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Posted 2/6/08 , edited 2/6/08
Ask TVXQ a question and the Feb 2008 Pati Pati Translation
Japanese romanisations by [email protected]

Pati Pati Feb


The year opened with [Purple Line]. This song was also composed by the Korean who also composed popular live songs like [Rising Sun] and [O.Jung.Ban.Hap] right?

JS: Yeah, however, it has a different feel compared to [Rising Sun]. Also, and we still have no idea what this song will mean to THSK

YH: It’s completely different from our other songs

JS: The recording wrapped up at our first try, but we wanted to improve on this song so we recording it again

JJ: Because we still haven’t found the appropriate feeling (to express this song)

CM: Therefore, we raised the 2 keys for our second recording

JS: We also changed our singing technique, and our voices sounded completely different as compared to the first recording

YH: Because we managed to feel the vigor of the song more, therefore, you’ll be able to feel a whole new THSK through this song. I’ve been listening to this song to train myself before the album comes out

--- The color of the third album is different from the previous 2 albums. One can feel the whole new THSK’s challenge within the songs.

JJ: This album recording took place when we were traveling between Korea and overseas. Although the time frame was tighter than the previous 2 albums but because we were doing something we enjoyed, we were able to pull ourselves together and forget about our fatigue

YH: This album has a ‘cool and wild’ feel. Ballads were the main focus of our first album and although our second album had many changes, but there were many bright and warm songs compared to the first song. However, this song has songs with a more mature style that we’ve never done before.

YC: Although it very powerful, but overall it has a serious feel

----- Actually, compared your previous 2 albums, you can say that the focus of the album is lower, and compared to others, the masculine side of the album really stands out

JJ: This album isn’t only confined to being ‘powerful’. We have also included R&B styled songs and manly tricks. If the second album is described a being ‘zealous’, then in this album you can feel the growth of men.

----- Although it’s cool on the outside, you can also feel a burning enthusiasm in the content too

JJ: That’s right, our enthusiasm is concealed on the inside!

--- The album title [T] gives off a very cool feel; doesn’t the title have many meanings?

JJ: That’s right. Firstly, it’s TVXQ’s T

JS: The T in Try

YH: The T in Team

CM: The T in Third

JJ: The T in Trick

YH: “Trick” is also a song in the album; it gives off a magical feel

YC: And T for Trouble

CM: That’s Junsu’s thing *laughs*

JS: That’s not true~~

YH: Although we think he’s ‘trouble’ when he’s making gags, *laughs* Junsu’s THSK’s mood maker

JS: *full of confidence* T for Tyrannosaurus

YH: *Ignore* T for Trend

YC: T for Terrible

*All 5 bursts out laughing*

----What does ‘Terrible’ mean?

YC: Scary, excessive

----Eh~~ So the album is terrible *laughs*

JJ: *Immediately* No, it’s not! It’s an album that really stands out!

YH: And T for top, it shows what we are heading towards

-----There’re really many meaning to it. Again, that’s the colorful THSK.

JJ: Honma ni ookini(Kansai dialect for Thank you very much)

-----Wow, it sounds unfamiliar.

JJ: I’ve recently been addicted to the Kansai dialect. Omoshiroi denna *laughs* (T/N: ‘Interesting’ in the Kansai dialect) Bochi bochi denna (T/N: ‘Just like that, as normal’ in Kansai dialect)

CM: The only person who’s addicted to it is Jaejoong *laughs* Anyway, this album from dance tricks to ballads is balanced superbly. You wouldn’t get sick of the album no matter how many times you listen to it

JS: Although the music quality is higher compared to the first 2 albums, the difference lies in the emotions portrayed in our voices. Up till the second album we were always too focused on our Japanese pronunciation, and in actually fact, we didn’t really let ourselves feel the emotions of the song. Now, we’re a little better in terms of pronunciation after all the hard work. Of course, we didn’t have much time to work on this album….. *laughs*

------ Actually, I can tell the difference in the usage of your falsettos this time, also THSK has also challenged many new styles this time. In the midst of all that, isn’t there a song composed by Yoochun and Jaejoong that everybody is so concerned about? It’s finally being released in Japan!

