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Posted 2/4/08 , edited 2/5/08 Use this thread... hmm i haven't use that function yet so no idea.
Posted 2/4/08 , edited 2/5/08

Akira-Ami wrote:

Umm how do you add a video to your profile?
(Not the url)

I'm going to repost what I said in the support thread:

use this tag..

(remove the *)

In between the tags put the video ID. The ID can be found at the end of the video's url. Such as..

The id for that video is 49556 so you would put [crvideo*]49556 and that would become this:

This works for both profiles and post.

Hope that helps and for future reference, you are not supposed to post new threads in this section.
Posted 2/4/08 , edited 2/5/08
^ Yepp, this should be in the Site Support/Help (Ask technical questions here) thread.

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