Help me Doctor Mil, Choose the anime for me! PART1
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Posted 2/6/08 , edited 2/6/08
Just for the reader's information, I go by the name Mil in other forums, dont run and say I stole this cuz I am the original and the only owner of this show, yes its more like a show , also.. if you want to post this in another site, please ask before you do it, its only nice of you to do so, dont worry, am a nice guy, I will always accept, just asking that you be nice too and talk to me first.
Also this is not a repeated Topic, its not just a recommendation, its my own analysis after watching the shows listed below, and its my own.. nothing similar to any explanation on this site nor other sites, its 100% my mind now lets start the show!


There are many anime out there, and they consume time, this topic is to guide ppl to some good anime instead of wasting their time to dig some good stuff from the bad ones. We dont live forever you know lol.

This topic MAY lead you to some interesting anime to watch, choosing an anime at the end is hard because it all depends on tastes, different people like different anime for different reasons.

HOWEVER, what I will list here are some unique anime (a MUST see ones) with more possiblity that almost all people will like it
I will avoid listing anime with too many episodes that reaches 2k plus.. i mean 200 ofcourse lol, like Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, or any well-known anime like Samurai X (Kenshin is too bloody, dont show this infront of your small innocent kids ), or Yu-gi-oh (Pokemon-like but you need to gather cards, think Aces and 2 Jokers lol j/k, its a great show), and some other well-known TV anime shows.

You may list your interests in anime, in other words, what you seek in anime, things that if you dont find it in some anime, then you just dont watch them.. that will help me suggest some anime specifically for you, however, if you want to simply just comment, do it in my profile page, or send me a message.. please keep the topic as clean as possible so that its easier for me to organize. I thank you in advance.

MC: Anyway, let us start on our topic and enough with the introduction part!
Doctor Mil: Hey! but I want to talk more here...
Doctor Mil: ...sorry O_O;

Total Episodes: 26

Story: Our middle-aged Hero lost all his memory, he cant even remember his name, he wears a devil-like mask on his face that he cant remove for some unknown reason. He starts in a village, but soon all that changes around him, he is the leader of an army with too many great warriors around him and lots of wars to win.

Type: if you like and watch anime for a good story, some action in wars, social moments as well, and some fun episodes as well.. then you must see this.

Doctor Mil's Opinion: It is very unique, the characters are lovable and the story is just too good, most ppl will like this one.. in short, This anime is a MUST see.

Hell Girl (Jigoku Shoujo << Japanese title)
Total Episodes: 26

Story: A girl from Hell, she helps ppl get revenge if they send the name of the one they hate to her on her online site, and the site only opens at midnight 12:00 sharp, Hell girl will kill the one you want but in return, when you die, your soul will be taken to Hell without any judgement, and without any chance of seeing Heaven.

Type: Horror, very scary when you imagine yourself in 1 of those 26 episodes.. I suggest you dont show this to small children or any weak-heart person, just to be safe, even if you think it is not that scary.

Doctor Mil's Opinion: My hair jumps when I watch this anime, it is very realistic, an image of our real life problems and a lesson to all of us that shows how to live your life the right way, you will like it more when the male hero of this anime arrives to put a stop to all this Hell Girl system! simply I give this anime 5 stars.. in short, This anime is a MUST see.

Mujin Wakusei SURVIVE
Total Episodes: 52

Story: An adventure of 7 children and a cat robot who are living in the future, where ppl live on other planets with more advanced technology, and the planet we call Earth is no longer green.. Life goes on however, those 7 kids will get lost on a planet with no possible way to contact their colony, their struggle to survive begins!

Type: Adventure in general, suitable and entertaining for all, from kids to adults.

Doctor Mil's Opinion: this anime is a "Masterpiece", it is simply AMAZING, the characters' personalities are really that great, and the story can never get better than this! simply I give this 5 stars.. in short, This anime is a MUST see.

Erementar Gerad
Total Episodes: 26

Story: There goes our normal kid hero with nothing special about him, he meets a girl that is in fact some kind of a powerful human from a unique tribe, this girl accepts our hero and helps him out by fusing with the little hero, he gets stronger when fused with her, our hero promised himself he will get stronger so he can protect the girl and others as well from the bad guys.

Type: Adventure, Fantasy, and some action now and then.

Doctor Mil's Opinion: this anime is nice, shows how strong a relationship can be and also how pure characters are cool lol.. well, I cant promise anything but most ppl will probably like this one.. in short, It is an above average anime.

Samurai 7
Total Episodes: 26

Story: the story of 7 samurai who took a stand to defeat the undefeatable force of bandits organization, to protect weak and poor ppl from all the bad things that organization did to them.

