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Sasuke screams out and Itachi reiterates that nothing can stand against his Mangekyou. Zetsu watches on and Sasuke looks at the blood in his hand from his wound. Itachi moves to take the other eye and Sasuke activates his level two seal, knocking Itachi back with his wing. Itachi puts Sasuke's eye in a container and states it was all due to the difference in their power and their eyes. Suddenly another Itachi grabs Sasuke from the back and the original Itachi reaches to remove Sasuke's other eye. Sasuke completes his level two transformation as Itachi reaches for the eye. Suddenly reality becomes a negative image and breaks down, leaving a normal Sasuke looking on with both of his eyes. He collapses to the floor and Zetsu debates what happened, deciding that Itachi won through Tsukuyomi. He then offers that Sasuke should now be immobilized. Suddenly Itachi falls to the floor grasping his eye, acknowledging that Sasuke broke his Tsukuyomi. Zetsu is confused and decides the technique was never used, as Sasuke broke it. He goes on to consider that there is no way Sharingan could stand up to Mangekyou. He counters by offering that Sharingan is just a weapon whose strength is dependant upon the one who wields it. Even a shuriken user could lose to a highly skilled person throwing a rock. It all comes down to ability, and Sasuke's has grown beyond what Itachi imagined. Sasuke stands and confidently states again, that no matter how much Itachi uses his eyes, his hatred will turn his dreams into reality. Itachi retorts that the same applies to him; the illusion of him removing Sasuke's eyes will come to pass as well. Zetsu sees that Itachi is serious now, and hopes that they can finally see Amaterasu. Down below Itachi forms a hand seal and closes one eye...

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