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OOOOh it's getting good~! i wish you would have highlighted your chemistry reference.... cause then we could have included it in the contest! ~Duster

A Dream Part I - Chronicles of Slayer
Everything changed since I met him that night. Although things changed in an unexpected way after that incident, I never regret once.
"Aww! I can’t believe I got stuck in school until so late. And I gotta get a scolding from Eva-San later..".
It was 9p.m. and I am taking my own sweet time strolling back home even though every second delayed would mean a longer furious lecture from my flat-mate, Eva.
"That damn lecturer!" I cursed loudly while kicking a stone away from my path.
"Why couldn't he let me do the assignment at home? I promised I will do it and I will. Or my words are not trustworthy at all?"
I looked up at the dark night sky. The night sky looks like a gigantic blanket, enveloping the world in darkness. At one corner, the full moon shone brightly, showering its white glow onto the surroundings and ensuring itself not to be swallowed by the darkness.
"Geez.. a full moon night?" I muttered.
I heard rumors that certain demons do appear on a full moon night. However, I am not into believing the supernatural, although my job is a Slayer.
A Slayer duties is to protect human mankind from demonic attacks, and also maintaining the balance of these two races. If any demons tried to invade human territories, a Slayer would be dispatch to exterminate the problem. If any human tried to assist in demonic activity, a Slayer would see to prevent it from being done.
If you ask me, I never wanted to be a Slayer in the first place. If I never met Eva-San, I would be a normal girl living a normal life. But living in this world, its hard to make things go in your way. And in desperate situations, we had to make the right choices. Somehow, we choose what we want to be, and live with it.
Something laid on the path some distance away.
"Holy Telletubbies!", I muttered". Please don't be a rapist."
Moving steadily towards the object with the aid of moonlight, a small dog came into view lying motionless on the rough rocky path.
"A dog?", I frowned. "Looks more like a wolf though. Sigh! what to do?"
I pondered awhile before carrying the creature into my arms and walked back home.
"Do you know what time it is now?!", Eva screeched in a annoying tone.
"Totally unacceptable. I thought its your shift today to prepare dinner!"
"Yea.. dinner is all you wanted. Why couldn't you cook yourself? Miss Lazy Bum.", I reply in a sarcastic tone.
"Because its your duty today, and don't Miss Lazy Bum me. Look who is the one being lazy, and picking up some trash from the streets. Do you think we are SPCA or a pet house?", Eva snorted.
"Don't eat so much, Eva-Chan. You're getting fatter day by day. Alright alright, spare me from that scary look. I will cook instant noodle for Miss Lazy Bum and before that, tend to that pup I brought home today." Brushing Eva aside, I went to my room to grab a tower for a shower.
I close the door and heard Eva calling from the dining room.
"What's up?" I replied, sounding slightly annoyed.
"Come out for awhile.." came Eva's call again.
"Later! I am bathing now." I shouted.
A few moments Eva is slapping against the bathroom door.
"What?!" I responded in a more irritated tone.
"U gotta see this.." came the reply.
"GRR! Always picking on my nerves.." I grumbled under my breath.
Covering myself with a tower I waddled out of the bathroom and saw Eva's serious look.
"What happen?" I asked.
"That pup.. it wasn't anything ordinary." came the reply.
"Huh? I don't understand." I said.
"That pup..", Eva repeated. "It had the demonic mark at the back of its head."
Eva's sentence left me dumbfounded for a moment.
"Aika.." Eva was looking at me sternly now. "Its a werewolf."
One hour passed after the shocking comment made by Eva. We are sitting beside the 'pup', analyzing and observing it closely.
It is a grey wolf which reminded me of the German Shepherd: sharp pointed ears, slanted eyes with yellow pupils that radiate at night, equipped with and fangs and sharp pointed teeth that are designed for carnivorous diet.