JJ: Yeah, we really did our best!

------ What kind of method was used to compose it?

JJ: At first, I suggested that the 2 of us compose song together. This has become a reality. The song is composed by Yoochun and I and the Japanese lyrics are written by Yoochun

YC: The lyrics are is about a confusing situation where the person doesn’t know who he really is, or where he is. In the end, I wrote down the jumbled thoughts of the main character who only knew what happiness was like.

----- Jumbled thoughts…. This.. If it was one year ago, you probably couldn’t have written something like that *laughs* This love song is also very sad…

JJ: Yeah, if we put it simply, it talks about how the girl he loved died. *sighs* And there’s a Japanese narration in the prelude. This is the main point of the whole song so you mustn’t skip that part

YC: Although the song is about love, but from it you’ll be able to see the pain and suffering in living

----- So it actually has such a grand theme. If it is as Yoochun says… Then we’re seeing Yoochun in a new light

YC: *shy* Thank you!

JJ: Wait a mintue~~ Aren’t you going to look at me in a new light too?

----- *laughs* No, no. Of course I’ll look at Jaejoong too. And because I can feel the outstanding musical talents you have in this album, once again, I think that you’re very outstanding

JJ: That’s really good *laughs*

----- Come to think about it, I personally feel that the sadness of this song is very similar to [Lovin’ You]

JJ: However, the way we express the melody and the lyrics is different from the Japanese composers. I want people to feel that difference

YC: This time the song was written by 2 people, however, compared to one person, indeed, I feel happier when 2 people do this together. Therefore, instead of 2 people, if 3,4… or even 5 can make a song together, it’ll be really great!

----- If all the members can compose/write a song together, then it’ll be T for Team

YH: And there’re many other songs to listen to besides this one. I would like to recommend all the new songs to everybody! Personally, I really like [NO?], this is a jazz song that THSK has never tried up till now. We all used husky voices as a singing technique to bring out the sexiness in the song

JJ: You’ll be really shocked when you hear the chorus

YH: It’s more like everyone’s voices are very heavy so the entire song feels very deep

------ And if you combine it with live performances, it should be very cool

YH: How’re we going to portray this, it’s very frustrating

JJ: *Long sigh*

YC: It’s like hell. *laughs* Because I really like this song, so I’ll really work hard this time

------ So it’s only [this time] *laughs*

YC: No, no. Although I’ve always worked hard, but I’ll put in the extra effort this time

---- Lastly, let’s talk about THSK’s hopes for the year, not your own hopes but what you want the other members to accomplish, or what you want to say to them. Let’s start with Yunho (capri-shiqi: Jaeho/Yunjae alert!!! xD)

JJ: I hope he wouldn’t be injured this year and be healthy the entire year

YH: Yeah, I know

----- Next, Junsu (capri-shiqi: YOOSU alert!!! xD)

YC: Have more confidence and achieve his dreams.

All: OH~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

JS: Thank you~

YH: Complete writing 30 songs

JS: ……. Yeah, I know

JJ: Have more self love

------- Junsu doesn’t like himself as much as the others do? *laughs*

JS: Yeah, I totally love myself *laughs*

JJ: However, it’s good to be more confident. He looks good, sings well, dances well and has a good character

----- And he’s funny and interesting

JJ: And he has sense

JS: *shyly* Yeah, I must work hard to have more confidence in myself

------ So what about Changmin?

YH: Last year Changmin met with a lot of frustrating incidents. Because Changmin is the sort of person who will start to shine if he just improves a little, it’ll be good if he approaches problems a little more calmly

JJ: As expected, that’s the leader’s insight

CM: Thank you, I’ll work hard

---- You’ll be 20 this year

CM: Although I really want to change but in actual fact I feel very helpless

--- Why?

