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Posted 5/17/08 , edited 5/18/08

romeoxjuliet wrote:

GONZO,arguably the anime industry's worst anime studio brought you an anime adapted from an excellent manga,Chrono Crusade.

The animation is pretty good,and the soundtrack is good too.Tsubasa wa Pleasure Line remains as one of my top ten best anime songs.The seiyuus did a pretty good job,and i must praise them.

Moving on to the plot,this is basically about Rosette and Chrono who works for Order of Magdalene that helps wipe out demonic threat in America.And then of course,there is the primary antagonist,Aion.It is pretty well balanced,with humour along with some hardcore action.Along that,you also get some love love vibes from chrono and rosette.

Rosette's ultimate mission is to search for her brother,Joshua who has been missing for years after an incident.Despite acting clumsy,rough,shameless and loud,Rosette is actually a nice girl.Her interaction with Chrono is also amusing at times.Although they constantly bicker,it is pretty obvious that they care for each other deeply.

Chrono on the other hand,is a demon who find himself an outcast.The thing is,although he is a demon,he doesn't want to act like one and just want to remain with Rosette.On the other hand,a demon is generally despised by humans.So you see,he is not accepted by both worlds.But Rosette accepted him for who he is,not what he is.Chrono used to be a high ranking demon,but decided to break off his connection with Aion after some time.

The plot built up nicely until the ultimate battle with Aion.The ending sucks for Joshua and Father Remington,as their fates strayed far from what is portrayed in the manga.I think GONZO did no justice to them.Basically,i have no complaints about Rosette and Chrono's ending,as i think it is a beautiful one,although sad.At least they can be together,though i have no idea whether Chrono eneters hell or heaven.But i think the ending for these two are better than the manga.

If you want an anime that is filled with actions and some humour,Chrono Crusade is the answer.But don't expect much from the ending.The last five minutes is going to leave you cursing the screen.

The anime was very decent and one best i seen. I enjoy that there was action in the background, unlike shows like naruto. One other thing i would love to point is the ending. the ending leaves and opening for more. Well most people don't see but chrono doesn't offical die. If you all remember he is but into a somber when hes first benifactor perishes. So there is opening for alot more to happen.
Also i would like to note that there is special eplogue chapter to the manga. Where the happy ending finally happens. The manga provide more closure to the fans.
Finally i would like to say that this an anime and manga that has the best chances to make a lot of fanfiction.
I suppose the ending is left to the fans.

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Posted 6/9/08 , edited 6/9/08
One of the anime's I've watched with a very sad ending.But still a very good anime.
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