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Posted 7/10/15 , edited 7/10/15
Lately I've been very uncharacteristic of myself because I like a show as cutesy as Himouto! Umaru-Chan. I like the art style, I like the story, and I especially like the intro which is catchy just because it's so darn cute. But what I'm seeing from reviews of the show is that they're harshly critical right from the get go. What I've concluded is that many are expecting a show that they're not really going to get. This show isn't going to make you think. It's not profound and it most certainly does not have a message to send. You won't be speeding home from work or waking up early to immediately watch the new episode but it's fun nonetheless.

I'm going to respond to one review that I read (whose author I will not mention) that asks why the female protagonist, and namesake of the show, wasn't given a tragic backstory to explain her personality and overall lazy lifestyle. And to that I would say, it's too early. I haven't read the manga so I don't know how it goes, but introducing that kind of backstory so early into the show would mark a clear and abrupt tonal shift to what the show is about. Basically, it would be awkward and the rest of the season just wouldn't be as entertaining as a consequence.

I'm actually quite happy I added the show to my queue. I almost shied away by the cover art but was immediately surprised by what I found.

Please feel free to post your own ideas and opinions below.
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