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how do u lyk question tat have no ans? or even ans tat u can cook? LOL...
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Posted 7/3/07 , edited 7/3/07

Xrn_the_Nigma wrote:

k8c4faej wrote:

here's one(err... more then one) for u...

1. wat do u call a male ladybird?
2.does octopus have hands or legs?
3.why is snow white but ice clear?
4. if an earthquake on earth is call earthquake(duh!), wat do u call one on mars??

go ahead and blur urself out!!! XD

1. Stupid question, you still call them Ladybirds or Ladybugs
2. An octopus doesn't have hand or legs, they are called tentacles and they act as both
3. Snow appears to be white to the eyes but if you look through a microscope they appear clear and ice is clear because let's see, well water is clear and what happens to it when it freezes? It becomes clear.
4. On Mars they would call it an earthquake due to the fact that Earthquake actually refers to the ground or soil. Not because it happens on the planet Earth.

same as above...

-i have heard about moonquake... check it out in wikipedia.. lol..
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Posted 7/3/07 , edited 7/3/07
This is a duplicate thread.

Questions you never get the answer to

Please refere to the above thread in correct english spelling ^_^
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