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Posted 2/6/08 , edited 2/6/08
TVXQ! Meaning of Miracle: Able to be a member of TVXQ is already a miracle!

Epop : When you buy stuff, reach the counter only realizes you forgot to bring your wallet, what would you do?

Micky Yoochun : Use credit card! Or make a call to the members for help. (Laugh)
Hero Jaejoong : I will find a way to contact with the manager or members, then say sorry to the person.
U-Know Yunho : The truth is I had this experience once before, “ Ah, my wallet left at home, so sorry, will be right back.” Like that apologize, and then faster go get my wallet.
Max Changmin : I will put my watch or bag there, then say “Please wait for awhile, will be right back with my wallet.”
Xiah Junsu : As for me… If the storekeeper recognizes us, I will want to runaway. (Laugh) [Changmin: Isn’t that a little… That is not something an adult will do~] No, just thought of “running away” only… (Laugh)

Epop: : If the girl that you like cook for you, but it is not tasty, What would be your reaction?

Micky Yoochun : I would say “Very delicious, but how about doing like this next time?” I wouldn’t say it out straightly. To make the situation not so awkward, I would say: “ Next time try doing this way okay?” like that kind of words. (Laugh)
Hero Jaejoong : I would taste it and say, “Wait! This food inedible!” Then just redo it myself. [Epop: Feels like Jaejoong is very strict~] This… Sorry but I feel that telling it straight then redo it together, in this kind of process of doing it together, can more deepen our love.
U-Know Yunho : Firstly if I feel that it is not tasty, I would smile and say “ Let’s eat together!”. When we ate it together I would ask her how was it? Then step by step tell her “ Maybe doing like this would be better”, Let her understand, after that must treat whatever she did with gratitude.
Xiah Junsu : I think I will straightforward say “ That can’t be eaten”, then say “ Should put this in! Let’s redo it together!”
Max Changmin : I think I will eat a little, then try my best to finish it all. happy.gif

Epop : When you are walking on the street, and saw the big screen just broadcast your PV, what reaction would you have?

Hero Jaejoong : At that moment when I saw it, I will feel a little awkward and lower my head.
Xiah Junsu : If it’s in Korea, I would think “ Would I be recognized?”, then lower my head. If it’s in Japan, I would feel “Wah, that’s incredible”, might even see it more detail.
Micky Yoochun : I would take a picture, then think “That’s so awesome!”.
U-Know Yunho : When I saw it I would feel really shocked, then I would send my friends a short message “ Did you see it? Did you see it?” (Laugh)
Max Changmin : That… I will think, how much will it cost to broadcast it on such a big screen~ (Laugh)

Epop : When you suddenly heard a song you really like, what would you do?

Hero Jaejoong : I will check about it from Changmin, because Changmin’s computer have all kinds of songs, I would try to ask if he has this song.
Max Changmin : Because once I find the CD that I like I would straightaway buy it, then quickly store it in my computer…
Micky Yoochun : I will check with the other member “Do you know this song?”, I will keep confirming while searching for the lyric online.
U-Know Yunho : When I found a song with a different feel, I will ask people besides me for confirmation, then ask them “how is it, do you like it?” , get some opinions.
Xiah Junsu : I will go the music store, no matter how also must buy back that CD!

Epop : Recently everyone have what kind of changes?

Hero Jaejoong : There are changes to my body, I used to exercise a lot in the past till the extent that if I don’t exercise I can’t sleep. After that I didn’t get to exercise for around 2 years, now my upper arm has gone thin, even my clothing style has change to a skinner feel.
U-Know Yunho : Me too, I used to have a lot of sports attire in the past, now I like set clothes and furry overcoat kind of wear that are more mature kind of clothes instead.
Micky Yoochun : My body have change for the better, got meaty!! My throat also has a big, good turn.
Max Changmin : I change in my thoughts, now I like challenges. In the past, I was afraid of failing in a challenge, now I am not afraid. Even though I fail for the first time, till the 1001st time will eventually succeed.
Xiah Junsu : My mood recently have turn more relaxed. Although I am very busy everyday, but my mood is very relaxed, this is very important to me!

Epop : The word “Miracle”, what does it mean in your heart?

U-Know Yunho : Becoming TVXQ, everyone meeting each other like this is a miracle. We are born at different places, but still able to gather together like this is a really mysterious thing.
Micky Yoochun : I feel that, we are able to debut is a miracle. Debut at Korea and go all around like this for activities, this all are miracle~
Hero Jaejoong : I agree that we able to become TVXQ is a miracle, this is Yunho say one, we able to debut at Japan is also a miracle.

Epop : If say a “small miracle” in your life?

Hero jaejoong : I am now staying in the same room as Yoochun, Yoochun set the room temperature till very low, it is a miracle that I am able to survive under this environment~
U-Know Yunho : Once during our Asia tour concert stop in Malaysia, I left my wallet and passport in the washroom and just came out. That time was really panic, luckily not long after I manage to find it back, this is really a miracle~
Xiah Junsu : I raise a pet dog, my dad told me I am not allow to, but at the end it turn out okay, really is a miracle~
Micky Yoochun : My dog allergy has naturally recover, This really is a miracle that make people happy~
Max Changmin : The members think that now I look energize in the morning, in the past I always wake up in the morning feeling like a 80 year old grandfather. Expression also made people worried, recently became more energize, this is a miracle~

Epop : Still remember the raining situation in Taiwan’s Asia tour concert stop last time?

Hero Jaejoong : The atmosphere that time was really good, till the extent that it’s unforgettable, became an interesting memory, I think the fans that went for that concert will also agree so! happy.gif
Xiah Junsu : Based on the aspect of holding a concert, that was a exhausting weather. But when singing sentimental songs, the rain that time has create a brilliant atmosphere, became the stage that left the deepest impression in our memory. But if we were to hold another concert under that kind of weather would still be a little complicated, there will be a certain degree of difficulty. (Laugh)
Micky Yoochun : That site was facing the airport just right, a close distance from us. There was even airplane flying just above our head! The distance between the airplane flying and us was really near, felt that it was really big, we were shocked, but still feel very cool.
U-Know Yunho : At the same time, there was still loud thunder noise, that was really interesting!

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Posted 2/16/08 , edited 2/16/08

Max Changmin : That… I will think, how much will it cost to broadcast it on such a big screen~

changmin's question is so... so "unique"

Hero jaejoong : I am now staying in the same room as Yoochun, Yoochun set the room temperature till very low, it is a miracle that I am able to survive under this environment~

LOL. he really is a very random person

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Posted 3/18/08 , edited 3/18/08
wow, even in interviews they cut out Minnie's part ..~_~..
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