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Posted 2/8/08 , edited 2/9/08
This anime is one of those little known gems. Its pretty short only bieng 6 episodes and extremely sad. This is a wonderful tragic love story.
The story is about a boy Asaba who falls in love with a strange girl he meets at the school pool at night named Iriya. He then comes to find out that she is a special pilot for the military although it doesn't ever specify exactly who shes fighting. He runs away with her when he learns that if she continues to sortie she will die. The end is really sad althought they try to lighten it up at the very end but its hard to note this in only one watching because your still holding back(or trying to stop) tears.
I really loved this anime. I thought it could have had better music for the opening and closing though.
I would def recomend this unless you dont like sad anime.

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Posted 2/29/08 , edited 2/29/08
This was a nice title. Had it downloaded after sampling it. One of the few titles that got me teary at the end.
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