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Posted 2/6/08 , edited 2/6/08
Tell your story of how you stumbled upon and start watching Kevin's videos.

Well, I was first subscribe to HappySlip, and didn't know about kevjumba... but later happyslip made a video called "Boypren" with Kevin in it. I checked out his channel and watched "Be Happy" and the stereotype names videos. I was lol! So I subscribed to him too.

And that's my story... X)
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Posted 2/18/08 , edited 2/19/08
I joined this group I was invited to then watched his youtube stuff. That's my story. Not as nice as ziona2k's story but still true.
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Posted 3/23/08 , edited 3/23/08
I really can't remember. He must have been in the side box with an interesting total, so I clicked it.
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Posted 3/23/08 , edited 3/24/08
my brother showed me him ^^ so then i watch looking thru my brothers channel to see who he subscribed and then i saw Kevjumba and i was "hey i watch him.......he was pretty funny!" so then i statred to watch every vid he made and i love it ^^
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Posted 3/24/08 , edited 3/25/08
lol i was really mad that day and my friend told me to "Be Happy" that one vid by kevjumba and i was just like O.O "oh em gee... this is hilarious" and i just watched more and more =)
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Posted 7/18/08 , edited 7/18/08
I was watching a video of Happy Slip when I saw KevJumba in one of her videos, I checked him out in youtube.
Posted 9/13/08 , edited 9/13/08
i was randomly searching for vids to watch, i'm pretty bored that time. then i came across this teenage guy who was the No.1 Comedian for Youtube during that time. I checked him out and became a fan. The first video i watched was "Monica Lewinsky is a Hottie"...
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