I ruffled against the soft grey fur softly with my hand, and look at Eva for several moments before looking back at the young wolf. Its young indeed, the size about the height of a nine year old kid but what made it different from others is just that demonic mark located on its forehead.
Every demon had an unique marking consist of a set of characters or symbols, or both which represented the type of species and level of power. Each race got their own specific markings, followed by numeric symbols in ancient Latin which determine their level of spirituality or demonic powers.
"Aika, what should we do with it?" Eva finally broke the silence with the question in my mind for the past one hour.
"I don't know"
"You know we can't keep it, and you should know why."
I understood what Eva meant. Its impossible for Slayers and Demons to co-exist with each other, for Demons have the tendency to lose its sanity, and the Slayers job is to get rid of the Demon in order to prevent more causalities.
"But..", I stammered. "I cant kill it..".
"Shall I do it for you?". came Eva's reply.
I startled at Eva's answer. "NO!", I cried out. "No way I will let you kill it."
"Aika-Chan", Eva tone soften a little, "Please be understanding. You don't know when it would transform. And its a full moon night now."
I looked at Eva's eyes and knew she is speaking the truth, and peered at the bright full moon outside the window.
"Please?", I pleaded while staring at the demonic symbol on the wolf's forehead. It looked like a fang; a triangle with a curve at the end; with a 4 in Latin in the middle of it.
"It wouldn't turn out to be any of the demons we killed so far."
Eva stared at me for some time, stood with a sigh, and said, "The most we could do now is to suppress the transformation. I shall check for the medications, you take care of it a moment".
I continued to brush against the soft fur on its forehead which bear the mark while staring mindlessly outside the window. The cool night breeze flowed through the gaps of the window, giving a sense of tranquility atmosphere.
"Hey..", a voice emanated abruptly from my knees. I looked down startled and met the glare of a pair of yellow-glowing eyes.
"Get your hand off me, girl.." the wolf growled.
"Sorry", I flustered, "I don't mean to touch you for so long."
"Eh? What do think I am?" the wolf barked. "Am I to be treated and patted like those low scum dogs?".
The wolf glare at me for a moment, sniffed a little and growl, "You smell like a human, and had the scent of those low-life Slayers. Get your hand off me, girl! Treat me like a pet dog I will tear you into shreds!"
I stood up and backed away from the wolf slowly, while it remained lying motionless at the spot.
"Heh!" The wolf snorted. "A Slayer back away from a mere threatening! I wonder how your kind could even kill my people with that personality." It continue to stare at me intently, which sent shiver down my spine.
"Heh!" the wolf snorted again, baring its fangs this time. "If you are so afraid, why should you save me earlier?"
My eyes widened and said, "You.. You are awake all along!".
"Of course I am, puny girl.", it snarled. "Wolves are sensitive creatures, and I bet you know what I truly am after your damn partner told you, isn't it?" I nodded softly.
"I am not obliged to be save by a low-blood creature like you." It replied finally and stood up slowly on its legs, gave me a last glare before leaping out of the window.
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Dream Part II- Chronicles of a Slayer
"Hm.. Wolf bane should do the trick. But it is too potent for a werewolf. Suspended transformation should include.." Eva's voice floated out of her room.
"Ah Ha! Found it!" Eva walk out of her room and saw me staring at the window. "Aika-Chan. What happen?" Eva came before me and shrieked, "Where is that pup?"
I mumbled, "It just leap out of the window."
"What?" Eva exclaimed. "Leap out? And how long is "just"? That pup demonic status is unstable, and could transform anytime. Plus its a full moon out there."

