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[RP] Mages School

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Posted 7/2/07 , edited 7/26/07
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Hi, and welcome to Mages RP. I'm your homeroom teacher Mirwin and welcome to the school of mages. Here we make you the mage you want to be!

Here we teach you all about wizardcraft and magic in general. I'd like for you all to sign these sheets and pass them to me and then you'r officially the student. I'd like for all of you to have great time here studying and training to be the best mage! Also you'll all be granted points if you do great things or answer right on questions. We'll see who has the most points at the end of the year and the one who has gets the "mage jr. of the year" award.

The character sheed should look like this: (And regulations)
Name: Can be anthing but I'd wish no "bob the burner" ect...
Race: Human, Elf, Half-Elf or Halfling
Age: Something between 14-20
Height: no outrageus.
Gender: Male or Female.
Discription: The look of your character. You can put pictures to help.
Mage type: The mage types will be posted below
Equipment: Mages Equipment is very important to put. Including potions, magic items, scrolls, robes, ect...
Weapons: Wand, Staff or any weapon mage would use. Some may use magical swords for casting but rarely.
Spells (seperate element): Like Fireball (Fire)
Bio: Character background and so on.
Additional info: You can describe his/hers personality or anything better.

Mage types: Wizard, Elementalist, Elementalist special (Pyromancer, Aquamancer, Icemancer, Ironmancer, Necromancer, Bloodmancer ect...), Warlock, Sorcerer, Warmage, Battlemage, Cleric, Shaman, Druid, Archmage(not for beginners), Illusionist, Wu Jen, Healer, Summoner. If anything comes to your mind tell me the class.

Spells: Your students that just came to this school so you don't know so many spells.

School & Campus: "The school just got builded and so did the campus. The school has three buildings, the main building, the campus and the arcane tower. The campus is for students to hang out. In the main building is the dining hall, the class rooms and the dungeon. There are four floors the main building. It is forbidden to enter the arcane tower or the door on the right side of the dungeon." For more details ask.

Race: I totally forgot that different races have different aging process. Sorry but let's just say that every race ages the same speed. Won't complicate things.

Ask for any details! And don't mix this to Harry Potter.

Clean character sheet:

Mage type:
Additional info:


Name: Mirwin Silversight

Race: Human

Age: 23

Height: 182 or 6"0

Gender: male


Mage type: Archmage, novice Healer, Novice Time-mage

Equipment: Spell book of the forgotten. Hood of knowloge. Robe of mother nature. mixing potions: Fire, Ice, Lightning. Magical gloves. Scrolls: artificial fire, blink, summon Dante, teleport something.

Weapons: magical gloves.

Spells: Opening charm: Metello Shimerõn.

Burning earth: (Fire)
Shoots burning coals (2, 4, 8, 15 or 20) from palm of your hand. About size of a adults knuckle.

Burning roses: (Fire, wind) (can be delayed)
Shoots fireball shaped like a rose towards enemy.

Thunder sphere: (lightning, mixing potion.)
Mirwin throws a mixing potion to sky and thunder hits it. As that happens about 17 feet wide ball appears and shoots lightnings to the targets caster wishes. Lasts 10 seconds and shoots 15 lightnings max.

shadow drown: (darkness)
Target, that is line of sight and near shadow, starts to exhaust and lose stamina.

Heavenly tuch: (holy) (can be delayed, touch)
As caster casts this and tuches the target. The target bocomes surrounded by white stripes and becomes immobile. Target may not move for shot perioid of time.

Earthly spear from heaven: (holy, earth)(can be delayed)
Casters finger starts to shine and when caster wants he can shoot either, light that paralyzes target and deals damage or light that petrifies the target for perioid of time.

Greeting from the reaper: (darkness)
Illusion that makes the creature to see that he stands in front of the gates of hell.
The creature takes mental damage that can kill the creature.

Handshake from the reaper: (darkness) (mass)
red portal appears behind the caster and shoots blades from it.
The blades continue to shoot unless the caster stops the spell or he runs out of mana.
the blades vanish after they have hitted something.

Defencive and rest:
Watery chamber: (water, wind)
Creates a bubble to defend the caster. Caster may not cast within the bubble but can prepeare various things.

