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Kim Heechul spitted blood while working
Kim Heechul admited that he spitted blood twice while he was recording SuJu¡’s second album. All of his peers was worried about him. His health is not in danger, after he comfirmed with his doctor. He was too busy with his schedule and he was having too much pressure, which made him looses his physical strength. Heechul said he was very surprised but also happy, because this showed how hard he worked.

Credit : Jennifer

The Reason Why ShinDong Is Single?
While I was reading THIS article on how ShinDong from suju has came out calling himself very SHY in front of a girl he likes, I started wondering maybe I found out the reason why this guy never had any GF rumors! I thought maybe the reason beside his sense of fashion or the fact that he might be “a little” over weight and no girl in her right mind might want to spend 3/4th of her dates spend eating/talking about food is because the guy is introverted!

If you think about it … that’s actually pretty surprising for an artist his age in SM, given the presence of all those mighty numerous SM’s flat chested-hormonal imbalanced-female trainees popping out of each corner of SM office and taking care of the matter for you! Even Lee Soo Man himself is not safe of the event … LSM has a history of having Sexual relationship rumors with his artists and trainees

At the same time, I started to think that how come some other artists/artists-to-be are thanking Gods and Heavens, and busy taking full advantage of those mating poll made available by LSM himself… but here…we have our poor ShinDong, that to this hour (correct me if I’m wrong) never had any rumored relationship or been seen “photoshopped”, for example.. say.. on a “FAKE” self-camera locking lips french kissing with someone special, or MAYBE some hints on his Cyworld mini-hompie about having a big crush on older female celebs!

I was looking for a picture of him to stick on this post ..
and came across this….O.O!

Yeah surprise be NOT!
Even ShingDong seems to knows how to over come his shyness when he needs to! …
Now that women better not turned out to be his SISTER! *rolling eyes*

Source for the pictures: Daum
Credit for : ShenYue!
Specials thanks to [email protected] forum
Editor: [email protected] forum
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Elves Protested AGAIN!
Eleves protested again on December 22nd in front of SM Entertainment!

EDITED BY SHENYUE: As some of the comments pointed out the bellow piece has no validity whatsoever! It was taken off the [NR] = (Not Real) articles from Bestiz!
Here is the Original text!

Not so long ago, another news came out that there is no longer Junior-China, It’s SUPER JUNIOR - CHANGE! The members in Super Junior - change consists of Kyuhyun, Yesung, Eeteuk, and Donghae! Kyuhyun will be the leader of Super Junior-change. Suju-change will be attending different kinds of radio broadcasts and wedding ceremonies.
Donghae also said: ” We are changing our images everytime, we wanted to show you guys the different part of us!” So no more Suju China? It’s now SUPER JUNIOR-CHANGE!!??!

Meanwhile we learned that SM is Testing Suju’s Popularity in Taiwan. A high positioned manager will be going to Taiwan along with the boys on January 5th! They will be testing Suju’s popularity level in Taiwan. If it don’t meet the expectation, all Suju promotion will be held in China instead. and Suju will not visit Taiwan for any promoting event!

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Credit for : Jennifer
Editor: ShenYue!
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Suju Factuals!
HEECHUL: One fan gave Heechul a cat, so when Kibum saw it, he named it HEEBUM. When Han Hyuk heard it, he ask how come his name wasn’t included? So they added his surname, it became HAN HEEBUM. In the end, member of TRAX wanted his name inside too, so they added a J inside. It finally became HAN J HEEBUM. They said that its name sounds like a JAPANESE CAT:)

KIBUM:He always say that being a singer is God’s will.This is because when Kibum was living in America, he went to church every week. And on one of the week after service, he and his group of friends went to eat spicy rice cake.Unfortunately, he lost his way on the way there. And thats when he met one of the SM agent that asked him to join.

KANGIN: Kangin had a unforgetable experience once in school. One Summer, he sat in front of the fans. He start opening his mouth and making the ARH sound…so he said he finds it interesting and funny. So he started playing. Suddenly,a fly flew in his mouth. He said it was so accurate that it was stuck in his throat. He had a hard time spitting it out. He never dares to try this again.

Kyuhyun: Because of the limited space they have in the hotel, and he was the last to join Super Junior, he didn’t have a bed. I think he slept on the floor (like those you see in drama). So once they went to KTR, he told the fans and within two hours, the fans sent in messages saying that they want to buy him a bed so he can sleep comfortable. This shocked the manager. So they went to buy a bed the next day. Feeling proud of having a bed finally, he took pics of the bed and posted on the net!

