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Posted 6/24/15 , edited 6/24/15
By: Dai_Loli, Eclipsed_Oblivion, moonhawk81, Koda89

You know that sinking feeling you get when you hesitate to hit Play on the new episode of an anime you love because that means you’ll be an episode closer to the end? Scroll down to read about which shows gave us that feeling during Spring 2015 season.

My Top 5:


After slimming down my choices for Spring 2015, I still had about 10 shows to select from. Hard calls had to be made, an indication that last season was pretty damn good!

5. Hello!! KINMOZA
Standing up there with K-On! and Non Non Biyori as my favorite animes where nothing happens, Hello!! KINMOZA delivered the goods something fierce this season. The addition of the new teacher, Kuzehashi, who gives everyone the wrong impression with her serious mannerisms when she’s actually in love with her students leads to a ton of great moments with the whole cast. I’ll also never tire of the one-sided romance between Aya and Youko.

4. Kuroko's Basketball
The winter season of Kuroko’s Basketball left me a bit cold, to be honest (no pun intended). I felt like it was all action and no substance, the matches lacked emotional weight and I didn’t care much about whatever happened. With this spring season, though, we were treated to a handful of episodes detailing Kuroko’s past as he joined the Generation of Miracles and how it all went to hell, which was a perfect primer for the epic final match. I’m hyped up all over again!

3. Tesagure! Bukatsumono
I was very vocal about my love for GDGD Fairies back when it came out, especially the parts where the voice actresses were basically doing improv. It was quirky, random and fresh. It’s no surprise, then, that a show where about 10 characters take turns doing ad-lib skits, record themselves going to an actual zoo, a haunted house or even get together for a whole game of Werewolf blew my mind and splattered it all over the proverbial wall. Don’t let the so-so 3D look deter you from giving it a go!

2. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders - Battle in Egypt
Feels good to be back into the thick of things after a season of rather silly villains and humorous episodes. The gang finally makes it to Dio’s hideout, battle it out with his personal guards and finally face the head honcho. The speaker-destroying sound of Dio using his Stand’s power (no spoilers!) always gets me giddy.

1. Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma
Oh man, you guys remember Yakitate!! Japan? Anime about a guy making bread that was ridiculously good? Well, there is now a new contender for “Best cooking anime”, right here. Seemingly impossible challenges are constantly thrown at Soma, yet he always manages to ace them and makes whoever tastes his dishes, euhm… Well, let’s just say they really like them. He’s basically the Kenshiro of cooking, and I thoroughly appreciate every minute of it.

You expected Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, but it was me, Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma!

My Top 5:


New titles and continuing series alike dominated spring 2015, all more than enough to make up for the sluggishness of last season. Ranging from comedy to drama and from action to romance, the spring 2015 anime lineup had something to offer for everyone, but a few stood out from the rest.

#5. My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU TOO!

The central conflict of this romantic comedy is, surprisingly, the contrasting ideologies between philosophically deep characters, as well as the search for what makes a relationship real. This creates a darker comedy than usual, but one that is not only thought-provoking, but develops its characters enough to make their emotional moments matter. This is while subtly building romantic potential upon the protagonist’s friendships to make any of them seem like they could naturally evolve into romance.

#4. Sound! Euphonium

Another Kyoto Animation series involving hoards of cute girls, Sound! Euphonium portrays these girls as realistic band students rather than moe caricatures by capturing their hard work and passion for their instruments. As usual for the studio, Sound! Euphonium has high quality animation, but the series also has beautiful shots and animation sequences to immerse its audience into its world.

#3. Fate/stay night

While Fate/stay night’s second season continues to have fantastic animation and battle sequences, it also improves significantly on its first season. Its story intensifies through not only escalating conflict and heightened consequences, but intertwining this with the main character’s development. This improved character development for all the characters is what pushes Fate/stay night from being just a prettily animated series into an emotionally powerful, epic anime.

#2. MY love STORY!!

Even for those who typically avoid shojo anime, MY love STORY!! is immediately captivating, starting with its beautifully animated, fantasy introduction. The series skips the tedious shojo tropes like miscommunication, instead exploring the emotional highs and lows of both friendship and romance. It also remains engrossing through how hilarious it is, partially due to its depiction of non-traditional shojo characters — burly men aren’t usually the protagonists of shojo anime — and the characters' innocence as they experience first love.

#1. Gintama

Crude and heartwarming at the same time, Gintama’s third season is quirkier than ever, constantly breaking the fourth wall and pushing both ethical and copyright boundaries to their limits. The times Gintama does take itself seriously seem more meaningful as a result, allowing its large cast to develop to the point that they can carry several episodes without the protagonist. For laughter, tears, and intriguing social commentary, don’t miss out on Gintama!

My Top 5:


5) Plastic Memories
Back to a classic sci-fi question: At what point do beings created in human image become enough like us to actually be considered human? Viewers are introduced to a society in which androids have been given synthetic souls, becoming truly autonomous beings. We then watch the struggles of the android Isla (and her friends) as she confronts her own mortality as well as mirrored images of today's societal struggles. What is life? What is death? What are our responsibilities towards each other? So many questions, so many feels!

4) Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?
Bell Cranel is a young Adventurer who wants to make a name for himself and help provide for his patron goddess Hestia. To do so, however, he must enter a dungeon and fight monsters--probably not the best career plan. This show has monsters, magic, humor, romance. . .and even a little bit of adventure! But what really sucked me in was the camaraderie between characters. These are friends you can count on!

3) Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma
Soma has spent his whole life under the tutelage of his father in their family restaurant, planning to one day inherit the business. So he is shocked and dismayed when his father closes the restaurant and enrolls him in a prestigious culinary school full of snooty students. However, he is also quick to recognize a chance to push himself! Partnered with a failing student, Soma nonetheless sets out to take top honors. A delicious cooking show built around real recipes!

2) Re-Kan!
Amami sees and communicates with ghosts, helping them express themselves to the living. This unique ability (inherited from her deceased mother) does, however, tend to complicate her own life and those of her father and friends. Still, she remains generous and compassionate in the use of her gift, helping as she can. Just beware of those onion ninjas--while the series begins lightheartedly, latter episodes carry real emotional punch.

1) Sound! Euphonium
Slice-of-life at its finest! A high school band rebuilds after self-destructing the year before, and we experience the process by following four high school freshmen as they join band and are initiated into its workings and politics. Also newly arrived, however, is their music teacher/band advisor, who institutes sweeping changes and challenges his students to prove their worth. Characters and situations both are believable and honestly portrayed, and it is this [sense of] realism that carries the show. As good as this viewing season has been, Sound! Euphonium was easily my favorite program!

My Top 5:


This was a great season. I might go as far as to say it was too great of a season, as there was just too many series for me to keep up with on a weekly basis due to my schedule this season. As a result I've had to put a record high amount of series on hold to save them for the barren wasteland that is the transitional week between seasons where practically nothing is airing. Even with me culling numbers in that manner it was still pretty hard to settle on just five shows to form my five favorites list, so I had to further narrow things by focusing on shows that were ending this season and not continuing on well into the Summer 2015 season.


PUNCH LINE may have gotten off to a bit of a rocky start, but once the series shows its true colors, it gripped me and never let go. The overall mystery permeating throughout the show was more than enough to keep me coming back week after week. It may not be the best work from everyone involved, but it is still a very solid experience.

4) Hello!! KINMOZA

KINMOZA was one of the more surprising series I saw in 2013, being just a genuinely feel good slice of life show. The second season continues with the show's signature trait of being a half hour of warm and fuzzy cuteness overload. Everyone needs a nice little cool down show like this as part of their seasonal lineup.


Speaking of surprising series, ETOTAMA came out of nowhere for me. It is a hilarious show with some rather clever jokes, at the expense of the fourth wall. On top of that, ETOTAMA has some absolutely stunning CGI animation sequences that are bar none the best CGI I've seen in an anime TV series, with only a very select amount of anime films having better CGI. This show is an absolute treat and I just wished it was more popular.

2) Sound! Euphonium

KyoAni has had a bit of a spotty record as of late, depending on who you ask. So I was less enthused going into this show than I usually am when starting a new KyoAni series. Needless to say I was worrying too much. Sound! Euphonium is a phenomenal show. From the animation, to the sound(the fact that they went through the effort to even record people playing badly for authenticity speaks volumes), to the characters, Sound! Euphonium shines in virtually every area. The only real cause for concern is the pacing, in that the series has massive amounts of set up, but so far very little payoff.

1) JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders - Battle in Egypt

Ah, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, where the hell have you been all my life? JoJo's is far and away my favorite shonen battle franchise. It takes everything I love about the genre, and turns it up to 11. The Battle in Egypt part of the Stardust Crusaders arc goes even further, as things get more over the top, fun, campy, badass and yes, bizarre. As the stakes get higher, the awesome quotient of the series also increases, culminating in the long awaited clash with the man with the plan, Dio Brando. While maybe not my favorite overall arc in the series, Stardust Crusaders was still a very enjoyable experience that I will greatly miss. Now I just wait for news about the fourth JoJo's arc.

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Posted 6/25/15 , edited 6/26/15
Really no love for Wish Upon The Pleaides? I'm surprised - the show went FAR beyond its original remit as a car advert, to the point where it really gives Interstellar a run for its money in the advanced cosmology department while actually managing to have touching friendship, romance and drama without ever spoiling the playful feel of the show. Also it was damn pretty to look at.
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Posted 6/26/15 , edited 6/26/15
Wish Upon does deserve mention for... not blatantly being a Subaru marketing ploy, but it personally didn't hook me. I had enjoyed the OVA back when it aired and I felt that would have been plenty. If anything, blame the fact that there were way too many good animes this season
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Posted 6/26/15 , edited 6/26/15
I also love Wish Upon the Pleiades, and agree that it became something special. But so did ETOTAMA. Truth is, I really needed a Top 8--after all, there was also Hello!! KINMOZA. . .
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Posted 6/27/15 , edited 6/28/15

mistersaxon wrote:

Really no love for Wish Upon The Pleaides? I'm surprised - the show went FAR beyond its original remit as a car advert, to the point where it really gives Interstellar a run for its money in the advanced cosmology department while actually managing to have touching friendship, romance and drama without ever spoiling the playful feel of the show. Also it was damn pretty to look at.

moonhawk81 wrote:

I also love Wish Upon the Pleiades, and agree that it became something special. But so did ETOTAMA. Truth is, I really needed a Top 8--after all, there was also Hello!! KINMOZA. . .

Wow, I dropped it after ep. 1 because while a (welcome) return to less angsty mahou shojo, it seemed to be nothing remarkable, so if it became something nice, that is pleasant.

This topics are nice for giving some anime a new look!
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