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Posted 4/17/15 , edited 4/17/15
Is this series airing bi-weekly? if it's not, then shouldn't there have been an episode today at 8am? The announcement on ANN regarding CR streaming it seems to say it is airing weekly as well, but a friend of mine said he saw it on Amazon, with new episodes scheduled bi-weekly.

I noticed that nothing seems to be mentioned about Sailor Moon Crystal's series page about it only airing on the first and third Saturdays of each month, but ANN, at least, has that one reported correctly.

It just seems to me that both of these series schedule line above the synopsis should say "Simulcast on Saturdays 3:00am PDT (1st & 3rd Saturday of each month)" and "Simulcast on Fridays 8:00am PDT (Bi-weekly)" or something like that, right?
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Posted 4/21/15 , edited 4/21/15
Unfortunately, you're right. Soul of Gold is scheduled to air bi-weekly. I'm not sure why they don't indicate that this show is only going to air biweekly (Bandai is streaming biweekly in Japan as well, so I think it's safe to say that that's there won't be weekly releases for it on CR). Maybe because it's set to air this way from start to finish, rather than being due to a production delay (in which case, you'd see a message on the series page notifying of this).

For what it's worth, the release calendar accurately depicts it as biweekly, though you're right that they should show that on the series page as well.
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