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~ H ~


.Hack - Yasashi Yoake
.Hack - Obsession TV
.Hack - Fear
.Hack - Before Drawn
.Hack - Sit beside me
.Hack - Magic and Sword
.Hack - A bit of hapiness
.Hack Sign - The world
.Hack Sign - Kiss
.Hack Sign - Foreigners
.Hack/Liminality - Edge
.Hack/Liminality - Senya ichiya
.Hack/Liminality - Sweet memories
.Hack/Liminality - Suspicion
.Hack/Liminality - School days
.Hack/Liminality - Illegal entry
.Hack/Liminality - Liminality[Full version]


Hamtaro - Opening Japones
Hamtaro - Ending Japones
Hamtaro - Harmony's Theme
Hamtaro - Ghost Battle!

Happy Lesson

Happy Lesson - Paradise
Happy Lesson - Paradise [karaoke]
Happy Lesson - Ahita ni mukatte
Happy Lesson - Ashita ni mukatte [karaoke]
Happy Lesson - Tori to hito
Happy Lesson - Ichitoori
Happy Lesson - Hikari hitotsu hikari
Happy Lesson - Hikari hitotsu hikari [karaoke]


Hellsing - Loddos naki world[Opening]
Hellsing - Shine[Ending]
Hellsing - Seikai saishuu reimeiki
Hellsing - Musical play smiling rebellious
Hellsing - Tsumitsukuri na nikui yatsu
Hellsing - Lord amitabha have mercyon me
Hellsing - Shi - kuretto karuma serenade
Hellsing - Act of demon or the work of god
Hellsing - Survival on the street of insincerity
Hellsing - Saraba ponkotsu world
Hellsing - Mayonaka</span></span></pre>


Higurashi - Main Theme - Kai
Higurashi - Heionbuji ~slow ver.~
Higurashi - Ito ~alternative ver.~
Higurashi - Yokan
Higurashi - Hakai
Higurashi - Kawaii Kamisama
Higurashi - Michishirube ~Piano Ver.~
Higurashi - Kaigi
Higurashi - Senkou
Higurashi - Yamainu
Higurashi - Higyaku ~another ver.~
Higurashi - Harikitte Ikou! ~slow ver.~
Higurashi - Main Theme - Kai ~piano ver.~
Higurashi - Wana
Higurashi - Shizuka Naru Kougi
Higurashi - Shitsui
Higurashi - Itsumo Doori
Higurashi - Hakana
Higurashi - Kaimei
Higurashi - Higyaku
Higurashi - Shinsou
Higurashi - Gekitotsu
Higurashi - Monogatari ~piano ver.
Higurashi - Shukubou
Higurashi - Main Theme - Kai ~another ver.~
Higurashi - Naraku no Hana ~Short Ver.~

Hunter X Hunter

Hunter X Hunter - Densetsu
Hunter X Hunter - Ohayou
[tv size]
Hunter X Hunter - Mujakina_chousensha
Hunter X Hunter - Otiteyuku
Hunter X Hunter - Daiti no kodo
Hunter X Hunter - Hope and tears of ireland
Hunter X Hunter - Taiketu he no byoyomi
Hunter X Hunter - Ikenie no odori
Hunter X Hunter - Kaze no uta
Hunter X Hunter - Shuppatu no hi
Hunter X Hunter - Kaze no uta[tv size

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