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Posted 12/21/15 , edited 12/26/15

Written by: Eclipsed_Oblivion

What makes The Perfect Insider such a fascinating series is how the mystery concerns more than just the serial murders; it extends to the human mind. Human thought, motivation, and the psyche itself are subject to exploration, creating many layers of mystery. As a result, the characters are both more complex and realistic. The protagonist, for example, is a university student who actually acts her age — intelligent and with intricate thoughts, but still a little immature. This is refreshing, for it contrasts with the hordes of high school protagonists that harbor a wisdom far beyond their years. All of this is framed by the anime’s understated approach to its art and story, in which the color palette is muted, and plot elements are expressed in a simple, but effective way.

What slightly mars The Perfect Insider is that, while we learn much about the characters, it is at the expense of the plot’s pacing; it moves extremely slowly. This is only exacerbated by the fact that The Perfect Insider’s color palette is so understated that it verges on being bland at times. Even so, the series’s strong storytelling diminishes the effects of these weaknesses, as important plot points leave much of an impact. For a logical, suspenseful murder drama, The Perfect Insider makes for the perfect anime.

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