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When trying to view manga I get the message: Error: Sorry, an error occurred!

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Posted 9/27/15 , edited 9/27/15
I'm sorry if I'm being too harsh, but in my experience what a person doesn't say (or glosses over) when responding to very specific questions or concerns is often more instructive than what they do say.

MilesExpress999 wrote:
All of the issues brought up in these posts are known and documented.

It's good to know that CR was already aware people have been trying for months to bring major issues to their attention, and getting no meaningful response.

It would be better to know if CR plans to fix them instead of continuing to ignore them. ("How" would be best, but probably unrealistic.)

MilesExpress999 wrote:
I'm sorry to hear the manga service has been less than your expectations lately.

I guess it is pretty unreasonable for me (and others) to expect any better than multiple unaddressed failures and poor-to-nonexistent communication. I mean, sure, CR used to be one of the best in content, delivery, and customer service before the buyout... but two years is a pretty long time ago.

For the record, it's hardly just the manga service. This has been a theme across the board, particularly streaming issues and unresponsiveness.

MilesExpress999 wrote:
Isn't it technically maintenance though? This seems like an odd issue to have, and I'd struggle to find a better word for it.

Maintenance is taking your car in for an oil change. Maintenance is not having to call a tow truck when the engine seizes up for lack of oil. When customers are asking "What the heck is going on?" during a service failure, an honest admission goes a long way.

Dishonest euphemisms also go a long way, but in the wrong direction.

MilesExpress999 wrote:
We are very actively working on new systems for better communication, though and you should expect to see them in coming iterations.

There seems to be a pretty common theme in politics, law, and corporate policy lately: "We could have easily resolved these problems long ago by using the system we already had, but that would involve work. Let's re-brand it, add a few positive buzzwords, and call it fixed."

Communicating is usually much more productive than very actively working on new systems for better communication.
Posted 9/28/15 , edited 9/28/15
The good thing is that a new batch of chapters got released. The bad news is that I either can't read them on Android or they don't make sense because previous chapters had tons of missing images.

It's now a full month since these issues have been reported and still no fixes. It really makes me wonder what you guys are doing all week long.
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