Are your parents strict and always suspicious of you?
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Posted 7/6/07 , edited 7/6/07
as the title says...

i dunno, but is it just asian parents or what?!
i mean, i'm 18 and they're still so protective of me! is it because i'm also the eldest child and also a girl? (quite sexist though...)
i have a curfew when i go out, they don't like me seeing guys or having guy friends, i'm not allowed to stay out of the house at night (i.e sleeping over a friend's house), i have to ASK them to go out and they need to know all the details (who, where, when etc), they prefer me to stay home rather than go out (everytime i tell them i wanna go out they act all unhappy... esp. the mother)
they just don't understand the NEED to socialise! i mean, if they keep all this strict parenting business up, i think i'm gonna start to lose all my friends!! seriously... (and i'm so bad at opposing them, it never works)

it's really annoying! like, i know they care and everything, but do they STILL need to treat me like a kid!? i mean, i help out at home and stuff, i look after my grandma and my sisters and i don't take drugs or why are they still so protective?!!?

and gaining their trust seems to be so hard. i HONESTLY tell them who i go out with (usually my girl friends) yet they're still suspicious that i might be going with a guy!!!
freakin hell this is frustrating

ok....sorry about all that...

but are your parents like that? or WERE like that? and how did you get them to be more lenient???
Posted 7/6/07 , edited 7/6/07
well, i'm 26 and my parents still try to keep tabs on me. they're not strict however, they just wanna know where i am in case of emergencies.
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Posted 7/6/07 , edited 7/6/07
apple-green, sorry to hear that =(

However, you should post your personal stories on this existing thread:
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