Hevenly gates from hell: (holy, darkness)
Heals every effect (paralyze, sleep, petrify, zombie, KO ect...) and heals almost every wound.

Levitate: (Wind)
Caster is able to go to airborne without broom.
Only Archmage can master this.

-Master of basic arcane: Open easy/medium magical lock, levitate light/medium objects, Detect weak mana (the weaker the harder to detect), light (eyesight, torches, candles. Anything that helps to see in the dark)

-Journeyman of using broom.

Bio: Mirwin was born in noble family and he was very talented from the moment he was born. He lived his youth with his mother who thought him to cast. He got out from the magic school and was one of the best and that's why he became teacher at such young age. He's been teachin at this school for two years now.

Additional info: He never liked fighting but at the time it was inveritable he fought without holding back. Mirwin is usually cheery and happylike but can be really serious sometimes.
Posted 7/2/07 , edited 7/2/07

Name: Senna Edelfelt
Race: Half-Elf
Age: 17
Height: Who cares.
Gender: Female
Mage type: Warlock?
Equipment: Broom, her hat stores potions/etc, black magic books, a special invisibility robe, & she has a "Lunar Magic" glove that makes her magic more powerful--particularly black magic.
Weapons: Staff/hands/magic ? O.O
Spells: Her magic is mostly black magic, but nothing is particularly “evil”. (Lol, can't think of any more, if I can, I'll just pretend that she learns it. =P)
-(The basic of magic e.g. unlocking doors, blah blah blah.)
Opening Charm - "Metrion Zinthos" (???)
Body Switch - The caster switches body with target(human or creature). Works for about 30 minutes. The caster's body does not move, but is still alive, so the caster must be careful that nothing happens to body, or else he/she will die. Takes a lot of magic.
Shadow Bolt - Sends a shadowy bolt at the enemy
Hellfire - Ignites the area surrounding the caster, causing fire damage to the caster and all nearby enemies. This is a good spell to use when surrounded, but its effects will stay. The caster can kill himself/herself if he/she is not careful. The caster may have to use a potion to stay alive.
Gaav Flare -
Gaav Flare is a firey dark magic attack. Similar to Fire Ball except that it's stronger.
Amplification -
Incantation: "Lord of darkness of the four worlds, grant me all the power that you posses."
Amplification spells can be used to increase the power of the user's next attack. However, it requires magical talismans to perform.
Telekinesis - …I’m not even going to explain this one.
Prayer of Healing - This is a powerful spell that will make the person very weak after casting it. It heals one targeted person or the caster.
Doombolt -A bolt of black fire bursts from the caster's palm and streaks toward an enemy up to 18 spaces away, to which the caster has complete line of sight. Also makes the person very weak after using it.
(Though remember, she is not the best all these)
Bio: Her mother was an elf, while her father was a human. Both their families hated the other, so went “mini-war” on each other. Her mother & father loved each other so much, they died together. Gasp. They both died when Senna was 6. After that, she went to live with her elf aunt. Her aunt wanted her to stay at home, to be “normal”, but Senna wanted to learn magic. Her aunt had forbidden her to learn magic, especially black magic, but she ignored her anyway. Year after year, she learned more & mored, & eventually her aunt gave in, & sent her to a mage school. But because she knew black magic, & was always alone, many people didn’t talk to her, & mostly they hated her. She is still trying to learn black magic.
Additional info:
-Personality: Senna is the loner at school. She thinks a lot, & she puts a lot to school. Many times she will skip classes so she can make her potions. From the outside, she looks fragile & gentle, but if anyone dares to get her ticked off, just by a little, you do not want to see it. If she chooses to speak, she will prolly be sarcastic. She usually doesn’t do anything, she locks herself in her room. Rarely anyone sees her happy, cheery side. Although she does not talk, she knows everything that goes on around her. Like gossip & such. If she doesn’t know, she will know. (Ok, to adjectives!) Intelligent, sly, cunning, quiet, independent, short-tempered, merciless, & gets jealous easily. She enjoys reading, writing, & playing the violin. She hates dresses, bugs, & people who talk too much.
*Sigh* My profiles are always too long. >_<’’ **Bump
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M / London
Posted 7/2/07 , edited 7/2/07
Name: denkou tori
Race: half shadow elf
Age: 17
charm: let my lightning spring fourth from the fea and pain of my enemies
Height: 5"9"
Gender: male
Mage type:ilisionsoist / warlock(curses only) / lightiningmancer
Equipment: a smal book of spells kept around his neck and a small magic pouch its bigger inside much bigger stors potions and herbs
Weapons: a enchaned elfen dagger past down his genorations and some gunlets that contain the same propertes as a wand or staff
nightmare box- an ilusion that displays the victims worst fears
doom curse : sowly and painfuly injurs the subject over a peariod of time
white lightning: pretty much the same as the bleach move a small bolt of white lightninng i sent out of finger tips percing enemies body
lighting ball: creates all masive ball of lightning from hands and sends it at oponent this needs charging
torture: amixture of a curse and a ilusion the enmie sit in a chair and feels extreme pain for hours if use alot of arcane/ mana ( what ever you call magic power)but if enimie stays in to long they will die
lighting room: a mixture of a lightning move and ilusion eniie sitsin a chair and is electricuted
ilusion clone: creates clones but they are only iluions
insanity curse: makes the victim isain over a period of time
slow curse: slow the victims move ments by 10%
stealth: a race move uses no mana gies a bit invisible
lightning ball barge: sends out a barage of smaller lightning balls also need charging
lightning: his weakest lightning move lightning is shot out of all fingers and electrutes enimes
denkou also has two racial abiltys shadow witch is a low level stealth techniqe and wiap witch is emergency defensive manuvire witch leaves denkou without ofense

