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Posted 2/6/08 , edited 2/6/08
Just something from translated from Chinese, apparently this fan met Changmin's dad quite recently! xD

Original post:
Translation credit: cynsin @ soompi/dbsg LJ comm
taken: soompi + [email protected] + [email protected]

Isn't today a special day? Today is the last day of Christmas, I'm not Christian so it's not really that significant to me. Today is the last day I'm going to work, my break begins tomorrow, but I feel a tinge of regret at having to part with people I like.

I digress. Today is not a special day, but today is a day that I will never forget. Last week, a friend called and told me Changmin's dad wanted to treat me to a meal. I was really shocked, Changmin's dad is not like Junsu's dad who often exposes himself to the public eye, he's a civil servant. So I was really touched when he wanted to treat me!!

Today I met my friend, and my friend said, "Min's father just sent a message asking if we would like to eat Korean cuisine or Western cuisine?" My heart was even more unbalanced. In the beginning I just asked for a signature from Changmin's dad because I felt pity for the dongsaengs at Changmin Baidu Bar, and was touched by their love for Min. I already felt uncomfortable about just getting a signature because of Changmin's dad not exposing himself to the public often. Now that he paid so much attention and care by treating me, I was even more embarrassed.

In the end we decided to eat Western cuisine, and when Min's father knocked off at 4pm he sent my friend and I in his car to the restaurant. There is a small Western restaurant near Olympic Park and there weren't many people since it wasn't dinnertime yet, I like this kind of dining environment. Calm and serene, the food is also good so it was more convenient for us to talk. Min's dad wore a blue suit today, he was very energetic. Actually, he looked perky every day, normally wearing suits. He was driving the car given to him by his son-a white Audi.

This car was the present given to all five of them from SM Entertainment after they had clinched the four daesangs, and Min chose an Audi for his father. Min's dad is very open and receptive, on the way we were all speaking very happily.

When I got on the car Min's dad told me that all five of Dong Bang Shin Ki thank the Chinese fans from the bottom of their hearts, because they have such few activities in China and feel guilty towards them for not being able to see them often. Min's dad repeated these words of gratitude many times over, I felt deeply touched.

I asked a question which made everyone happy, regarding Min's health condition, and his dad said that he is fine now, basically very healthy. All five of them are healtheir now. But maybe because of spending more time overseas, the various kinds of food they eat may have some effects on their bodies. If only they could just return to Korea...Kekeke...Such lovable people...

While we were chatting Min's dad took out Min's signature, this time when he returned home he didn't even have much time to sit around at home. Min's dad called Changmin to tell him about this, and then Changmin sent a few signatures over to his dad through his manager. I almost got a shock when I saw his signatures, his Chinese writing was really very good!!! He's handsome in person and the handwriting is just as handsome! And he even wrote "Gong Xi Fa Cai" (meaning prosperity)!

Min's dad asked me what those words meant, after I explained Min's dad smiled broadly and said, "All of you are students and children, what prosperity do you need to bother about?"

I also asked him what Min likes to do now, and his dad answered that besides music he plays games with the members, especially soccer with Junsu, and now he has been taking an interest in photography. The camera that he was holding in the Paris photoshoot was his own, it's a present from a fan from a few years back.

Min's dad said very adorably, "Changmin-ah, when you are done give the photos to Appa alright?", laughing even as he was saying it himself. He even said that Changmin has a branded bag, he stopped using it after a few times, so he told Changmin, "Changmin-ah, you're not using that bag anymore?", to which Min replied rather exasperatedly, "Appa, there are many people around me too, including manager hyung!"

Time passes so fast, especially when you are happy. Min's dad received a call, and he was also very busy, after eating he couldn't stay for long before he had to go. I took Changmin's dad's car to the train station, and at the end Changmin's dad told me sincerely: You all have to give Dong Bang Shin Ki a lot a lot of love, and give Changmin a lot a lot of love too.

Of course, even if Changmin's dad doesn't say it, our love will never decrease right? Changmin's dad even said that China would display even more exciting sides to the world in 2008.
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Posted 2/6/08 , edited 2/7/08
wow..... lucky....
wuts her name???
is it actually true?
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lucky girl!
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