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Post Reply Cassiopeia Won The Guinness World Record!
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Posted 2/24/08 , edited 2/24/08

Tashi_Chan wrote:

Cassiopeia, DBSK’s Official fanclub consist of over 800,000 OFFICIAL members recently been recorded in The Guinness World Record Book of 2008!

We are not even half through 2008 but things Cassiopeia have done so far in 2008 *cough money cough they cough spent cough so far* I guess was enough to give the world’s record book the rest in mind that no other fan club will even come close to beating them up for the rest of the year!

Checkout some of the Cassiopeia’s Birthday gifts to their Jaejoong/Yunho oppas!

For the full list of the Birthday gifts Click Here!

No wonder SM doesn’t give a damn to those poor E.L.Fs
I won’t get surprised if SM ends up asking Cassiopeia to be their shareholder LOL!
The way it goes seems like they can even buy Lee Soo Man!

Credit: Cassiopeia HK + + [email protected]
Source for ShenYuePop: Ochib
Credit for ShenYue!

I just thought I would share this information with everybody. I think it is AMAZING that DBSK has such wonderful fans. I am proud to be a part of Cassiopeia! Love DBSK Forever!

LOL,I thought that 800,000 is only in korea???LOL,other artists cant beat them!!!specially if they add the non-official cassiopeia....They are soo cool!!!

Can I ask you guys something?
How can you be an official cassiopeia?and how does it work?(sorry new to DBSK!!!)
Posted 3/10/08 , edited 3/10/08
"LETS12PLAY"...i was wonderin the same do u become an official cassiopeia?..n replyin 2 the thread..WOOT WOOT GO US GO US..THERE AINT NO FANS LYK THE DBSK FANS...BRAPPPPPPPPP..
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