learned spells

corrupt: curse for distraction
demolish:curse for causing instant damage
polute: curse for causing damage over time
lost sorow: causes more damage the more hatred the person has for the victim

( to lightning manipluators please remeer this you can not manipluatemy lightning that is all)

Bio: being half elf he was always taller than everbody else he grew up with his father and he wondered if his mother was more like him so he went on a quest foun his mother also found his elfen acestory already knowing the magic oflightning from hs father he learn ed ilusions and from his new found mother he egamemore and more like a elf and when his mother passed away he inherited his mothers uniqe items
Additional info: denkou will never leave a freand behind and he can make freands easily heis caring and willdo anything to protect the ones close to him
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24 / F / online
Posted 7/2/07 , edited 7/2/07
ill edit later

Name: eva

Race: elf

Age: 14


Gender: female


Mage type: Sorceress, novic healer

Equipment: potions

Weapons: staf

Spells: healing angel(heales a srvear ingery)

water slash(uses water to cut an enimy)

charm: mada mada dana

Bio: goes wondering around after her parents die she learns how to control her magic from them she goes looking for a school to help her advence her magic, she has two people in her body her self and an evil self

Additional info: never throws the first atack and mostly defends but atacks when needed
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M / Visor Lair
Posted 7/2/07 , edited 7/2/07
Name: Zane
Race: Elf
Age: 17
Height: 6.0
Gender: male
Mage type:elementalist special (whatever you would call a light user)
Equipment: Book of Light, Potions of Mage power, Scrolls of various light spells, Gloves of the Shining Beacon: increase light abilities.
Weapons: Short sword
Spells: (all light) Create Light, Ray of Light, Beam of Light, Blade of Light.
Bio: Zane is more of an outsider. Zane was sent to learn more about the mages and their powers. Zane has always had the abilities of light but they were low at first and have been increasing. Zane wants to know how to use and control his powers fully.
Additional info: Zane is cold and emotionless. Zane won't normally let others get close to him.
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24 / F / Here? There? Who...
Posted 7/2/07 , edited 7/2/07
Name: Rela

Race: Elf

Age: 17

Height: 5" 9'

Gender: Female


Mage Type: summoner

Equiptment: wand, herbs and stuff like that (for summon spells I think :sweatingbullets:)

Wepon: Bow and arrows

opening charm-"Soushi bantan Kouseitan'i"
koumajutsu okibi-summons a fire monster

learned spells:
pollute-dot (damage over time) curse
corrupt-distraction curse
demolish-instant damage curse
concentrate-strengthen mind and will
refresh-curse lifter

Bio: She found her power when she was very little and began training so that she could control it. After she had conrol over her power she was trained as a warrior because of her strength. She always fancied a bow and arrows so for her 13 birthday her family gave her one that would grow with her.

