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Posted 12/23/15 , edited 9/28/16
Written by: Dai_Loli

In the year 2xxx, humans are bombarded with so much information they have a hard time finding what they really need. To remedy this, HackaDolls are created. They are artificial beings (that look exactly like humans) that sync to your own personal needs and help “advance” you in any way they can. Enter HackaDolls #1, #2 and #3: The newest models in a prestigious line of highly efficient HackaDolls that have a very high success rate… and yet, these three are completely hopeless. Just how badly are they going to fail their next mission? Finding that out for yourself is the premise behind Hackadoll the Animation, a short comedy anime based off of an actual news app for iOS and Android.

Each new episode tasks the HackaDolls with a new mission: Advance an idol producer’s career, advance this convenience store, advance this rich kid that has no friends, the closet fujoshi, or why not this dating sim addict that can’t find a real girl? The show never stays in one place too long and always remains fresh, but if there’s one thing that never changes, it’s how inept these HackaDolls are, finding new ways to fail every time, even if that sometimes ends up working out for them!

I love this anime. It’s rough around the edges, and some jokes fall flat, but it has heart and energy to spare. It may be a not-so-subtle marketing stunt to sell the application, but it’s also a legitimately funny comedy that stands on its own proudly, ripe with hard-hitting satire and lovable characters.

I feel the opening theme sums up the show’s quirkiness pretty well: There are so little frames to the animation it almost makes me nauseous, but it’s full of colors and “kawaii” expressions. It never stops moving for a second, then it ends and you’re left feeling like you want to watch it again!

Hackadoll the Animation might not “advance” your life, at least not if these three HackaDolls have anything to do with it, but it will succeed at advancing your mood like nobody’s business.

P.S. Don’t read HackaDoll #3’s bio before watching, it’s more fun that way.
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