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Posted 5 hours ago , edited 2 hours from now

jcal94 wrote:

This week's episode had a "Mya-nee!" on average less than every 30 seconds... At 23 minutes for an episode, and 48 "Mya-nee!"s.... It gets even worse when you don't count the about 3 minutes the OP and ED take up

Jesus. They're giving Revy's fucks a run for their money.
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Posted 4 hours ago , edited 3 hours ago

Shenseiken wrote:

The juxtaposition of high-minded elegance and obnoxious passion is how I'd concisely describe a certain teleporter, and the video game violence discussion was one of the first things I thought of in A Certain Relative Thread.

This never occurred to me; thanks.

Man, between this and my Freudian slip over on the best character thread... alas, I am neither lesbian nor teleporter.

I can answer your teleportation question though! I'm not sure if Railgun was going for that, but yes: if you imagine that our three-dimensional space is "wrapped around" some extra number of spatial dimensions, something that left our three-dimensional part, traversed a path through the extra dimensions, and came back at another point on the three-dimensional part will have seemed to have teleported. And by "wrapped around" you can imagine an analogy in one and two dimensions: if I take a string and wind it tightly around a bar, the two ends of the string are pretty far from each other if you travel along the string. But if you were to jump off the string and travel through the bar, every point is about the diameter of the bar away. Unfortunately I'm not good enough at geometry/topology to imagine a three-dimensional version, but it makes sense to me to think that such a thing isn't hard to imagine (as I'm not very good at it).

The criticism thing was just me being picky about something I care obsessively about and tend to bring up whenever I can. I didn't mean to sound as if you were implying science can't be analyzed, so you're good. (There's no "thumbs up" emoji, or I'd use it.) As for my views on science, yeah: having read a lot of history and philosophy of science, it's rather difficult to argue that science is "objective." It's a human project that has learned how to be extremely good at second-guessing itself in certain ways. And to the extent that we're able to run those procedures for second-guessing independently of how we feel about them, that's a kind of objectivity — one that assumes the procedures we have are adequate. Actually trying to formalize this stuff gets epistemologically heady pretty quickly, which is why it's easier to take the lazy route to the exact same result: our data and our procedures are subjectively gathered and produced. Kuhn famously suggested that science goes nowhere in particular (though he walked that back), but it's not difficult to believe that a project aimed in a particular direction at truth will progress in that direction. And humans always have to choose a direction.

I got into the forums through General Discussion, but I'm glad I transitioned to the anime side — and I'm glad GD is now hidden away as Miscellaneous. I myself have learned a lot talking here, but I am also the kind of person with the background to be able to learn talking here. It's true that we can learn from each other only if we talk to each other, but I'm not sure the benefits of an ideological scrum outweigh the costs.

(Looks at Twitter)

Oh wait, I am sure. But that's too depressing...

(Looks at Weird Twitter)

Now I feel a little better. Which reminds me:

"So, all the accounts on the internet are our enemies, eh?"
"They're worthy opponents."

I hadn't thought about it before, but this might be my favorite opening of any anime. The zooming-out part is awesome.
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