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Post Reply who is better rukia with ichigo or orihime
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24 / F / In Ichigo's Closet
Posted 1/26/09 , edited 1/26/09

cindzzz wrote:

nahh ichigo and rukia ftw!
i mean come on!
there soo cute! >.< heres my reasons:
1. they're the main characters
2. he reached bankai for her in 3 days
3. tite kubo says that rukia is ichigos ray of light
4. they look good together
5. they are always saving each other
6. rinrin, orhihime and nel get jealous of their "relationship" together
7. they understand each other on another level witout even speaking
8. they both go crazy if one gets hurts infront of them, if you get my jist
9. hanaturo quotes "all she tlked about ichigo, was you!"
10. rukia's quote "be the man i know you are, the man that lives in my heart ichigo!"
11. did you hear the way he screams her name in the 3rd movie tralier? srsly

hell yeah, its love!

you r right~!!!!right!!!!It's love~!!!!
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Posted 2/8/09 , edited 2/8/09
Rukia-san ^^


Orihime is a kind person too^^
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