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Posted 2/7/08 , edited 2/8/08
Bearing the pain

my body feels so torn
like my skin wrapped in thorns
the more I lie the more they squeeze
squeezing too hard and I’m starting to bleed
some say I’m superman
some say I’m not
people like to underestimate me
that’s there mistake
then its check mate
and then there foresaked
one side to die
and that’s my anti
its so hard to try
with people getting u tied
they try to be sly while I’m on standby
then I get a reply and they say goodbye
the taste of blood in the waste of a flood
with no fear of rain I can bear the pain

Cheated love

cheat on me once I let it go
cheat on me twice and I see your flow
I wont take no more pain
and I left u a stain
no one told me how u were
but they bowed and said yes that’s her
so I had to leave and get away from the dirt
because I was so naive and it still hurt
so I was going to search for a new love
but like someone from church that’s always up above
and she was right next to you the girl who loved me first
like my ridiculous text I do she came to me and was about to burst
she said she wanted me from the first day
when all my feelings for u were
Have some stabs on my back astray


yes my scars are deep no shame in that
I got grabbed and I was smacked
it was cheep how I was framed just like that
but ill never forget who did that
the one who thought that I was a brat
and I was never glad
that he was my X-Dad
I was always sad
cause I was just a little lad
I like flame just for kicks
cause it can burn through everything
just like a game playing for tricks
I burn my hand just for fun
I feel no pain not even one

No real things…

My loneliness is cold
My fury is on hold
My sorrow is filling
My happiness is empting
All I feel is not pain Nor is it joy
I cover both with rain Because I feel like a boy
I need to be a man
Even when I can’t stand
I may have been sad around my friends
But it seems they don’t help me at the end
I think I need my one and only
But every time I just end up lonely
I do not want love nor do I want hate
It’s like trying to get free of the good of fate
I want to be known from real friends
The ones that I know can defend
And not the ones that offend me
I want to run and hid or even fly so high
That you cannot deny so you will try and try
But I’ve waited to long for reality to become real
That my mortality seems to be sealed by my bonds
My body is in chains and they have become rusted
My veins are numb and they’ve been busted
So its time to fight for my right
Opened up my wings and spread feathers
And released the knight and took flight
And beat down evil things in dread weather

Dieing inside Crying outside

If i wanted to die
would you even care
if i was about to cry
would you be there
feel nothing but pain on the inside
showing nothing but rain on the outside
is anyone even truely there
or am i just not here
i keep on going wondering why
as i still give it all wanting to die
when i see all those empty words and faces
its like all the birds in different races
the truth can be harsh at times
but our youth always block out the chime
everyone ostracizing me because i bleed
even though everyday i do a good deed
i regret whats happened in the past
i will never forget about that lash
ripping my back with every blow
how could anyone be able to let that go
right there and then i could have been dead
ive had multiple chances and im wondering in my bed
when will i ever be able to love again
this is what i feel day by day
because i shall never go my fathers way
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25 / M / Tulsa Ok
Posted 2/7/08 , edited 2/8/08
id say (constructive) if you start a ryhme scheme be sure to stick to that one throughout the entire poem (first poem). all of the others were immaculate. very nice
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26 / M / in a closet...on...
Posted 2/9/08 , edited 2/9/08
After the Dust Fades

It had to be you, the one in my eyes,
who I could have had in my arms as we ascended into the skies.

But it is only fate, since you and I weren’t the same,
that we couldn’t be together in such bitter shame.

Because you were like a princess, and I was a mere peasant,
the Society jeered and ridiculed us when we were ever so present.

So we decided to see in private, in a corner of the world,
where our passion grew and grew, with emotions ever-so swirled

But then the angry Mob came, with torches blazing with rage,
and took you back to civilization, but locked me in a cage.

And after many years had passed, you had swelling tears from lies
but my love for you will never give, for it will never die.

But as the decades came and went, your guilt made you grow ill
And you were struck by forces of evil; it had to be the Devil’s will.

And as I received the news about your almost-demonic flu
I cried in my lonely prison, and soon grew ill too.

And so I cried while I slowly went mad on the inside.
I said, “What the Hell!? It’s not going to matter! I know I’m going to die!!!”

And as I cursed to the heavens that I was a fool from the start,
“Why did God do this to me!? Why did he rip out my heart!?”

So I fashioned a noose from the threads of life I still had
And hung it from the roof of my cell; now I knew I was mad!

When the noose was around my neck, I barely managed to say:
“When I jump, we will be together… AFTER THE DUST FADES.”
Posted 2/17/08 , edited 2/18/08
takumoto u have to understand the first line which is the starter, ive had feeling of being unwanted all my life so, what the first poem means is that im torn from what people say about me how people think that im scary and try to avoid me think im ugly etc...
Posted 2/17/08 , edited 2/18/08
and thx
Posted 2/17/08 , edited 2/18/08
mtlgunner i have that pic u have in ur default, and not bad i like it how ur in love with someone but thw world doesnt allow it, so u try to see each other where no other can but they find out and it turns out bad, they lock u far away from her to rot from the inside letting the pain swell slowly dieing and making u excell, at the end it turns out that u die but u reunite in the next life
love it 9.5/10
but my fav kind of poems are dark so i like how it ends
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29 / Between an angel'...
Posted 3/3/08 , edited 3/4/08
My Path

Rays of the sun,
which warms my heart.
I ask for thee,
to melt the ice,
that blocks my soul.

I run after the warmth,
for which I long for.
Following the road of light.
Oh blinding light,
why must i chase you?
Why must my heart yearn for you?

Only losing my way for a moment,
your road shatters.
I cannot see thee anymore.
What is left for me?
I've broken the chain,
that had bound me to home.

Am I not allowed back?
Are there no open arms,
waiting for my return?
Is my fate in the freezing ocean,
where darkness lices,
or is it in the flaming depths,
of the dying Earth?

Oh blinding light,
can you not help me?
Can you not save,
this lost and forgotten soul?

Your warmth and hope,
which has the ability
to shatter the darkness.

Can I not chase you anymore?
Oh, I see now,
the ice has already been broken,
My still heart,
has begun to beat again.
Ever since I began chasing you,
my heart came back to life.

Now I have been broken,
from my cage that had kept me still.
I've finally been able to sprout my wings,
and follow a road,
that only I saw.
My path to freedom.
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29 / F / Taipei
Posted 3/11/08 , edited 3/11/08

dolls lie broken on the floor,
discarded beings of a childhood
no longer needed
days shaded sunshine yellow
fade into days spent with luscious fellows
dress up is played
but only in a womans game
rouge and gloss
skillfull fingers, artfull eyes
and contrary smiles
the stakes are raised
cause a controversy, drop a name
all the players are to blame
if you can't survive this
be a good girl, there's nothing you'd miss
play with tea cups, and make a wish
forever enjoy this childlike bliss
dare to enter my realm
like a black cat
ill cross your path
bad luck in my wake
are you willing to put your innocence at stake
take a risk, take the plunge
ive nothing to lose
as i have no-one
playtime never ends
an endless cycle of tricks and lies
find a way into my hearts disguise
love me always, love me ever
never tell me never
in this dolls world i dont want to be forgotten
love me always,with endless
bouquets of forget-me-nots

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