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Poaching: Crimes to Better Humanity
Posted 6/1/08 , edited 6/1/08
To hunt for sport is stupid and wrong, if we use the fur though its fine.

Anybody who says its OK to kill a fish but not a baby seal because its so cute is stupid, period. Your putting value on life, not only that, the way your doing it is by somethings physical appeal, its stupid and biased. "Oh no we have to save those cute little bunnies" Says Martha as she eats her hamburger. If you think you need to stop poaching for fur and such, and have ever eating a hamburger, or even veggies grown in farms (animals die in the process of making these things to) do me a favor and shut your self righteous ignorant ass up.
Posted 12/30/08 , edited 12/30/08
Some poaching is okay as long as it is done in balance,and it is important for some people as part of their culture and needs to be carried on(inuit have been hunting seals for thousands of years,it makes half their clothes,their heating and cooking oil,part of their shelter,and a main food source)and some governments are being trapped between either legalizing some poaching or to say no to native rights,either choice makes one group angry,in the galapagos islands,a certain number of animals are allowed to be hunted each year by the natives as per an old treaty,but the trouble is the natives got greedy and killed and vandalized park workers and property on the islands until the limit was raised so that they could make money off of selling animal parts to the chinese market,the chinese market overflows with animal parts and the worst part is,it is legal in china to eat or use shark for medicinal purposes(sharks are becoming increasingly endangered as more poor people kill them,cut off their fins and sell them)Also,shark fins have no taste whatsoever,have shark fin soup and then have shark fin soup without any shark fin,the only difference is that the one with the fins in it has slightly better texture.
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Posted 12/31/08 , edited 12/31/08

HayatellAyasaki wrote:

Who are we to take another being's life? Well, we eat animal almost every day, does that make us guilty of contribute with poaching? Still that is something only the hunters should think about.

We take the lives of other beings because we can. It's not a bad thing, you use most of it so, it's no big deal, its not like it's being 100% wasted.

Hunting is alright, I would go hunting if i had a chance. I wouldn't mind going after a few deer and maybe some rabbits, but something like a baby seal, that's too much work, they live too far away, Deer and rabbits are far closer to me.
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Posted 3/5/09 , edited 3/5/09
shark fin soup is frekin yummy
ive also had whale shark and they are so good with sweet and spicy sauce

polar bears and penguins are about to be lets see how they taste

about killing babies; dont omg
how are they going to reproduce, for me to EAT?
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