Type: Action, Drama, and some little comedy in some episodes.

Doctor Mil's Opinion: Dont expect a "happy ending", this anime is a burst of courage and a show of bravery, some promising action, but not TOO much action, the story takes 75% of the time in all the episodes, but it is still an interesting well-made anime.. in short, It is an above average anime.

Fruits Basket
Total Episodes: 26

Story: A normal girl as the main character in this show, meets with some ppl that turns into animals?, soon she finds herself living with them instead of freaking out lol, but there is a big problem and needs someone to solve it.. it all starts with the Cat and the Mouse...

Type: LOTS of Comedy and IT WILL make you laugh, Drama, some funny fight/action scenes.

Doctor Mil's Opinion: ROFL, this anime is the best for a big laugh!, lovable characters, add to that a fantastic story with a GOOD ending too, an anime for all, nothing to hide in this anime, ALL kids may watch this too.. I give it 5 stars and another 5 stars because its suitable for all ages.. in short, This anime is a MUST see.

S-CRY-ED (some weird name for an anime O_o)
Total Episodes: 26

Story: OMG, this anime's hero is a WEIRDO!.. he is just insane, will do anything to get more power, he is still human after all who takes care of ppl and help them out, he is just wild and hard to take him down, HARDER to control.. about the story, ppl live in a small area in this anime where some of them are infested with some extraordinary powers.

Type: Action, and ahh... more Action, then umm..... Action again? lol

Doctor Mil's Opinion: A nice show of force, there are lots of ways to live your life, and all you need is to know what is wrong and what is right, how you live your life after that is up to you lol, just like our monkey hero in this anime anyway, its too great and speaks for itself, no dirt on this anime.. good for some action business.. in short, It is an above average anime.

Excel Saga
Total episodes: 26

Story: A CRAZY girl is the main character!! she is just TOO CRAZY, and thats what makes this show WAY better than most comedy anime you might see, she works for her boss, she is loyal and she does any work even if it is near impossible.

Type: Comedy x2, this show is full of it, even when it gets tough and you expect some real action, you get some funny stuff that will MAKE you laugh for sure. Some of this might not be suitable for young children, so please watch it alone before sharing it with others (more like for adults I guess, you can judge after watching it).

Doctor Mil's Opinion: ROFL x2!! one of the best Comedy anime I ever watched, expect to laugh in any second, very crazy, very funny, but I will give it only 5 stars (the other 5 stars are for all ages but this one is kind of more for adults I guess).. in short, This anime is a MUST see for a good laugh.

First season's Total Episodes: 13
Second season's Total Episodes: 13

Story: The story begins when the famous samurai Jubei is near death because of age, he gives his student a mission to search for someone worthy of wearing his "Lovely-shaped Eye patch" (some other eye patch than the black one he has on his popped up), His student took it seriously and began his search for that worthy person that will obtain the power of the lovely eye patch, however, there were some difficulties and 300 years passed, he finally found a girl that matches the hints Jubei gave him, the story continues...

Type: Comedy, Drama, some VERY COOL sword fights, and it is kinda for adults.. this one is prolly not for small children.

Doctor Mil's Opinion: ROFL x2!! it is funny just like Excel Saga BUT, they focused on other factors in this anime, like drama and action with swords along with comedy, Excel Saga got only comedy in it, both of them are great anime but sadly not suitable for all ages, again, if you want to judge this on your own, watch it alone before sharing it with others (this one is adults only so I wont give it the other 5 stars for all ages), I give this anime 5 stars (well-made and too funny, thats why).. in short, This anime is a MUST see for a good laugh.

MC: Nice, now I can go watch some of those!
Doctor Mil: Didnt know that you watch anime, what kind you like?
MC: I like BLOOD! yes yesss!! I want to see some kills and dies in anime!! BLOOD~! WOOT.
Doctor Mil: ... you really need a doctor, why dont you come see me after this show?
MC: WHAT? you think am INSANE?? bah, go play doctor on kids haha, well then, time to end this show...
Doctor Mil: But I didnt finish yet...
MC: OMG you want to TALK MORE? enough of that, give ppl a break will you? let them go watch the stuff you talked about, leave some other stuff for the next part of the show (PART2 he means hehe).
Doctor Mil: (This MC is too much, I will ask the Directer to replace him for the next show...)
MC: I know your thinking of replacing me , who CARES?!
Doctor Mil: O_o; um.. I believe this show is over already and you scare me too much.. I mean... I have to go home soon!
MC: you heard the doc, seeya next time but we will accept your replies and will contact you if you have any question.

Note: Look forward to see PART2 anytime soon.. Doctor Mil
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