Eva hit me on the head, followed by clasping my face with her hands and pulled me close to her, said, "Aika. Wake up. It is time to settle your own problem, since you pick it up on the streets thus its your responsibility."
"But.. I can't do it." I stammered.
"Don't worry, my dear Aika-Chan." Eva replied and hold out an ivory seal in front of my face. "The Suppression Seal. Grandpa gave it to me ages ago and I don't know it will come to use." Eva continued, "Get prepared. We got work to do."

Moments later, Eva and I are striding from trees to trees, tracking the scent and marks left by the wolf. "The scent is fading." I said.
"Just pray that we would manage in the nick of time." Eva replied.

A howl filled the air, followed by an eerie silence. Both of us looked at each other, gave a little nod, and leap towards the source of the howl.
"It is near. I can sense it." Eva said softly.

Before I could concentrate on sensing the target, a gruff voice growled from above us, "Ladies. Looking for me?"
Eva and I looked up, and saw a creature lying on a thick branch. Its fur stood on ends like spikes, its two limbs hanging limply with long sharp claws protruding at the end of each fingers which reminded me of Wolverine, one of the X men characters. Its yellow eyes seem brighter than before, glaring at us intently.

"Aika." It spoke softly, "It is nice to see you again."
Eva sneered, "Why wouldn't you greet me? Pup."
"Oh!" It chuckled in reply. "Yes, how could I forget Eva too? I am excited to tear you into bloody shreds, since you stink of those sickening Slayers the most."
"Hey.. can I ask u something?" I said. The wolf frowned slightly in reply.
"Why do you let me save you if you are conscious all along? You could kill me easily when I carried you too."
"The truth is, I can't kill. I do not have the strength to kill you that time, in other words, my life is in your hands." The wolf said in a low voice, "I thought.. you are different. But.. what a disappointment.."

"No talking for now." Eva broke in. "As a Slayer, it is within my duties to destroy any demons which are able enough to pose a threat to mankind. Werewolf, if you would surrender to us, I can promised that I will not harm your life but on the condition that your powers must be sealed."

The wolf sneered, and let out a hollow laugh. "Ha! Do you think I am so silly? Revert back to original, you say? Why would I want to be a powerless being while I already obtain huge powers?"

I stared at the large figure above me; yellowish eyes glint with evil glare, the constant low growl release from the tight jaws fill with rows of fanged tooth, the slow flexing of the sharp claws that threaten to rip flesh from bones; I stood there, in a moment of horrid disgust and fear.

"Eva.. I.." My voice shuddered, "I.. shall.. follow your instructions.."
Eva raised one of her eyebrows slightly, and said, "No regrets?"
I paused, before giving a nod and replied, "No regrets."
Eva looked at me for a moment, and smile. She came towards me and whispered in my ear, "I shall try not to injure it, unless necessary." I returned a grateful smile.

She draw her sword straight before herself, tapping the tip of the blade to her forehead, and muttered, "For the pride of Slayer, Swift Death to Evil." I follow suit and after saying the pre-battle chant which is necessary for all Slayers, Eva shouted, "GO!". She took a great leap and swing the sword swiftly downwards to the wolf's head.

The wolf gave a loud roar and raise it paws in defense. I pointed the my sword at the wolf, a bright circle of light concentrated on the tip before exploding a powerful beam and hit the branch the wolf resting on. The branch broke into pieces and the wolf fall to the ground.

Eva yelled, "Lure to a more open area. The trees are too clustered for combat."

We leap and stride from trees to trees, moving towards an open field in the South-West direction. We heard the heavy thud followed by the crunching sound of fallen sticks behind us shortly, and knew the wolf was hot on our heels.

Although we are moving at our top speed, the heavy thumping sound grew louder and nearer. Eva and I exchanged an astonished glance. We knew our opponent was more powerful than most demons we encountered.

We came out from the dense canopy and found a wide road with an overhead bridge, surrounded with more forest. A few houses rested some distance away from the bridge, but the field was nowhere in sight, . I frowned and gave Eva a questioning look. She took out her compass and cried, "Argh! It malfunctioned!" I gave her a blank look, and fish out five pieces of paper from my pouch, gave three to Eva before tying my hands in a seal.

The wolf sprang out from the trees like an indestructible monstrous beast, releasing a loud battle cry. I throw my two pieces of paper on the ground and shouted, "Five Trigram Seal!"
Eva threw her pieces of paper above and muttered a spell, the pieces of paper began gave a deep blue glow, casting light in all directions.

In a moment, the wolf was suspended in midair motionlessly while covering in blue light in the shape of pentagon. A strong breeze blew, accompanied by the rustle of leaves. Two girls and a beast remained motionless, as though time had stop at this exact moment and refuse to flow.
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Dream Part III-Chronicles of a Slayer
Silence. Tension was filling the atmosphere steadily, and reach an extent that even taking in a single breath require huge effort. The breeze continue to blow, disrupting the peace of surrounding greenery.

