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Posted 2/8/08 , edited 2/8/08
Lara was writing in her notebook, about her latest dream. She records her dreams, or what she remembers of it, and tries to get their meaning. She believes that her dreams might tell her something about her subconscious thoughts and stuffs.

Time to go to school. Lara prepares for school and went o the kitchen for breakfast. Her mum and younger brother Jason were already there. Her older brother Nathan was still asleep, for his classes won’t start till mid-morning. He’s in college already.

She took a bite of everything, took her lunch, kissed her mum goodbye and left for school. She takes her bike to school. It’s fast, saves up money and time, and is already an exercise.

As she was on the way to school, she noticed a roadblock on open manhole ahead of her. She wouldn’t have paid it some attention when she noticed that the manhole was a swirly rainbow color as she passed it.

Curious, she went back to check it and before she stopped saw a bunny hopped towards the manhole and surprisingly jumped into it!

She hit the brakes of her road bike and stared down the manhole with an open mouth. She was mesmerized by the swirly rainbow-color of the manhole, which was kinda weird, for the color was at the surface of the manhole, like as if the manhole was full of it.

Staring at the swirly candy-colored manhole, mesmerized and puzzled at the same time, she felt that it was beckoning her, pulling her.

At last, she gave in to it and jumped into it the swirly rainbow-colored manhole and went down, down, down. And plunk! Darkness.

She was awaken by the sound of her name being called by a sweet, girlish voice. She opened her eyes and stood up. She smelled something musky in the air. And earthy. And sweet.

“Lara, Lara,” a girl called her and she turned towards her. She thought the girl was too big. She felt dazed and confused. She sniffed the air again.

“Lara, why did you fall? Are you okay? I think it’s your own fault for being too greedy in that candy. You’re already very fat. Why don’t you share it with your bothers.”

What is she talking about? Lara scratched her nose and again smelled the sweet air. She found the giant swirly lollipop, but it was already gnawed in the edges and broken into pieces. Two familiar hamsters were starting to gnaw it, too.

“Now Lara, why don’t you go to your wheel and exercise.”

Wheel? Suddenly, Lara realized she was in a cage. With a round metallic wheel. With three hamsters,

Alas! Lara remembered she’s just a hamster.
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Posted 2/9/08 , edited 2/10/08
Hahaha very nice. I was just thinking "oh no, this is another Alice in Wonderland" - but nice twist at the ending! ^^
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