Additional Info: She is part of the royal family but doesn't like to bring it up. Most of the time she would live in a small house in the woods away from the castle. When it was her turn to become queen she turned it down.
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24 / F / online
Posted 7/2/07 , edited 7/2/07
where do youfind the pics
Posted 7/2/07 , edited 7/2/07
Use (:
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M / London
Posted 7/2/07 , edited 7/2/07
so how mutch ppl do we need ?
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26 / F
Posted 7/2/07 , edited 7/2/07
name: Fate sakura
race: unknown
height: 5"2

mage type: elmental
equitment: staff, magic scrolls, earrings and necklace with unknown magical abilities
abilities: can control earth, fire,water,air, and lighning
bio: Fate is very likeable and popular but is very distant from everyone except her best friend. Her past is unknown but she has always been with her best friend!
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26 / M / Canada, Vancouver
Posted 7/2/07 , edited 7/2/07
Name:Cassie Hatooko
Mage type:Cleric, Warmage
Equipment:Healing Potions, Scrolls of reserection, Book Of Healing Volume III, Book Of War Volume I and II, Boots of Speed
Weapons:Blue Glowing Staff and a dagger in a little pocket in her right shoe
blades of hell: Two Katana's appear with a hellish look

Strike of a thousand stones: A lot a stone appear and fly towards the enemy

Posion Cloud: unleases a posionious cloud in the area

Heal Wounds II: heal's small to medium wounds

Heal Bones: heals broken bones

Shield Of Arrah: a blue shield appear blocking the attack

Open charm:"Magicus othesio"

Bio:This girl was found on the street by a person, the person took her in and raised her up to be a normal kid, but the person did not know that this girls parents wehre great mages from the takeshi War. at the age of 12 This Girl unknowingly exploded in angry and unleased hell on her bullies at school turning them into pulverised dust. from then she was abandoned and she roamed around the world.
Additional info:Kind and easily ticked out
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28 / M / In my mind fighti...
Posted 7/2/07 , edited 7/2/07
Name: Lucia
Race: elf
Age: 18
Height: 5’6
Gender: male
Discription: and i'm the guy
Mage type: Pyromancer
Equipment: magic items, scrolls, robes,
Weapons: huge ass blade
Spells: Fireball, firewall, fire rain
Bio: will come up with it soon
Additional info: just loves to have fun and put thing on fire but can be mean and rude at most times

"feel the heat of my spells!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
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Posted 7/2/07 , edited 7/2/07
Name: Zax'S
Race: Elf/Human
Age: 50
Height: 5'11
Gender: Male
Mage type: Time Mage, Dreamweaver, Minor Pyromancer
Equipment: Magical Armour, Spell Book Ragnarok.
Weapons: Scimitar
Spells: Silence, Teleporation. Time Reversal, Futuresight, Dream Weave, Fire gauntlet
Bio: He's been through alot. Half-bloods don't get great treatment.
Additional info: He has issues
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Posted 7/3/07 , edited 7/3/07
Man cames to classroom where every new student had arrived.
Mirwin: "Hello and welcome. My name is Mirwin and I'll be your new homeroom teacher.
I see that quite a bunch of you has gathered here today. Here we won't put you to class according to your age but according when you came here. Since you all came the same year you'll be on the same class. Here I'll give you all new spellbooks. This will be your deadliest weapon ever and your lifesaver." The book has really hard cover and is quite huge. There is enough pages to write a lifestory.
"Now I'll tell you the basics of wizardcraft so listen up. As we know mages hardly ever fights in close combat. We are the ones on the back line acting as a heavy artillery. Every mage would like to have some sort of magic weapon when he or she travels because if mage casts a spell unarmed with anything magical he's power is halved from the normal power and thus it is possible that the spell doesn't even succeed.
Now I'd like that all of you would invent you own opening charm. This charm is usually few words long and something that comes naturally from you. It is very important to have and to remember. Opening charm rises the chance for the spell to succeed and put the last spice on it. Without it you can't delay spells nor stack spells. If you are interested mine is Metello Shimerõn. So any questions?"
Posted 7/3/07 , edited 7/3/07
Senna's hand went up slowly.
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