. I'd usually only go to two (or three) conventions, since they are local for me. PAXEast and Anime Boston (and sometimes Fan Expo Boston). So the main thing I pretty much had to pay for are parking tickets and convention badges. (won't be factoring it into the costs.)

For PAXEast, I love collecting Pinny Arcade pins, that alone can set me back at least $50-75, though I also did buy the Mario Kart case (which is $220). And as the gacha luck would have it I was only missing two out of the twelve (which I've traded doubles with friends who had who I needed). I also buy the scarfs every year since 2012 ($35 about). There are also other convention stuff I would get that I wouldn't normally get (like pins from Udon, or the Jill plush from ysbyrd)

For Anime Boston. That'll depend on what series I was into at the time, and a focus on prize figures. I also got into Nesoberis, Nero (Fate/Extra) and Mari (Love Live) (total $60-70 for both). There are also some other various little things, like blind boxes, that my friends has gotten me into. For Artist Alley, one of the artists I would always visit if they are there is the creator of Spinnerette. I think I may have spent at least $200-250 that weekend.

For Fan Expo Boston. I would only go if there is a celebrity I want to see. I think I spent about $100 there.
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F / Montreal, Canada
Posted 9/4/19 , edited 9/4/19
List for total of 1 con in my area (there are A LOT) total is for full weekend from Friday to Sunday that are so close that I do not require hotel. Obviously, if I attend exterior cons like Blizzcon, that's another story $$$
-$72 in parking approx ($24/day)
-Gas, but not enough to fill empty a tank, and since I don't use my car much anymore (just my casual activities, friends, and going to-from bus terminus to commute to work) maybe.... $20
-$40 Food that I buy in advance and make my lunches that I leave in an icebox cooler in my car (indoor parking) and go back to during the con when I get hungry (it's a good way to take a break, although they do allow exterior food at the few cons I am a regular attendee at)4
$0-80 on badge (I staff at most conventions I attend, so I end up not paying my badge, but sometimes I don't work and I don't mind paying). Most cons have a price of $80 for a whole weekend pass
$200-300 on useless merch like pops, plushies, books, shirts, buttons, etc. Mostly from the artist alleys as I like to encourage artists. Yes, pops, books and plushies aren't, but rest mostly is.
-If I make a new cosplay, between $200-700 per cosplay. I do make them myself though.

For bigger cons that are huge like Blizzcon:
-$250 for weekend badge
-$500 round trip flight
-$500 food for a week. Since those cons are far and I have to be at a hotel, I eat mostly in restaurants because some hotels don't have fridge, and if they do they are TINYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. And sometimes they have microwaves, but not all, and no stove so :/
-$3000 for hotel next to con center for a week
-$300-500 on useless merch like t-shirts, plushies, etc. Unfortunately, no artist alley at Blizzcon :(
-$300-500 in shopping in stores and other touristy activities far from con since yes, I often stay a week total, where 4.5 days are non-con days (2 for travel, so 2.5 touristy days where I explore the area, etc.). Includes admittance to activities (like zoo, movie theatre, tourist traps, parking fees/transport
$300 car rental for week
$50 gas
-NOT SLEEP ha! Yeah, who needs sleep during big cons? I can sleep on the 6 hour flight home
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Posted 9/15/19 , edited 9/15/19
Spent about $600.00 at CRX2019 - for tickets/events, parking, food (2 people). I'm local, so no hotel or gas to speak of. About $100.00 or so in merch.....probably about average for me, with the two local cons.
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23 / M
Posted 10/7/19 , edited 10/7/19
Depends on the kind of convention, really. Smaller and more intimate conventions like Con+Alt+Delete, AnimeZAP!, and Kanpai Con are relatively more affordable than the bigger cons. They never go higher than $50 for a weekend and charge as low as $18 for pre-registration. CAD (and the other two cons too, I think) also has unlimited ramen and drinks, so that's cool if you wanna save up on money for food.
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