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25 / F / lost in my own world
Posted 2/10/09 , edited 2/10/09
~~Irena...omg fries, my middle name is frances! that's kinda funny. lol~~
~~call me shorty, rena, greenbean irene, or my most recent one yet-cupcake. doesn't matter~~
~~15, almost 16~~
~~i do have one picture of me on my profile, tho you can't really tell that i'm a tomboy. i am though, most definitely. i don't really have a tomboy haircut. i don't wear tomboy clothes all the time either. but i love wearing camo and black/red(maybe the black/red thing is more emo than tomboy haha). the only thing i wear as far as shoeswize is a pair of skater shoes and a pair of brown plaid rocketdogs. i never wear dresses and rarely rarely ever wear skirts or shorts. most of them i consider too short anyway. the stupid people that make the clothes apparently think that all girls are whores and we all want to wear things that show way too much. i freaking hate that. i don't even like wearing shirts that show just a little bit of cleavage. i don't know about you guys but i find it disgusting that the media and such try to pass us all off as whorish girly girls that don't give a damn about how much we show off. wow, i think i'm ranting. lol~~
~~besides that, i don't wear makeup, not even nail polish. the only thing i use is chap stick because i bite my lips and they'll get really bad if i don't have chap stick. lol naturally, i have somewhat curly hair and i barely straighten it, just once in a great while. i don't really like jewelry either. the only thing i ever wear is a cross necklace that my dad got me for christmas {{yes i am a christian, but none of you have to worry about me criticizing you. i'm not one of those christians that try to shove their believes down everybody eles throats.}} and a cute brace lace with a heart on it that one of my best friends got me for christmas too. oh and once in a while, when i actually remember to wear it, another necklace that my great aunt gave me a few years ago.~~
~~crap, i'm writing so much more than i intended! sorry about that. lol the last thing that i have to say is that i'm not a lesbian or bi or anything. i'm not trying to push you guys {or girls rather. lol} that are, i just thought i'd mention that i'm straight. and again, even though i am a christian, i really have nothing against lesbians and gays and bis and such people. after all, one of my old friends is bi. anyway, i don't just wear boyish clothes. i sort of act like a boy too. i'm the opposite of a girly girl or a lady. i'm not popular and i can't stand it when girls go 'omg i broke a nail.' it temps me to want to punch them and say 'omg i broke your face.' haha out of me and my friends, i'm the most perverted of all of us. yeah, i totally act like a tomboy.~~
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Under your bed
Posted 2/12/09 , edited 3/7/09
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27 / F / Japan
Posted 4/13/09 , edited 4/14/09
18, from Singapore
Posted 5/6/09 , edited 5/6/09
<<<--- i dun really look like one but im TBish
Posted 6/20/09 , edited 6/20/09
+sometimes i can be a tomboy but most of the time im just me =)
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26 / F / Golden City, Taip...
Posted 6/25/09 , edited 6/25/09
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23 / Bwah.
Posted 8/12/09 , edited 8/12/09
- Real name: Private.
- Nickname: Jae.
- Age: 14
- Sexual Orientation: Pansexual.
- Sex: Female.
- South Korea.


I am not skinny. Nor am I fat. Actually I'm close to being overweight. D:
But my goal is to change my weight. Actually I want to lose A LOT.
First time I became changed my sexual orientation was in the 6th grade.
Pretty young...Haha.
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26 / F / Busan, South Korea
Posted 9/3/09 , edited 9/16/09
must ?>
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24 / Canada
Posted 9/12/09 , edited 9/12/09

asian tomboy
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22 / F / Candy Shop x3
Posted 9/12/09 , edited 9/12/09
im a tomboy. maybe half lol but ppl call me that coz i wear boy clothes and have short hair. i have a twin cousin who looks like me && yes we both look like boy boy girl girl bla bla xDD
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26 / F / Busan, South Korea
Posted 9/16/09 , edited 9/16/09

Name : Choi Yong Jae
Nickname : NG/Dragon
Age : 17
Ethnic : Chinese-Korean
Sex : female

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23 / F / Edmonton Alberta
Posted 9/24/09 , edited 9/25/09
Name~: Jasmina~
Age~: 14 ^-^
Ethnic~: Chinese-thai
Sex: Female O___O
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Posted 11/7/09 , edited 11/7/09
Name : Amber
Age : 16
sex : female
I'm straight.

a tomboy because of :

- the way I act.
- I like loose clothes.
- The way I look
--->it wasn't actually what I intended,
the barber made a mistake, but it's not that bad!

I don't know if I'm okay as a tomboy but yeah

I look up to Bihyul!!
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29 / F / California
Posted 12/22/09 , edited 12/22/09
NAME : Akemi
AGE: 20
GENDER: female
ETHNICITY: Japanese, Armenian, & Black
NOTE: I'm bi, but not tomboy because of that.. I just like the tomboy style, and have heard that i'm rather handsome, kekeke..... And I guess my mindset is rather... boyish? hmm...
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