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Crunchyroll Presents: Digimon Adventure Tri

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Posted 5/3/18 , edited 5/3/18

supaikuakuma wrote:

And why could no one from Crunchyroll explain that? And why cant they cut a deal with them and not just leave us in the dark? The UK gets treated so poorly by the anime industry.

I'm not seeing any explanation from CR on why /tokyo-ghoul-re is available to you in the UK but not available to me here in the US, either. It's not good business sense, let alone their duty, to divulge information about private business negotiations. Having that expectation only sets yourself up for frustration.

(The reason with Tokyo Ghoul seems to be Funimation having a years-old North America distribution contract with Tokyo Ghoul's publisher, with unusual terms which prevent them from streaming the franchise on CR, whereas for the UK CR was able to license it independently of Funimation:

And why can't CR cut a deal with Manga Entertainment? CR must believe they'd lose money on such a deal, if they offered terms Manga Entertainment would accept. From Manga Entertainment's POV, they'd be sharing streaming revenues with a middleman company (CR) while in the same stroke reducing their own physical sales. The thought is that if you can stream it on CR, you're less likely to buy a copy. They know you might pirate it instead if you can't stream it, but for a physical distributor, to stream or not to stream looks like a gamble either way.
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