Title/lyrics that don't match in anime
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Posted 2/8/08 , edited 2/8/08
(Sorry if this has been a debate before, I don't really know)

I must say that a special trait of anime is song titles and lyrics that don't match the series and movies. I have heard the singer singing about love even if there isn't any throughout a whole series. Titles can be a mismatch too, like "I want to change the world" (none of them as that as their ambition). Also there are some bizarre lyrics. Truly bizarre. Many times the lyrics don't match the lyrics. Sometimes it's just ranting, or a collection of words to make it fit the rhytm. Sometimes the lyrics don't make sense in themselves, i.e. the sentences doesn't really communicate clearly what is supposed to be said. So I thought it would be worth our time to discuss bad lyrics and song titles or that are simply a mismatch.
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