Ryeowook: There was once when Ryeowook and Sungmin went to Kangin’s radio show. Everyone was chatting happily except for him. Sungmin felt it immediately and asked him “WHY ARE U SO QUIET? HAVE U DONE SOMETHING WRONG?” He replied sadly that he thought today’s live was open to viewers so he styled his hair, dressed and wore makeup but unfortunately they are not going to open to allow viewers to see. When everyone heard it, they laughed so hard until they almost cried.

Eeteuk: Before debut he was very close to Xiah Jun Su and Eunhyuk. So one day after training, Eeteuk being the oldest, decided to treat both of them with buns. However he only had money for two, so he thought maybe the three of them can share two buns. So when the train was here, Eunhyuk and Junsu said bye to hyung, took the buns, and board the train. Leaving him staring back at them blankly. He thought that he could share but they left instead.

Donghae: He said that he hates celebrating birthday. Because last year, Super Junior went somewhere to perform. He was looking forward to 12 o’clock to come when all his members would give him presents but they were all busy doing their own things, making him so sad, so everytime they talk about birthdays on air he always complain.

Eunhyuk: Once when Kangin was sick, the next day he still needed to go on show. He was so worried about Kangin and wanted to tell him, “HYUNG, IT IS HARD ON YOU FIGHTING”. So decided to sit down and talk to him before saying that sentence but after talking for thirty minutes, he was too shy to say, so he kept it in his heart.

Sungmin: He loves pink like mad. Whenever he buys something he will not see the design as long as it’s PINK he will buy. So Sungmin changed his phone cover to pink. Once Sungmin decided to have a change of style and not wear pink, but when he opened his cupboard he realized that most of his clothes were pink, he gave up in the end about changing his style.

Yesung: Everyone thought he was the most quiet member of the group but it is totally different behind the camera. All the members calls him “naggy Yesung”. There was once an interview when Yesung talked for two hours, in the end 90% was cut off. Yesung was angry but find it funny too and he said, “IS IT SO LONG UNTIL THEY CUT MOST OF IT?”

Shindong: Before debut, he worked many different kind of jobs. One Winter, he wanted a cell phone so bad. But his parents wouldn’t buy for him because it was expensive that time. So he worked at a construction site. Every time his work ends, his hands will shake a lot (carry too much heavy stuff). Finally, he bought his handphone!

Hankyung: He is always praised about his cooking skills. He was in a hotel cooking once and he only found onion, eggs, and rice. So he used those to cook. All the members praised him and asked him what is the name of this dish due to his poor Korean at that time. He wanted to say EGG FRIED RICE but instead he said BEIJING FRIED RICE. So that is how the FAMOUS BEIJING FRIED RICE came about.

Siwon: He grew up in a strict family and he is afraid of his father. During a holiday while he was still in high school he went to a gas station to work without letting his parents know. On the fourth day of work, he said normally to every customer “PLEASE DRAW YOUR WINDOW DOWN,” in the car whom he was serving was his father. He quit his job the next day!

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Source: [email protected]
Translator: [email protected]
Credit for ShenYue!
Editor: [email protected]
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E.L.F Protested Again!!
E.L.F’s protest is no where near over. They started it again yesterday!!
600 elves this time, gathered in front of SM Entertainment’s building to protest the idea of Super Junior - China. They are not only targeting Henry now, but the whole SJ-China. Nearly 100 police was near the site for security reasons. Also on a TV show, SJ members admitted that Henry is their new member.

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Source: & SJ blue house
Credit for Jennifer
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Poll Results # 11 : Henry As Suju Member

Super Junior Fans Protest Against Addition of New Member

After Super Junior’s agent company SM Entertainment announced a plan for adding a new member (Henry) to Super Junior, fans immediately objected and formed a silent protest. At 4:00 PM on Wednesday afternoon (October 24th), over 270 high school and college students swarmed towards SM Entertainment’s building and formed a “Against Adding a New Member to Super Junior Joint Committee.”

Wearing surgical masks, holding signs that plastered “13″ all over the board, sitting in straight lines, they silently protested against the action. Some raised signs and said, “SJ ONLY 13″ and “SM what do you want?” and other similar words.

