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Posted 2/6/08 , edited 2/6/08
Night Wizard is one of the many short animes in 2007.It is short and doesn’t drag around much.

The story pretty much centers around Shihou Elis,who must collect all the jewels with her new found friends.Of course,along the way,there are new friends as well as enemies.And there are obstacles and surprises waiting.

One thing that I absolutely like about this is that the pace is fast.For a 13 episode anime,the pace plays a vital role because that depends on how well your plot will build up.If the pace is slow,too many things will cramp the remaining last episodes,instead of building it up nicely and slowly.I have seen enough of animes making such mistake.

The character development mainly focus more on Elis.Well,can’t be helped since she is the main character,but I do hope that they would pay more attention to other characters as well.I thought the scene where it show Kureha and Hiiragi’s childhood is sweet.but not enough.Akari is even worst.I expected something more from her than being some sort of killing machine with that giant big gun.

There are very very little hints of romance in this show though.Other than Elis showing a some interest in Hiiragi and Kureha treating him like a dog,nothing more.And I don’t think Hiiragi caries a torch for any of them.He is just the type of guy who wouldn’t stay still if one of his friends are injured in any way.

There are plenty of action here.Sometimes the fight scene gets pretty repetitive,but oh well………..Animation is okay,nothing great but not bad either.

This show actually manage to surprise me though.I know that Kirihito has got to be the oji-san,bu I never thought he is also Gazel.And,I never expected he has such rotten intention in using Elis.But honestly however,his reasons to destroy Earth are pretty retarded.Humans are not robots,you don’t expect them to be good all the time.It is common for everyone in the world to have a little bit of evilness in them,doesn’t he get it?And he called himself the guardian.Meh.

The ending is such that I thought it is possible to have another season.One of the primary villain in this anime is not dead yet.Yep…..the moe moe Bell.Oh I just love her.She is perhaps my favourite character after dog-like-falling-man Hiiragi. Should there be another season, Elis may not be joining them,since she has lost all her powers and she doesn’t seem to me physically fit either.The ending is cliché,where everyone except the bad guy lives happily.

Well,overall Night Wizard is quite an enjoyable anime.It may look generic,but it’s only 13 episodes anyway.You can finish it within a day.
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Posted 2/9/08 , edited 2/10/08
I was actually looking for some good action when I decided to watch this. Despite wasn't tag as Action in crunchyroll, it certainly was in AniDB

Plenty of action indeed as romeoxjuliet mentioned above but poor ones. The fights were hardly intense and pretty rush. It could easily gone to 24ep with longer and more intensive action imo, like naruto and bleach (yes, i like those kinda combats). It's like watching power rangers when they formed up their giant robot, took out the sword and slash and victory. One classic example would be in

[spoiler alert]
ep5 when Hiiragi took the sword from the old guy and BOOM! Two blast from the swords and the powerful enemy is destroyed...
[spoiler end]

One thing I like about Night Wizard is the ending. It could have easily end it in the next episode after Elis got the last jewel, but I was treated with a long and properly layout ending Thank you! It was especially important since I actually got bored after 5ep and if not for the fact that it is short, Hiiragi being the "falling man", Anzelotte being a cutie pie and a fast pace (one jewel almost every ep is fast! it's like naruto find and let sasuke go every few ep ) and nice story and I could have easily drop it

Overall, it's still enjoyable if you have nothing else to watch.
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Posted 2/28/08 , edited 2/29/08
I loved this anime. i still do. it was one of the few that i kept watching. i agree that the finding a jewel every ep was fast. and lol to the "naruto find and let sasuke go every few ep" too =). I still love it though. Both Night Wizard and Naruto, i mean.
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Posted 2/29/08 , edited 2/29/08
Initially the anime was nice. The concept spell bonded me. The big rocket launcher, the weird little girl that accepts only "ok and yes", a average school guy who was always late, and the 'priest' that uses a crossbow that shoots talismans. Though it looked promising, the next few episodes bored me and I stopped watching after episode 6.

There is a lack of expansion in battle. The fights were often quick and the opposing force show little or no resistance. Furthermore, in an episode where the girl that has the bracelet (can't remember her name) was in danger, all she shouted was "uncle" when her friends were fighting for HER sake. That, to me, was really selfish or her, especially that she tried to bring the team together. Probably it's just what one does in danger, but still, I'm entitled to my opinion
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