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In kirby's anime "Kirby right back at ya!'' he gains new friends in the
anime kirby is flying to cappy town from space but suddenly falls
asleep and crashes down to cappy town tiff and her brother tuff
invistigates the scene....this is where he meets his 1st two friends.

TIFF> Tiff is a young girl of unknown alien spieces also the
daughter of ladylike,sir ebrum,the sister of tuff and
kirby's supportive friend.Tiff is best known for her bright
ness and short temper,she likes to read learn n teach
she gathers large amonts of sea shells n her fav. sub.
is marine biology,despite her intelligence shesusually
very naive andidealisticshowingheryouth..she'salso
the only one who can summon kirby's star.

TUFF> Tiff's brother who is the complete opposite he's
mischievious n rambuntious and not too smart but they do get along he's good at heart but enjoys pulling
pranks, tuff lives 4 fun and barely takes anything serious.

METAKNIGHT>At the start little is known about metaknight
but like kirby he too is a legendary star
warrior.Metaknight is a strange and loner
type character, but as the story progresses
he is a laid back.. nice sort of guy,he
prefers solitude or company of small # of

monster working for nightmare enterprise
fola orlola but split n two by monster
splice n dice...they work as busy body
guards for sir ebrum and ladylike,they
are friends of kirby,tiff n tuff.

Well those are the characters...the hereos
any way.. :sweatingbullets:sry 2 lazy to do
the villians...but i'll post the villians sunday
or next weekend
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u know the anime has way more charecters than in the real 1
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hoshi no kaabii is the best anime evr ^_^ well, maybe the cutest one than best...

its so funny, and cute, and adorable!! =3

SERIOUSLY, who can not like this lard of pink cute fatness!?!?! =3 kawaii!!! かわいい!!!

kirby kirby kirby is the name you should know,
kirby kirby kirby is the star of the show,
hes more than you think
hes got maximum pink
kirby kirby kirby's the one ^_^
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