Nearby there was a huge sign hanging from a tree, with the words, “We are not naive children causing trouble. We are guarding the treasured courage. My name is FAN.” It took well over $1000 won to create the sign.

When SM created Super Junior, they publicized the group with the tagline, “The gate towards stardom in Asia” and stated that this group is a project group with an uncertain amount of members. Currently Super Junior has 13 members, but this was not what the fans want.

According to one of the protesters, although Super Junior was originally a project group, after the release of single “U” last year in June, SM announced through the media that Super Junior will stay as a permanent group. Therefore having plans to add the Chinese Henry and debuting Super Junior-China is lying to the fans.

Another student said, “We do not want Henry or anyone else to be added in Super Junior. We want Super Junior to be a safe 13-membered group. We support Super Junior to target overseas markets, but not with Henry. Henry was not originally a Super Junior member. We will protect Super Junior’s name.” She also added, “We’ve started the protest on the 21st and at that time we had over 400 people. We’ve also sent many messages to SM about the situation, but they did not reply. We will continue to protest until SM gives us an official answer.”

For this, SM said, “We never stated that Super Junior was a permanent group. The fans had it misunderstood. Super Junior was formed as a gate to stardom in Asia, therefore our Chinese trainees like Han Kyung were added.”

They also added, “With the formation of Super Junior-China and doing activities overseas, more people will recognize Super Junior and it will help the group create a greater popularity. We hope fans will continue to support Super Junior.”

On another side, some 50 people supported Super Junior to have an extra member, and held signs with words, “We support Henry’s addition,” to create more controversy.

Future activities of Super Junior and fans’ interaction will be closely followed by the media.

Source: DAUM
Credit: SJBLUECN, Asianfanatics
Translations by miss scarlett @

We found one of the members of E.L.F on Z-degree and she spoke out … <<<<<< THIS IS NOT US TALKING <<<<<< IT's A MEMEBER OF E.L.F!!!!!>>>>>>>>>
slineteuk: I’m a very devoted fan of Super Junior and only Super Junior.
I’m a member of their official fan club and i really think fans over here don’t know anything about them.
they all think fans in korea are crazy and so mean to henry…
um.. i don’t think so

SM entertainment is trying to put in Henry, a Chinese trainee that featured in Suju’s song, “Don’t Don”
as superjunior’s 14th member…

WE HAVE NOTHING AGAINST HENRY… we just think he’s a puppet for SM to play with…
He’s very talented and has a lot of opportunities since he’s only 19
so is there a reason that he NEEDS to be put in superjunior?
we’re willing to support him if he goes solo…
but we’ll be his worst anti-fans the moment he joins superjunior
and we only love 13 members
plus.. the 14th place belongs to us, E.L.F.

some people are saying “it’s the same thing as when kyuhyun came in.. stop being so serious”
E.L.F. was created AFTER kyuhyun oppa came in
and superjunior was a project group then, meaning that members could be changed
and the group could be separated any time SM wants it
but they’ve declared SuperJunior as an official group now
and they’re breaking a promise with us

and people who say those stuff… you’re not even suju’s fan then..
E.L.F. went through all the tough times with 13 members
we celebrated their anniversaries with 13 members
we voted till dawn on mnet so 13 members could be happy when winning 1st place
we cried with 13 members when they won MKMF award
with the 14th member… we’re not so sure if we’d like to do those things
for “super junior”
maybe for the 13 members
but not for “super junior”



all he cares about is money…
he doesn’t know how many fans have cried their day away because of him…

we really love them and don’t call us crazy just because you don’t understand.

now about yelling 13 during perfs…
a lot of people think it’s rude to henry
and think we’re hurting his feelings….
so what?
maybe i’m being a little bit mean here
but to protect superjunior from separating so soon
we’re going to do anything that takes us…
i mean.. do you know how much we love them?
do you know that they’re the reason we live and eat?
we’re happy about the fact that we breathe under the same sky as them
and you’re calling us mean because we’re trying to protect them?
as i said above

we’re people who can only count till 13
we have no reason to live without them
14th member means end to super junior….

this isn’t just a rumour….