For what seem moments but felt as though lasted ages, Eva finally break the silence with a cough. I turn my head at her direction, and let out a sigh of relief. I strain to speak, my voice shuddered, "Eva.."
Eva frowned slightly at my question. "Is it over?" I asked. Eva gesture with a nod and said, "For the time being."

Eva walk towards the werewolf steadily, checking for signs of any resistant. The wolf hover midair and bathe in the shimmering blue light. Its head droop at a low angle, revealing its protruding sharp ears, while spreading both arms in a wide motion as though about to give a warm hug. Eva stop about a feet away from the wolf, took out the ivory seal and began level it down onto the wolf's head.

Suddenly, the ground began to shake. It started as a soft rumbling and evolved to furious vibrations at a fast rate. It felt as though the ground are on the verge of splitting apart, causing the lights of nearby lamppost flickering. Eva take a step backwards, shocked by the sudden phenomenon. Enormous surges of demonic energy can be felt from the werewolf, followed by a loud crackling sound. Cracks began to form on the pentagon barrier, its shimmering light changed to a deep blue as the spell was trying to contain the demonic energy.

"Do it now, Eva!" I shouted. Eva gulped, take in a breath before stepping forward while raising the seal and swing it down in a fast motion.

BOOM! The air was filled with sharp white light, followed by an explosion. I open my eyes slowly, straining for a clearer view through the thick clouds of brownish dust and sediments.
Eva laid across the road motionless. Her head tilted to one side, a large part of her coat was damaged from the blast and her hand still tightly holding on to the Suppression Seal.

I rushed to Eva's side, tears welled up in my eyes and I cried, "No! No!" Eva groaned slightly and gave a couple of feeble cough. I took out a flask of vial and poured into her mouth.
"Drink it up.." I said, while pouring the solution into her mouth. After I felt Eva's pulse, I smiled. She is out of danger, but in no condition to fight.

A deep growl emanated behind me. I turn around and saw the werewolf advancing slowly in my direction; its eyes full of murderous intent and malice, filling me with fear with its evil glare. I shivered and began to back away, but somehow my legs refuse to budge even an inch. I looked down at my legs and back at the wolf, feeling utterly helpless. My mind was screaming loudly to retreat, but my legs stubbornly protested against the order. Tears trickle down my face, I knew death was going to befall on me.

Eva let out another groan. Another voice began to echo within me, "You cant let her die! You cant let her die! I began to stand up on my feet, I could feel the surge of adrenaline in my body. Strength and power was coming back to me, I gave Eva one last look before confronting the incoming battle.

I raised my hand forward, facing my palm towards the enemy and yelled, "HADOU NO SAN JYU SAN, SOUKATSU!" (Kidou Magic No 33, Blue Fire Crash) A blast of blue energy released from my palm and shoot towards the wolf. I continued the spell, releasing continuous blast of blue energy. The spell hit the wolf in fierce power, forcing it a few steps backward.

"Soukatsu.. Soukatsu.. Soukatsu.. Soukatsu" I repeated the spell over and over again, confident that I could win the battle. The tables had turn, the odds are in my favor. I am the victor, the prey no more. The werewolf roared in fury, blocking my incoming spells with its fist in a berserk mode, but could only remain in defense under my continuous bombardment.

"Don't think you can stop me with this!" The wolf roared. "I am Ke'Dath, the fourth strongest commander in Demon Wolf Clan! How dare you, insolent brat!"
The wolf let out another roar, its claws began to glow bright red. "Beware, the true power of Demon Wolf Clan!" Upon saying this, its claws cut through my wave of Blue Fire Crashes, and leap towards me in fast speed. I took in a deep breath and increase the power per shot, but was cut away like soft cheese under each swing of his claws.

I clasped my hands together and concentrate to input energy before me. A circular orb of bluish energy appeared and grew to the size of gigantic sphere. "Go!"
The gigantic sphere collided with the werewolf under my command. Another explosion, dust filled the air once again. I fell into my knees and looked at the brownish cloud before me. I prayed fervently that my last resort would finish the wolf, for good.

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ahh.. why did you stop there? it was getting intense.. do post more ^^
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