CM: The other 4, after they passed 20, still didn’t change much *laughs*

---- Changmin’s sharp tongue has also never changed *laughs* You can show off your sharp tongue this year as well, right?

JJ: No, no, he can’t *laughs*

YH: It’ll be good if he weakens that part of him

JJ: Because Changmin’s already mature enough

YH: He has both adult and child in him

JS: And the gap is really wide

JJ: That’s Changmin’s appeal, I guess. If his childish part disappears then the status of us older brothers will be very dangerous. We might even change leaders *laughs* Because of that, don’t be too mature!

CM: What on earth should I do? *laughs*

JJ: What should you do? *laughs* Just maintain your current self

CM: I know

----- Let’s talk about Jaejoong. What expectations does Changmin have of Jaejoong?

JJ: I want to maintain my current self too!! *laughs*

CM: Although he’s very good as he is now, but I want him to be more mature this year when carrying out promotional activities

*Laughter from everyone*

YH: I feel the same way as Changmin. Because Jaejoong is a person anxious for people’s reactions, it’ll be good if he can be more patient, but he thinks there’ll be no reaction that way

----- Does he try too hard?

YH: I’ve been thinking that way recently. Therefore he starts getting anxious because he’s worried that it isn’t enough, I think it’ll be good if he’ll just but aside his worries and carry out the activity naturally

JJ: Recently, I felt a crisis in my life *laughs* I’ll try to put aside all my worries and work hard!

YH: Thank you~~ *both of them shakes hands*

JS: That’s what ‘Team’ means

------ I see. So, lastly, Yoochun

YH: Please try to save more money this year!!!

*All 5 start laughing*

YH: Yoochun likes eating with many people and every time he’d be fighting for the bill

YC: I feel very happy when eating with many people, and since I feel good, I really feel like footing the bill on the spur of the moment.

------So you’re very generous~~

YH: Because he’s too generous, so I hope he’d try to be more frugal this year

YC: I know~

JJ: Last year because of the songwriting, he worked very hard and he wouldn’t eat breakfast without fail everyday, and eat supper…..his constitution became very bad. I wish he’d have a healthier lifestyle this year

----- If your condition isn’t good, you can’t even sing

JJ: However, Junsu’s fine sometimes even when he’s condition is bad. He is to the point where he’s healthy all the time. He’s very powerful~ *laughs*

YH: He really doesn’t get sick often. He doesn't accumulates stress like everyone else

CM: He really is an idiot *laughs*

JJ: He is a very positive person

CM: He’s a positive idiot *laughs*

JJ: Junsu will relieve the stress felt by the other 4 members!

CM: I’m so jealous

YH: Therefore, we also hope to relieve everyone’s stress with this album, and to bring positive power~ We’ll open the year with this album and we hope to bring to you a more talented THSK. Please look forward to it!

YC: It really is an outstanding album

------ So, lastly, we hope that Junsu will use a gag to ‘cure’ the other 4 members (from stress) to end this….

JS: Iyashi waya (T/N: I don’t like cures)

All: ………………………. *no reaction*

JS: So, “Ikura wo ikura tabettara ikura?” (T/N: How much is it to eat how many fish?)

All: *ignores Junsu*…. Thank you everyone *laughs*

Credits fully if taking out! :)

Translated by: [email protected]
Credits: DNBN + [email protected] + [email protected]
[email protected]OOMPIFORUMS
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Posted 2/7/08 , edited 2/8/08
I love Junsu! That was sweet and funny.
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CM: He really is an idiot *laughs*

JJ: He is a very positive person

CM: He’s a positive idiot *laughs*


JS: Iyashi waya (T/N: I don’t like cures)

All: ………………………. *no reaction*

JS: So, “Ikura wo ikura tabettara ikura?” (T/N: How much is it to eat how many fish?)

All: *ignores Junsu*…. Thank you everyone *laughs*

aww, they ignored him
i didnt understand his gag =="
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