lee soo man’s serious about this “brandname” plan…

so please… please…think before you post a hateful comment towards E.L.F.
Found by Jennifer made by Chinese fan in chinese web-site
translated by Jennifer
Reason Henry can’t join Super Junior
1. He wasn’t a trainee with SJ, he didn’t know what the life was like.
2. He knows nothing about SJ’s growth of fame.
3. He doesn’t know how much SJ love each other.
4. He doesn’t know what was like when SJ got their first award, he wasn’t crying with SJ.
5. He doesn’t know Anna and Eva.
6. He doesn’t know that E.L.F never raised a blue balloon for him, and blue balloon doesn’t belongs to him.
7. He doesn’t know how sad Donghae was when his father past away, and how Heechul almost die in an car accident on the way back.
8. He doesn’t know what Christmas was like, and how happy SJ was even it’s cold outside.
9. He doesn’t know how hopeless and sad SJ was when the car accident happened, he wasn’t there crying with SJ and E.L.F.
10. He doesn’t know how long E.L.F had waited for SJ’s 2nd album.
11. He doesn’t know how happy E.L.F was, on SJ’s anniversary party.
12. He will never understand, how SJ was under pressure when they’re trainees.
13. He doesn’t know how Hankyung’s fried rice taste.
14. He doesn’t know Heechul’s English level.
15. He doesn’t know how dorky Eunhyuk is.
16. He doesn’t know Siwon likes to hug around SJ behind the scenes.
17. He doesn’t know Kangin was really fat in the past.
18. He doesn’t know Lee Teuk loves to cry.
19. He doesn’t know Yesung hated people calling him big head.
20. He doesn’t know how Sungmin likes to act cute.
21. He doesn’t know Kibum don’t like to smile, but he’s so cute when he smiles.
22. He doesn’t know Shingdon loves meat.
23. He doesn’t know that Ryeowook is very shy.
24. He doesn’t know what the world will be like to E.L.F if he really joins SJ.
25. He doesn’t know when Kyuhyun wore SJ’s socks and said: I only wear the one I love.
26. He doesn’t know how sad Ryeowook was when DABO died, and how much he loved DABO.
27. He doesn’t know how much Donghae loves BADA.
28. He doesn’t know what SJ went through
29. He doesn’t know that SJ’s stage is already full.
30. He wasn’t with SJ, during the Christmas party.
31. He doesn’t know that Ryeowook was the one cleaning the mess up after dinner.
32. He wasn’t there when Anti attacked SJ.
33. He doesn’t know how precious SJ’s relationship is.
34. He doesn’t know how tired E.L.F was when supporting SJ, and how tired SJ was.
35. He doesn’t know how sweet Kanteuk is, how perfect Kanchul is, how happy Hyukhae is, how peaceful Yewook is, how beautiful Wonbum is.
36. He doesn’t know when the car accident happened, injured Lee teuk was still calling Kyuhyun’s name.
37. He doesn’t know how mess up Yesung’s voice was like when the car accident happened.
38. He doesn’t know how Eunhyuk was crying for Kyuhyun after he heard his situation.
39. He doesn’t know how SJ and E.L.F spend their journey together. How pressured SJ was when performing for E.L.F, and how E.L.F gave full effort when supporting SJ.

Lee Teuk Thought About Committing Suicide
SuJu’s leader Lee Teuk confessed that he thought about suicide when he broke up with his girlfriend~ His girlfriend cheated on him!

He kinda amazed me with this~ I mean, he don’t look like a boy who would do such a stupid thing just for a girl~

Guys, Girls won’t appreciate you more just because you suicide for them~ Especially it’s a relationship that has already fade away~ Even if you successfully suicide for her, that doesn’t mean that she’ll feel guilty for the rest of her life, especially there is no love left in the first place~ Suicide is SO NOT a good way to prove your love!!!


Full Credit When Posted Elsewhere :
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Credits as appear on the original post ( as my current PC can’t read Chinese character)~Louise
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Wait .. the higher up the newer right? because first it said that they admitted Henry was their 14th member then it said that it was actually called Super Junior-Change which is it?
thanks for the post the thing where it had little stories was adorable XD
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Super Junior’s comedic show, SuJu Explores the Human Body, has been put to an end. SBS and EHB claims that because of the ever-busy boy bands' schedule, both parties have decided to leave the show. Super Junior will now have more of the much needed time to prepare for their upcoming tour.

In order to replace EHB’s time slot, they have decided to fill it in with Lee Hyori’s pilot of “Change”.

credit: ALLKPOP.

this make me sad!!! T_T.
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