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Posted 2/7/08 , edited 2/8/08
When I write, I have to listen to music.
When I have to listen to music while I write, it has to be something that I can't sing to, like instrumentals, or when the singer is mumbling.
(Because when I like the music and I know the words, I'll sing to it. Guaranteed.)
It must also be inspiring, but quiet, and something I can work to.
A lot of my music themes inspire my story themes.
Songs like Paranoid Android by Radiohead, Empty by Metric, Glass Ceiling and Ending Start also by Metric, and Session by Linkin Park.
As well as others.

What is your writing music?
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Posted 2/9/08 , edited 2/9/08
I agree, Paranoid Android by Radiohead is a pretty good song for when you're writing; I listen to quite a few songs but in my case, I listen to anything I find inspiring for the moment regardless of whether I can sing to it or not, and regardless of whether it's instrumental or not. Lately I've been listening to tears by X Japan.
As an aspiring writer I have to get used to different forms of environments, because say if I were on bus trip to Cleveland, and people are singing like drunkards; but I suddenly get an idea. I'd start writing right there on the spot.
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