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Posted 2/6/08 , edited 2/6/08
Pumpkin Scissors is set 3 years after a war (shown in the prologue) where the Empire in question is suffering from starvation, plagues, bandits (formerly soldiers), though all this pain is felt by the lower-class common people, whereas the nobles live luxurious and wasteful lifestyles without caring for the plight of others.

Some nobles even become eccentric and bored enough to do crazy things, like hunt townspeople for sport, initiate drug operations and otherwise bad stuff that affect those who cannot help themselves.

Enter Pumpkin Scissors, the war relief group set up by the military to aid those who suffer from the effects of the war. Led by their underage, idealistic noble Lieutenant Alice L. Malvin (who thankfully has character development), they go on journeys to arrest insane nobles, cultists and bandits and bring help to the common folk.

Their problem is, no one takes them seriously; the other sections of the military thinks they're a joke and the people think that they're just some handout group. But the good lieutenant ignores it all and goes helping people, with the aid of semi-suicidal, really tall Corporal Randel Oland and some other guys, they kick some ass and bust some tanks.

The art is excellent, character designs good (though the military uniforms remind me of FMA a bit), the story plot is unique, in a good way. The ending though, is a bit confusing, as the story doesn't seem to have stopped there and there might be another season.
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Posted 2/6/08 , edited 2/6/08
I really liked this serieother than that it was really good.s until the end where it just kinda said "well were done now" and left the evil organazation alone, but
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